Monday 1 November 2021


 Yes that's correct today is November 1st ! This year is heading towards it's end but first we will have those lovely last autumn days of falling leaves that have turned to goldens, reds and rusts. Days when the sun shines and it's glorious and other days that will be cool and chilly , warning that winter is just round that corner, but for now we can enjoy the month ahead. 

Mind you having written the above the weathers turned quite wet ! but once the sun finally does get through it's nice.

Here in the village the clearing out continues slowly. But space is finally appearing but still an awful long way to go. So along with all the usual things, like trying to organise the studio ready for Granny Fortuna's big December shop opening, I'm going to try and spend at least one or two mornings a week doing some doll sewing and or other sewing ! That will barely dent the piles of fabric but will at least show willing!!

Meanwhile the grandchildren knitting needs to be picked up and finished or they won't be ready for the winter months. Once that's out the way I'll start using up some wool knitting for the dolls. 

So less time spend cruising the net and more being productive!

Robin is wearing one of the sweater's I bought off Michelle at the Chat n Snap, I loved the wool she's used . So I asked if she had any other colours but she'd used it up and sold the results! So I went searching on ebay and found someone selling five different coloured balls of the wool, so bought it and sent it on to Michelle to make me up more sweaters for the dolls.

Robin says he may change his trousers cos he's not sure this yellow is really him! Oh and while he's at it , he may try the other sweater that I bought just in case it suits better !!

I remember a time when the dolls were just thankful to be wearing a change of clothes !!

So New month ! makes it soon to be Doll Photo day on 5th, please get those photos sent in, so everyone can see what your dolls are up to this month and what they are wearing.

Happy Birthday to any whose birthday falls this month.


  1. Aw, Robin is my favorite! I'm crazy about the early red head shorts boys (I'm always drawn to whatever is the hardest to find, it seems). He reminds me of my dear Patrick:-)

    1. I have to agree those red haired shorts boys are just so handsome. He thanks you for the compliment of pairing him with your lovely Patrick !