Tuesday 1 February 2022


St. Brigid in her cloak and with her cross.

Known as the feast of St.Brigid , celebrates the arrival of longer warmer days and the early signs of spring.

Hattie is taking the part of St Brigid in todays celebration.

It is said that in 470 Brigid asked the King of Leinster for land to build a Monastery at a place in Kildare that she had selected.

It was near a lake for water, a forest for wood and good fertile land but the king refused her request.

So she and her sisters prayed to god for help.

She then approached the King again , this time she asked if she could have has much land as her cloak could cover. Seeing her small cloak, the King granted her request , then before the king and his household on the land at Kildare, the sisters took hold of four corners of her cloak and walked away  north, south, east and west, the cloak growing ever bigger as they walked until they had enough land to build their monastery.

The king and his household were dismayed by this and believed this woman was truly blessed by god, so the king became her patron supporting her with money, food and gifts.

Later he converted to Christianity , so says the legend of St Brigid's cloak.


  1. Hattie makes a perfect St. Brigid, and I like the part about the return of Spring. It's much more sensible than depending on a groundhog, like we do here!

    1. Such a funny name groundhog ! Hattie seems to be enjoying playing St. Brigid, she's wandering about muttering about how would Helena play the part, should be more dramatic in how she stands, holds the cross, wears the cloak......