Friday, 17 May 2013



I did ask Diggory to be bear of the month and come to have his photo taken but he forgot until today, which is why we are a couple of days late.
Diggory is a very old bear whose taken a few injuries in his time and he is quite forgetful!

"Diggory how did you get those scars on your head and body?" asks Mrs Mum
" Mm " says Diggory trying to remember " I think I got the one on my tummy when I fought off a Tiger in India ! " Mrs Mum is impressed " Or it could have been Swindon?" Diggory carries on " the one on my chest was when I was thrown out into the bin and I fell on something sharp " the little old bear sits lost his his thoughts for a while until Mrs Mum coughs politely.
" Oh arh where was I? " says Diggory appearing to wake up , causing Mrs Mum to wonder if he sleeps with his eyes open? " Oh yes the scars on my head are from that naughty lad Lucas, when he decided he was going to pick my brains! So he cut open my head..I do not remember much about it....but someone found me and sewed me up "
" Do you know where you are now? " asks Mrs Mum
" Of course I do " says the little bear indignantly " I am in the village with young what's her name .....Bab' that's not right...Wendy? no Windy?...."
"Storm " says Mrs Mum helpfully
" What? We'd best go in if a Storm's coming!" says Diggory looking up worriedly at the sky

Just then Storm appears and Mrs Mum gets her to sit with Diggory.

Diggory looks at Mrs Mum and whispers " Who is this?"
" It's Storm, she came here with you from that place "
Diggory thinks for a while " You mean from that dark cold place where that icy woman and that nasty tot lived? "
" Yes " says Mrs Mum
" Mm "
" Can you remember how old you are? " asks Mrs Mum
Diggory takes so long thinking Mrs Mum thinks that he is sleeping again with his eyes open, then he suddenly says " I remember Charlemagne ! " Mrs Mum is stunned ! He cannot be so old! " yes " Diggory carries on " he was a lovely dog , lived at number 39 I believe"

Mrs Mum just manages to stop herself from laughing aloud and maybe upsetting the little bears feelings.
She takes a couple more photo's then takes them back inside , Diggory to get his favourite snack of Honey and peanut butter sandwiches and Storm a cup of hot chocolate.


  1. I just love the way they all call you 'Mrs Mum.'
    Always makes me smile!

    I hadn't quite realised until now that Diggory had actually come from the Ice Queen's home along with Storm. I just assumed that they had been joined up together at the Village.

    Hopefully here BEORE SimplySasha again!

    I'm very taken with the fact that each of the big kids have their own bear companions.
    Do all the bears basically come from the same origin?

  2. In truth Diggory's never been near the Ice Queen but for story purposes, he's been there and been abused!! I am sure that this is probably what would have happened should he have ever darkened their doorstep.. Lol

    the bears are all made by Kathryn of Bramber-bears on ebay a very talented woman and a drain on my Sasha buying funds..Lol

    1. ps. the Mrs Mum came about to tell me from their Sasha Mum's

  3. This is a brilliant post, I love that bear and he looks so cute with Storm. I laughed out loud at his Charlemagne comment!!!! I also thought that he seemed a bit like me, sort of dithery, when my sugar levels get a bit low!!! Then I realised that I had hairier legs than he has! ;)
    Only kidding...I think!!
    Big hugs Sharon x

    1. Glad you liked the Charlemagne comment, it made me laugh when I thought of it :)

      I am definately getting like him as the months pass, especially about which Sasha's to keep and which should leave etc or snapping up a gorgeous looking bjd when I see her....sigh...