Sunday, 5 May 2013


three for a girl.

Arabella with Fifi her lapdog!

Now it's warming up she will need to change into something cooler, but she is very fussy!

Four for a boy.....we have Nathaniel .

Another who needs to find some summer DD clothing to wear.

The two together...

One for sorrow, Two for joy
Three for a girl, Four for a boy........


  1. No sorrow there - think it should read
    One for beauty, two for joy....

    1. That's a good idea Rosie, we could make a sasha version!
      One for beauty,two for joy,
      three for a girl, four for a boy
      five for a baby, six for an NP
      seven for a studio maybe!!

  2. I thought that I hadn't heard this little rhyme/saying before until I Googled it and found that it relates to seeing a number of Magpie Birds now realise that I have but only up to the number two.

    Very clever of you to put this and your Sasha Dolls together to make the next few posts. Are you able to go all the way to the number ten then? I'm guessing that you can when thinking of all your red headed dolls.

    We're trying not to notice that the sun is out and the temperature has risen somewhat and that we are feeling rather warm in our Winter gear as we had decided not to start any Summer changes until May is out.

    1. It just shows the way my mind works , as I was only using the first part , then thought Hey! I could do something with this :)
      I know the rhyme from the children's programme Magpie although I watched Blue Peter more!
      so my rhyme will end at Seven .
      I too was trying not to notice the sun but now two have appeared still dressed warmly I may have to hunt out some clothes for them...

  3. I love the four of them together Dee and am looking forward to what you are going to do for 'five for silver,six for gold' :)

    1. They do look nice together :) and watch this space for next installment :)...well not this actual space...I thought I'd best say that as you had me throwing out the DH last time.. :)

  4. I really like these red heads, they look so lovely have me singing the darn Magpie theme tune now though!!!! And I prefered Blue Peter too!
    I like Arabella's sailor outfit, very pretty, she suits the bright colours!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Thanks sharon. Sorry about the singing Magpie theme tune it's been the same for me here :)

      That sailor outfit does suit her, i think she's laid claim to it and no one else will get a look in. . :)