Sunday 26 May 2013


I am trying to bond with my NP girl Anastasia , so we went into the garden for a small photo shoot.

We went into the flower garden were there is already some colour.The red Rhododendron at the back of the corner is in full flower , just to the side is a Geranium, a deep dark purple that grows well in shade and right in front is a Bergenia.

I am pleased with this photo of Anastasia surrounded by the green foliage with the splash of pink in front.

We moved up into the raised garden and found these lovely blue flowers for her to pose behind.

This part of the garden gets more shade in the late afternoon , lots of green but flower's still to come.

 A longer view of her standing with the early evening sun still shining on the middle of the garden.

I found Sophie who was on her way out with Hattie to the youth club in the Village.She agreed to let me take a photo.

The girl's are on their way for a talk at the youth club on design and the media!.

The girl are very excited to show off their new frilled tops and Hattie's frilled trouser by Petrana fashions, Sophie's teamed hers with a pair of dusky pink cord crops by her aunty Michelle.

The girl's are not gone too long and are full of what they have seen and heard .

I managed to get a few more photo's of them in their frills!

 Sophie looks very pretty in pink.


  1. They all look very beautiful Dee. I love the new NP girl, she's adorable and looks particularly sweet in amongst the flowers, but surely the prettiest bloom there in the garden!
    I think Sophie and Hattie probably could have given the talk themselves at the youth club, as they obviously know all about design, they have a style all their own. Those frilly outfits are really nice on them!
    I need to make Ellory some more trendy gear, she saw these photos and was not impessed with me that she has such a small wardrobe!!
    Hugs Sharon x

  2. I love seeing the Sasha Dolls photographed in amongst our gardens. They look so natural standing there surrounded by nature.

    You have a gorgeous garden with those delightful winding paths leading the way to some lovely different spots/rooms in which to photograph your dolls.

    I see, like your sister Michelle, you have been treating your girls to a few new Petrana outfits.

    Youth club indeed! Design and media! They are certainly much more trendy and with it than my girls! Guess that I've got all that to come!

  3. Your garden looks fantastic. I've been working on mine for the last two weeks. So, no Sasha time for me. Fortunately, I'm just about finished for the season (other than maintance). Summer vacation starts next weekend, and I'll be ready to play.
    Will Hattie and Sophie (particularly loving her outfit--the crops look perfect with her top) be creating blog posts now?