Friday, 3 May 2013


I'd own two of these beautiful girls!
What girl's is she on about? I hear you mutter , well dungaree's girl that's what.
When I decided to have a spring clean of Sasha's , Gregor's and babies the other week I was not intending to use the funds straight away but I had seen this young lady on Shelly's and I loved the look of her .

But of course I went back time and again and she grew on me a little more each time until I finally asked to buy her.

Paige my first Dungarees girl I have never taken her plaits down and I must say that one of the things that drew me to this girl was how wonderful and thick her hair looked.

These are her arrival photo's.

She had a wash and change of clothes and then into the garden for a photo shoot, unfortunately the first set of photo's were not very good, so after lunch I tried again.

She is now wearing a cream Hattie hat with a smocked top by Lesley of Special Delivery and cream cord cut off's by my sister Michelle finished with JJ sandal also in cream.

I very nearly changed my mind on this girl because a Sasha I had always wanted had come on to Shelly's but after a good old moan, some of which you saw in the last post, I decided to go ahead with purchasing her and I must say I am so glad that I did.

She is so beautiful and her hair is fabulous and very thick and wavy.

A view of her hair from the back.

She is very photogenic

This ones a little on dark side but a nice pose.

A name popped into my head when I decided to buy her which I forgot about five minutes later , so I was searching for a name when she arrived but true to form it popped back in and settled, so she is called Verity

Yes I know I should be ashamed of my moaning the other day but Hey! some times you have to have a good old moan so that you can appreciate what you have.......


  1. Congratulations of getting Verity! She is a fab looking girl Dee!

  2. What a gorgeous girl Verity is, Dee! Congratulations on her safe arrival. I think her hair is beautiful, it's such a nice and unusual colour, it's almost like strawberry blond....very prett indeed!
    And her outfit really suits her. I would say that you were definitely right to adopt her!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x
    PS And as for having a right old moan, well we all do it at some point!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, Her hair is so thick and long and wavy could not believe how nice it was when she turned up, do not think I will put it back in plaits! lol

  3. I've always been very partial to the Dungaree (and Kilt) girls on account of their full centre parting allowing their hair to be plaited/braided if you so wish.

    Verity looks absolutely delightful here in her new home clothes and outside enjoying the sunshine. You must be 'over the moon' with her.

    Congratulations. Wishing you both many hours of happiness and fun together.

    1. Thank you Kendal, especially when we talked about her.
      She is much more than I hoped she would be and when I look at her she makes me smile :)

      I think she'll be very happy here :)

  4. What a lovely girl Verity is. Would love to see her side by side with Paige.
    Poor Shelly - she is unwittingly the cause of so much temptation! I'm glad you succumbed to this one.

    1. Your wish is my command! I was going to take this photo's anyway, so if you have seen the next post you will have seen the girl's together.
      Very similar but also different which is great :)