Friday, 10 May 2013


Storm waved goodbye to Percy saying she would be in for her lunch soon , she just had to meet Drago who she'd been told lived at the bottom of the garden.
All the Teddy's pleaded to go back to the house saying they did not want to meet any old Dragon, really they were very frightened and were surprised that little Storm did not seem worried at all!

Much too soon the little teddy's found themselves in front of the famous Drago.
"Who have we here? " asked Drago his voice deep and gruff " I was feeling hungry !"
"Hello " replied Storm smiling " My names Storm and these are Aimee, Diggory, Mossy and Percy "
then remembering the two teddy's in her bag " Oh and Gertrude and Hugo in my bag"
"she just had to remember us!" whispers Gertie in disgust.Hugo slides deeper into the bag.

"Are ya No afraid a me child ? " questions Drago giving Storm a fierce look
"No " replies Storm charmed by the little Dragon " Should I be? I lived with the Ice Queen , she was very scary !"
Drago is impressed " THE Ice queen? really ! Ya poor wee mite! Na wonder ya noose afraid a me! I'd be worried ma self If I was living near that woman!"
Storm giggles at the thought of the little dragon being afraid of the Ice queen.
" Is that ma dinna ya have in the basket? " asks Drago licking his lips " I've heard o chicken in a basket but no bears"

" D d did he just say dinna I mean dinner ?" asks Percy in terror staring up at Drago
"Don't look at him! " says Aimee " If you dont look at him , he'll forget about us!"
" He just said we was bears in a basket! " says Percy " that's sounds like food to me!"

"Will you stop staring at him!" demands Aimee looking anywhere but at Drago.
"If he moves towards this bask..I mean Pram I want to be able to run " says Percy
Just then Mossy has a thought " I am sure one of the children told me he's a vegetarian!  or was it a carnivore!
or was it agoraphobic? It was something like that means he only eats bears on a Sunday! "
"What day is it?" " Sunday?" " No Wednesday?" " No Thursday?" the bears continue to try and work out what day it is praying it's not Sunday!!

Storm laughs at Drago's fierce look and goes and gives him a kiss.

Then she gives him a big hug, the bears in the pram are stunned by her bravery , not sure whether to try and stop her before she gets eaten or take the opportunity to run for help!

Drago is determined to make someone fear him, so despite his red cheeks , he glares at the bears while Storm hugs him, he is happy when he sees the pram shaking and all the little bears looking everywhere but at him, although one, he thinks it's Percy , is watching him out of the corner of his eye.

 " Well must go in for lunch " says Storm grabbing the pram and starting away
" Ock will ya no leave the bears? I will be needing a snack later ! Bears bones are good for picking meat from out ma teeth !"
Storm just giggles and continues on her way much to the relief of the little bears, they have faced the dragon and survived ! Just wait until they tell Edward he will be impressed !.


  1. Oh Dee! You do make me chuckle!! Loved this story with Storm and Drago - am very impressed he is frightened of me!! :)

    1. Well he would be worried Queeny, your Ice could put out his fire!!But I would not call him frightened :) just careful :))

  2. I too loved it. Great story. Smiled at the bit about 'bears in the basket' instead of the usual menu of 'scampi in the basket.'

    I just adore the close-up photos of the four little bears tucked up in that super little pram.....reminds me of taking my pet rabbit for walks tucked up in my dolls pram and stopping occasionally to pick some juicy fresh Dandelion leaves from the kerb sides with which to feed her, so that she'd be content to remain in the pram until we got back home.

    I'm amazed that Storm has turned out to such a self- confident little madam who doesn't appear to be afraid of anything or anybody. She has obviously had to stand up for herself in her previous abode (....didn't like to say 'home'!)

    Must be great to have such a lovely winding, twisty garden with shingled and paved paths taking you into the different parts....known these days in gardening terms as 'rooms.'

    More please!

    1. I am afraid poor Storm has needed to harden up after residing in that place ! But underneath she she is still worried that it could all end tomorrow and she'll find herself back on the straw mattress in the shed !
      And yes the garden is a series of 'rooms' that take you round and about and not straight to the end.
      Maybe I will do a garden post when all the flowers are out in june/july.

  3. Thank you for another super story, beautifully told.
    Like Kendal, I have memories of pushing pets in a pram but our kittens were much too wriggly to sit for me and with each step another one jumped off the side - think the bears would have liked to do the same given half a chance!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it.I don't remember taking my pets about in my pram but I do remember my girl's taking our Jack Russell ropund the garden in their's. Lol she was very good.
      I am sure those Bears would have jumped out if they were not so small and therefore so far from the ground! :)

  4. Soooo small and so incredibly BRAVE!!!
    Isn't it nice that she now has a 'childhood'!!
    Hugs Sharon x

  5. Yes It is! I think living with the Ice Queen means it would take a lot to frighten her! :)