Friday 31 May 2013


Edward and Mossy are sitting on the bench that's finally out in the garden!

"Ah ! " sighs Edward " What a beautiful day"
Mossy does not reply , so Edward sits happily in the silence.

Edward is enjoying the quiet until Mossy suddenly jumps up.
"Summer's coming!" he says
"Yes " reply's Edward " Maybe it's finally here "

"S...u...m..m..e..r...." say's Mossy in a whisper...

When Mossy finally sits back down and it's all quiet again. Edward wonders if he should get Mrs mum to take Mossy to the bear doctor's for a check up!

The two little bear's..oops, the bear and panda sit enjoying the sunshine that's finally appeared after such a long winter.....

Several hours later Mossy is passing the front door when he thinks he hears someone knocking. He hopes it's not that cat from number ten looking for a cup of milk!!
After a long struggle, he is only small!, he finally manages to get the door open. There is no Cat in sight!

 " Hello" says a young girl " my names Summer "

" I knew you were coming !" says Mossy surprised at his own words!

Summer climbs on to the doorstep. putting her case and bear down carefully.

"Is your bear all right? " asks Mossy looking at the girl's bear lying on the case.
" Oh Marjorie is just tired, it was a long walk from the bus stop"
"Well you'd best come in and I'll find Mrs mum , she'll want to meet you "
Mossy takes Summer and Marjorie into the house in search of Mrs Mum.


  1. A new friend for Storm then?
    But how will the Village cope with another bear?
    Think you'll need some hives in that lovely garden to keep up with the honey demand!

    1. Yes Storm was very lonely and was missing her friend Lonely :) so I just had to get her a little friend!

      Hives! I will be needing a woods, for them to picnic in at this rate !!

  2. OH YES! Another new toddler then and an Elke from the looks of things! YOU kept that very quiet then!
    ....AND another little bear.

    I reckon that your husband will soon be having to add on an extension to the house at this rate to cater for all these new arrivals... though luckily you have the ground space for it.

    Please to see my friend Mossy taking the main part again!

    Welcome to your new home Summer! Bet that Storm will be thrilled when she hears the good news!

    1. Yes a new arrival or two ! Storm had hoped for her sister Lonely but as that's not meant to be, I decided that she needed a 'partner in crime!' so to speak and did not expected for her to arrive so quick!but once must go with the flow!!
      I'll tell Paul you said I need an extention for the Sasha's and their teddies...but I think he'll go deaf!! lol

  3. Aww how lovely! A new friend for Storm! And Summer is the perfect name for her Dee!
    I look forward to seeing her featuring more here on your blog once she settles in!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Yes Storm now as a friend to go about with, will be interested to see what they get up to!!
      hugs Dee

  4. How wonderful, I had a feeling when Mossy said 'Summer is coming' with that special look on his face, that only he has, that there was a new toddler arrival - just like he predicted Storm's arrival. How wonderful for Storm to have another little toddler to be friends with. What fun they will have together.

  5. Brilliant - I look forward to the adventures of Summer and Storm, so long as it doesn't mean we have a summer of storms!

    1. I was going to call her RAINE but then we would have had RaineStorm's ! I think Summer Storm's may be better :)