Monday 13 May 2013


Recently I asked myself the question did I need to have so many baby Sasha's? I had bid on a Sasha that came with a baby and I could not decide whether to keep her or sell her on.
Then I went totally off the rails and decided to have a spring clean of my clan and several Sasha's ,Gregor's and a few babies went to live with new family's.

So now I am left with Five Babies and one toddler.I am sure I will land up adding to my babies again , there are a couple out there that I would like but for now this is it.

and here with have the five plus one!
from the left we have Gorgeous George, then Rosie ,then Quinn next is April and last but not least Elton Ron.
Storm is standing at the back.

Rosie decides to kick her shoe off and Alfie the dog decides to try and muscle in between April and Elton Ron.

Here we have the boys, Elton Ron's moved into the middle he is wearing his favourite colour red!Scamp on the right and Bert on the left and proving a handful.

Quinn gets control of Scamp just long enough to face the camera.

Now the girl's with Storm. Alfie's decided he wants to be in the centre of the photo so sits down in front of Storm.

 Now Alfie's decided that he's had enough of having his picture taken and as moved over to sit next to George who is sitting waiting for Mum to finish, so they can have some milk. and a rusk.

Storm is happy Alfie's wandered off now people can see her nice lilac shoes that mum found in amongst all the other Sasha shoes but she is wondering if Rosie might like to swap as Rosie's yellow shoes would look really nice with her new dress.


  1. I am not a baby lover as you know , but even I couldn't resist such a cute post! Well Done Dee!!

  2. I don't know if I'm a baby doll type of person or not....I only ever had one baby doll as a child, a Teeny Tiny Tears, preferring 'child' dolls, but these are very cute babies and you have them so nicely dressed. I'm not sure I could do the sleepless nights again though! LOL
    Having said that, when/if little Drake comes to visit, I will see how I get on with a baby again!!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. I was never going to have any of the babies but as you can see never say never!!
      You may find having little Drake stay may set you on a slippery slope.. :)

    2. You'll get Drake to stay don't worry Sharon! Trouble is you may find that your big kids need a baby bro/sis to live with them as Dee really is a slippery slope...

    3. Ahhh this is what worries me! LOL....I have to say though that they are cute looking....I wonder are they easy to sew for with their baby shaped limbs? Because I can't knit things properly or crochet....Now why on earth have you got me even THINKING about it!!!!

  3. How is it, I ask myself, that whenever Dee gets to publish a new blog post that SimplySasha has usually always left a comment BEFORE I get there?????
    Is there some special form of telepathy between you two.....?

    I am now a very Sasha baby person (although certainly wasn't in the very beginning of my collecting) so naturally fully enjoyed this post of the babies and dogs....and toddler Storm.

  4. Great minds think alike Kendal !! although I obviously think good for my Sasha's and Ronny thinks the bad.. lol :)
    Maybe she starts feeling a nice feeling or her ears start burning and she knows to come check out the blog!!!

    I too now like the baby's,so does Queeny but she cannot say so.... :))

  5. :) :) Aww!! Girls you crack me up :) Sorry I beat you to it Kendal which probably goes to show that I spend too much time at home doing housework and slipping on to the computer :) And NO I don't like the babies - honest!!!

    1. Queeny you protest to much :))

    2. PS Ronny do you know three of your toddlers have escaped and have put themselves up for sale on ebay???
      I would save them if I could :( , well at least one...

  6. You're quite right, Dee.
    They have indeed got away and are looking for new homes with loving families BUT we shall definitely miss their antics.....although great news that they, although separated, are now assured of a much better future life.

    The Sasha Brood and I would like to thank the Ice Queen for her most entertaining blogspot, although so sad and heart breaking at times, featuring those seven toddlers of hers.

    Nothing short of excellent interactions with the followers....which is just how a blogspot should be.

    Congratulations and well done Ronny. We all here will so miss seeing and reading about Little Lonely and your toddler gang.

    What's next?????