Thursday, 16 May 2013


Sometimes you just have to give in gracefully! Twice , well I think It's twice I have tried to put this lad up for sale and both times I have not had a photo ready, so I have listed him on Ebay without one.

Then when I have picked him up to take the photo I have caved and kept him, the first time he did not even get put back into his original clothes ! This time I did get his clothes and dress him and that just confirmed that he has to stay!!

 Yes It's my Gotz David , who I call Adam after the 60's singer Adam Faith.

Look at that face ! What's not to love? I think I will get him a uniform off of Ruth Hartley later in the year maybe that will stop me trying to sell him? truth I just have to hold him and that stops me!!

What can I say It must be love.........


  1. I was so taken with the 1990s Gotz boys, David and Alberto that I bought TWO dolls of each....but alas all now sold on and were dolls that I actually made some profit on....but I still like their and boyish looks, blonde hair styles and Alberto's freckles.

    I can well see his likeness to Adam Faith, one of my favourite singers of the 60s and his rendering of 'What do you want?'

    Pleased to hear that you are keeping him.
    Hope that this comment gets on before SimplySashas!

    1. I like Alberto too but he's alway been expensive whenever I have seen one.But Adam is staying he's made his point.

      And of course you have commented before the Ice Queen, she is out with the hounds scouring ethe countryside for those two escapee toddlers but they are free, unlucky poor Lonely who will probably have even more jobs to do now there are less to help with all the work :)

  2. LOL I saw the listing go up and then later end and I did wonder because I thought perhaps you'd sold elsewhere. I don't blame you for wanting to keep him, he's very handsome and I love his outfit too. I'm glad you're keeping him, and hope we'll see more of him on your blog in future!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. That's what happens every time I decide he can go for adoption! I should take his photo first and then I would know not to bother!!

      I am sure he will be featuring more on blog now there are not so many boy's in the village!