Friday, 24 May 2013



They did not fight him one on one
they with knives him with none
these 'brave' men used a car
knocked him down attacked him hard.

They shout their hate and fill our streets
with poison they have learned to speak
not somewhere else but in this land
these men have learned to hate 'our' man

But never will the country be
cowed and feared of men like these
We will stand and proudly say
this was OUR soldier you did slay

We will never let you win
we will never let you in
to the hearts of men so true
to any faith such as you

For faithful people do not hate
nor cowardly attack and bait
But live with friendship side by side
accept each other's faith and try
to understand what going on 
and live together all along

You spout your words commit your crimes
behind your 'faith' you try to hide
but all do know the thing that's true
the name of coward belongs to you.


I wrote this poem yesterday in response to the terrible event that happened to the young soldier in Woolwich, at first I was not going to put it in here because this is about Sasha's but as I do not have other blog,s to post it on I have decided that I will print it here.


  1. Dee, I think this is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes our dolls take a back seat to real life and this is one of those occasions, so it is quite right that you would want to share your non doll/Sasha feelings on here now and again.
    Sending big hugs
    Sharon xx

  2. My daughter read this to her colleagues at work, one who is a muslim gentelman gave her a bunch of flowers for me to thank me for understanding.

  3. Thoughts on this recent disaster superbly expressed here.