Sunday, 19 May 2013


I was recently luckily enough to buy a smocked dress by Karen W. I have admired her dresses for a while and for once I was in the right place at the right time.
Today I finally decided who would wear it first an my no navel girl Ginny was the lucky girl.

It was very hard to get a true photo of the colour of this dress due to the sun! Yes I know I should not complain but there you are! In this photo, she's wearing green socks with her white sandals.

A close up of the smocking. This photo does show you the beautiful colour of the dress with it's Alice in wonderland print.

I experimented with what shoes and socks or no socks to go with. These little slip on shoes were a nice match.

I tried white on white, I would have put a white ribbon in her hair but my ribbon box seems to have vanished for the moment.

here is a back view with the little button belt.

Now I also bought a lovely smocked dress off  Lesley of special delivery for Storm and although I could not get the green of the dress to show up properly but wanted to show these following photo's as Saffy decided anything Milo could do she could to!

Here she is sitting on end of table pretending nothing is going on!

But being a Cat she must check it out!

No food involved ! So she's off!

I tried taking a photo under the lychgate but still cannot get the true colour of this dress.

Here Ginny's trying the deep green Rosie Bloomfield sandals with her dress.

Yet another try but no luck on the colour!!

I went and checked Lesley's photo's of the dress and they do not show true colour either, so now I know it's not just me!


  1. Both girls look lovely, their dresses are beautiful. And all of the shoes look great with Ginny's dress.
    I have the same problems here with trying to capture true colours. The turquoise check dress that I made recently, just looks so washed out in my photos. And then I find that reds look very orangey....I have no idea why it is, but I'm guessing bright light. If I try toning down the photos then the dolls look so dark you can barely see their features, so I sort of have to live with it!
    Saffy is a very handsome cat too!
    Hugs Sharon x

  2. What a delightful combination of red haired Ginny and your beautiful green print Karen W new smocked dress.

    I'm sure that you, like me, get great pleasure in finding the perfect doll to wear the new clothes and as we notice here it doesn't stop there and you too are trying on various combinations of socks and shoes to complete the outfit.

    Lovely to see Storm also has a sweet little smocked dress too. She looks a real little poppet all dressed up with her shoes, socks and hat.

    Nice touch of the Acer plant in the planter on the patio table, picking up the colour of Ginny's hair and complimenting the green backgrounds of their dresses.

    Another rather gorgeous looking pussy-cat getting in on the photo shoots.