Monday 20 May 2013


My heart is broken
it's not to be
Lonely will never
come to me
For I have seen the terrible truth
in black and white SOLD
final proof!
That our Lonely
is no more
Will never darken any door
sold on ebay to another
none of us to be her mother
she is gone I know not where
into the darkness to my despair
We will never know her fate
She'll not meet Storm at my gate
slide into a comfy bed cuddling up
to her ted!
Her tale is ended no more to be
told upon this blog by me
now I must go to dry me eyes
and stem the grief at her demise
My rhymes will cease the bells will toll
she was such a little doll !


  1. Now how will the Ice Queen ever be saved
    From her behaviour, so depraved?
    Our little friend has left the fold
    And no more stories will be told
    By our rhyming bard, her Auntie Dee,
    And no more poor efforts typed by me.
    To the Tower of London send Lonely's mother
    For I think I remember just one other
    Woman who was fined in a high court -
    A fair amount, so said the report-
    For offering her child on Evilbay
    To anybody who was prepared to pay.
    I truly hope our Lonely friend
    Has come off best, in the end.
    Perhaps a new Mum will let us know
    Just where young Lonely chose to go?
    And can we ever be properly informed
    Whether remorse set in, understanding dawned,
    And Ronnie felt, when all's said and done,
    That Lonely just needs a different Mum?

    1. Maybe the ice queens heart is melting
      and so to ebay she did go
      and sell her children off to know
      that somewhere else they would receive
      a kinder life and we'd be pleased
      that no longer would poor lonely be
      abused and bullied and miss her tea
      But oh how I wish that I had seen
      what that evil icy queen
      had put unto the aution site
      my little Lonely the poor mite
      but it's too late the tale must end for
      where she is we must pretend
      that her mother now is kind and good
      but oh I wish that she could
      turn up crying at my door so I could tell her tale once more


  2. PS How did you learn of Lonely's fate?
    J xx

    1. Steve saw her ebay and thought I had bought her but I never saw her! so missed my chance :(

  3. I am sorry, but I am just a little confused. I do know Lonely from a blog, but I can't remember which one. Isn't she the one who lost her teddy? She went up for adoption on ebay, and it was not announced to her fans? Oh dear, but maybe she will pop up on someone else's blog, with her new family?

    Kirsten in the US, trying to keep up with the Sasha news!

  4. I am absolutely shocked! I didn't see her either. I do so hope we learn her fate.

  5. I think we should spare a thought for the Ice Queen, maybe she is not so icy as she realises that she can no longer feed and clothe the little Lonely as her carriage needs too many repairs, therefore she may have had the best intentions by selling her on.
    After all, if she were such a horrible queen with a frozen heart, she'd have kept Lonely to do all her chores for she will have to do her own housework.
    Just a thought!
    Big hugs Sharon x
    PS I was going to do this in the form of a peom too but I got as far as "There was a young lady of Tottenham, who's knickers....."
    Then I thought better of it!!! ;)

  6. The Ice Queen's heart at last did melt.
    A little affection was suddenly felt
    For Lonely, the toddler whom we held so dear.
    Ronnie's intentions have now become quite clear,
    Our Ronnie is no longer filled with cold ice
    And her behaviour has turned back to being so nice.
    Sadly her carriage, that now is somehow a car,
    Refused to start up and travel afar.
    Unable to buy groceries for her Sasha brood
    She decided not to keep them without any food.
    So off to new homes they each had to go
    Sad though it is, it is better we know.
    The repairs to the car can then go ahead...
    Lonely changing her home beats her being starved dead.

    Hoping poor Ronnie still knows we never REALLY believed she was an Ice Queen!

  7. Just tryimg to catch up on all the blog posts having had problems with my laptop not wanting to let me log into the blogposts that I usuallly try to follow.
    Having tried with written and verbal help from family and friends but with still no joy, I had to have a computer geek to come in today to help me sort it.
    Hopefully I'm back on track so now just need the time to do the comments.

    I shall really miss seeing and reading about little Lonely on Absolutely-Sasha's blogspot posts as it was compulsive viewing for so many of us that definitely stirred up our motherly feelings.
    Many thanks Ronny for your wonderful little Lonely stories (my favourite has to be the one that involved the big Sasha kid and her pram and baby doll who was turfed out of the pram by Little Shelly, Tatum and Lillybet/Storm? who then blamed it on Lonely) and your delightful comments, Dee, written as poems.....but we all know that good things must come to an end at some point and I'm sure we're pleased that Lonely is now, thanks to Ronny recently giving her up to be adopted, enjoying her new life away from Lucas and those naughty toddlers from Sussex.