Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WHY O WHY!!!!!

do the Sasha's you want always arrive on the market at the same time? Or is it just the one's I want?

My worse time was one summer when FOUR... yes..... FOUR sasha's arrived within a week of each other!! Because they had all turned up or been paid off on layaway at the same time, so suddenly I was hiding parcels here and there and a lot of Cupboard love was going on!

Althought they did all land up coming out of the closet, so to speak ,when trying to take a picture of them together I was rumbled when holding a beautiful newly arrived fcp blonde I have called Nancy, the DH just happened to choose that moment to walk past and asked  "Is she new? " not being able to lie, I said " Yes"

Now I have never been that bad again ....although...I have come close! But what is it about Sasha's that there will be nothing that interests you for week's and then POW! people are listing or sell the most beautiful ones that you have been hoping would at a time ..spaced..over several month's on ebay or Shelly' that would be too easy!

Now I know you say another will come along! But you always think....but will it??
And then If you can only have one! Which one? how do you make the right decision? I thought collecting Sasha's was supposed to be a calming hobby?

 I decided to sell a few Sasha's, Gregor's and babie's , the one's that were not being used or I had decided could go and I thought I would save the money and wait for that Sasha to arrive.......but oh how stupid was I ..fate was waiting to whack me over then head and slide temptation in my way, just when I had decided on a Sasha to purchase another couple have arrived to throw me into confusion!!!

Will this nightmare never end..................................................................

Did you like that dramatic ending?........if I had a pram I would throw my dolly out of it...well not really I always look after my dolls......... :)


  1. Unfortunately many of us know that feeling only TOO well!
    I'm so very sorry for you and hope that it turns out for the best it can this time.

    I, on the other hand, actually had luck on my side yesterday as I missed buying a 'Kendal-must-have' doll at the weekend by only ten having quickly spotted her I then couldn't get back into the website to take a second look as it was already being updated with the 'sale pendings'.... and she was one of them!

    Spent the next two days being really disappointed only to be told yesterday that the buyer had pulled out and she was mine....if I still wanted her!

    Now comes the hard part....finding the necessary cash 'at the double' as no layaway on offer.
    The house will shortly go into an untidy, mad 'flurry' of Sasha activity as dolls are reviewed and clothing, footwear and accessories are sorted through in the hope of being able to part with enough items to help with the funding of this new doll.

    (Unfortunately might not now manage to do a blog post again this Sunday.)

    My best wishes and good luck are being sent down YOUR way Dee, for a positive outcome to your 'dolly' situation.

    1. No Need to feel sorry for me Kendal , as you say all Sasha lover's come across this problem no doubt on more than one occasion!

      The only thing I will say at this moment in time is that the Sasha that's appeared is one I have wanted for sooo long and have missed on more than one occasion!

      But then we fall in love with lots of Sasha's that will never be ours but it's nice to be able to see them.
      And there are some fabulous Sashaphiles out there who know just how to take the most beautiful photo, ( you being one such) and how to dress them in gorgeous clothes ( another talent of yours)that at least we get to see these fanastic Sasha's in all their glory!

      Now I am off to see if I can raise the cash, if she's not already sold, to acquire this young lady...only time will tell......

  2. Oh boy, yes I can sooooo relate to this but it has only just happened to me with Sasha's!!! I have had it happen many times with BJDs though...and have had this very conversation with Kendal just last week!!! There have been many times when I've really really wanted a particular doll, waited and waited for one to come up for sale, fretted as someone else got there first, or prices too high, and then suddenly see something else that I also love, but just a little it, then the next day am offered just the perfect 'holy grail' doll....and have no money for it!! LOL....I cannot count the number of times this has happened to me.
    I hope you get what you want though Dee and will share it soon with us here! I can only imagine it will be beautiful!
    And you too, Kendal, I look forward to seeing who you've adopted!
    Such excitement all round!!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  3. PS I meant to say, what is it with husbands that they don't appear to take ANY notice whatsoever of our dolls until they catch us out trying to be devious and sneaking in a new one??? Suddenly they recognise every one of our existing dolls and instantly realise that this is a NEWBIE!!!! I'm sure they know more than they let on!!

    1. Yes they do appear to have a six sense about these dolls arriving!! my friend Gill says her husband always arrives home unexpectedly when she's just received a parcel or is about to receive one , and he always stands looking at them and asks " is she new?"
      amazing how they know so much for people you are no bothered with them...

  4. I feel your pain, Dee!!! Although, I have to say, I exercise a great degree of self control, as Gillian will tell you (ha ha) and try and resist my urge to buy more Sashas. Easy, really, as I can't afford them!!! I did however wonder about my husband. The Sashas were piling up on the shelf and he seemed not to notice! I was beginning to wonder whether he could actually count, as he never said anything about them. I thought it might be the 'I didn't notice that you have changed your hair colour from blonde to black syndrome'. One day I just had to find out whether he had actually seen them multiplying. 'Of course I have', he said, 'but I am too much of a gentleman to comment when I see my wife descending into pre-mature senility'! Whatever makes you happy, Dee! They are wonderful dolls. Go for it and don't worry about a thing!!! xxx