Thursday, 9 May 2013


Percy had received permission from Dad to do some woodwork in the workshop. He was the only boy in the village allowed in the workshop without adult supervision because Dad knew he would follow the rules and not use any of the power tools or do anything silly.

He had been working away for a while when he thought he heard a noise, so went to the door.

He goes to the open door but cannot hear anything.

He is about to go back to his work when he hears a faint cry from the direction of the house, it's mum

" Percy! Percy ! Come in now , it's time for Lunch "

Taking off his tool belt and carefully locking the door, he heads  back to the house.

He is just passing into the flower garden when he hear's a voice " Where are you going?"
He turns to see a little bear looking at him " In for my lunch "
" Did anyone call you to lunch ? " questions the bear " I was called to lunch but I dont remember Mrs Mum calling anyone else "
"Yes " says Percy " Mum called me to Lunch, you must have heard her , she shouted Percy come in for lunch"
" Yes she did " says the little bear " Exactly she called PERCY, and that young man is me! I am Percy "

" Oh !" says Percy with a laugh " I'm called Percy too!"
The little bear looks put out  " There can only be ONE Percy in the family and that's me !"
Percy smiles at the little bear " Well I am not going to change my that mean's you will have to change yours"
" Wha  Who No Way ! How old are you ?"
"Nine " replies Percy
" Ha HA " crows the little Percy " I am much older so I had the name you'll have to change your name"
While they continue to argue over who can be called Percy , Storm arrives.

" You can be Little Percy " Percy is saying as Storm leans into the little bear.
" Ooo teddie " says Storm swooping in..

Within second's little Percy's been dropped in the pram and Storm is off down the garden .

" PERCY !PERCY ! We've been bear napped ! Tell Mrs Mum to come save us" cries Gertrude from the bag on Storm's back
" Tell Edward " cries tiny Hugo beside her " tell them which way she's taken us!"

Storm stops for a moment to make sure all the bears are safe in the pram.
Percy looks at his new companions " What is happening?"
Diggory reply's " I have no idea old chap"
"Storm is taking us for a ride " says Amiee
"Yes " adds Mossy " and then if we are really unlucky she'll dress us is baby clothes and tie pink bows in our hair " he shudders at the thought
" I have come to a mad house !" declares Little Percy
"Oh It's not that bad " says Mossy patting Percy's arm " They make great Honey sandwiches !"

Percy watches as Storm takes the Bears off down the garden " Storm it's time for lunch you'd best start coming back
" K" calls Storm " after we see Dragon "
"DRAGON!" yell all the bears together.......


  1. Glad to see Storm is still misbehaving then :)

    1. Queeny Queeny ! That's not misbehaving! It's called playing....It's what children do to have fun...washing the floors and rubbing your chilblains is NOT playing :)

    2. Ah! That is what it is...and by the way my chilblains haven't been the same since Storm left :)

  2. He he he
    Love it!
    Storm has real go about her and another new bear to keep in order.
    For one moment I was worried that she was tidying up the garden but delighted to know she's just playin.

    1. Thanks Rosie. I think storm is delighting in her freedom from all the work she had to do before she arrived and is just enjoying doing childish things....much to the worry of the bears!! :)

      I have a feeling those bear may be going on a few adventure due to Storm...

  3. How I love seeing and reading your Sasha and little Bear stories. This was just wonderful.

    You remind me so much of my late mother who used to make up the most delightful stories for us and her many grandchildren involving people, toys and items that we loved and knew well.

    Lovely to see toddler, Storm, getting in on the act with her smart little pram crammed with teddies.

    Is there going to be a sequel with Dago, the dragon?

    1. Thank you Kendal, I always told my sisters and my children bed time stories centred around them and their toys and no doubt will do the same for any grand children I may have !

      Yes there will be a sequel with Drago , I had to stop with her heading towards him due the the wind that managed to blow her over despite me placing her beside a flower pot for protection!!

      So I am hoping they will be able to 'meet' Drago tomorrow :) weather permitting.