Sunday 5 January 2014


One of the quest's,not sure if that's the word I'm looking for but will do, of my Sasha collecting was to add a brunette GOTZ slate eyed Sasha  and a Blonde slate eyed Sasha to the village clan.
I did get a lovely blonde but I could never remember her name  ( Not a good sign ) and when in need of some Sasha pennies , she was off on her way to a lovely new home.
She was one that I should have kept but there you go!

Anyway I had been keeping a look out and just before the end of the year I found Simone ! A lovely Blonde who arrived home and settled in straight away. So Now I just needed that elusive Brunette!! I very nearly had a chance at a lovely girl but the seller changed her mind, I was not surprised as she was lovely.

But fate decided right before Christmas to let me find a beautiful brunette and at a good price and soon she arrived just in time for the new year.

Here is a photo of them all together. Callie my red haired girl in the middle , has been with me for a few years, I was surprised to see how petite she looks against her new sisters.

Here you can see the difference in their height ! With Simone the blonde being much taller than Callie.
Unfortunately I did not have a red coat for Simone but they are indoors so I am sure she's warm enough.

After I had put them back in front of the dvd shelves I remembered I wanted to take some closer shots, you can see that only Christy ( yes she told me her name today ) was paying attention.

I am always standing three or four Sasha's in front of these shelves which makes it interesting when you are trying to find the Dvd you want! but also for some interaction with them.

So we have Simone, Christy and Callie, the set I was after but felt sure I would still be searching for. So a most unexpected end to 2013 but a most welcome one.

However I have always loved this photo ........

of Gill's collection of slated eyed girl's..two of each....mmm...maybe I'm not quite finished with the slate eyed....


When I first started collecting Sasha's about four years ago now, I did not like the Gotz dolls at all! I was sure I would never buy any.......I currently own TEN and I can only see the numbers I must go and email Gill and say should she ever wish to re-home any of the above I'm ready and waiting....especially those brunettes in the middle and those reds on the end ..and well..all..of them really..three of each sounds like a plan........................ :)



  1. Hi Dee

    Now I recall that you telling me that things in your house tend to come in threes!!!! So three of each hair colour it should be for you, haha! Your girls look great and I do love their coats.

    I just love that picture you've added at the bottom of my girls! It is a favourite!!!!


    1. That's so true!!! That's it then I need to continue looking.. :)

  2. Hopefully 'gotcha' this time SS-R!

  3. HMMM! Used to think the Gotz girls were a bit 'samey' but now I see how different they can be. OK Gill, Kendal and Dee - you are to blame and Shelly is the enabler- I'm converted and wa...need some. Now to work on the bank manager.....

    1. Glad to have opened your eye's to the Gotz!! I'm sure Queenie will be along soon to try to close them again for you!!
      My bank manager is a woman whose addicted to designer handbags!! and also my boss so she can only say 'what another lovely Sasha you've bought!!! lol

  4. Well here I am back again after being without anti virus protection for two whole days which prevented me from emailing, commenting etc as I was having difficulty and then 'mission impossible' to try to download it myself so this morning I had to resort and pay for customer support for them to do my 'impossible!'
    It has taken a couple of hours this morning but hopefully I'm now back on track!

    This interesting post has just made me take note of MY slate eyed girls and now realising that I haven't as many as I had thought.
    1 red haired (Sally) 2 blonde pale skinned {one being minty in box with original outfit, label and tag awaiting my birthday} 1 re-rooted brunette pale skinned, 1 blonde waif who now wears wigs, 1 blonde (Sophie.)
    1 brunette 'crudely painted' slate eyed and two lads,(Fritz and his brother ....just forgotten his name.)

    Interesting to see the varied height differences here.
    Felt somewhat sorry that Simone is without a coat but at least she and Callie have on the correct Passion for Sasha dresses whereas Christy hasn't as yet.
    (Are the Karen W coats going to be included in the 'Village-on-Trend' fashion?)

    Great to be back again. Now off to start taking the Xmas decs. down. A job that I'm not keen on doing as it makes the house look rather bare and Christmas 2014 seem simply ages away.

    1. So Kendal ! I make that four blondes , two brunettes and a red head and that's without counting the boys!! It would seem you are well ahead of the game here.
      I can see that I am not done yet!! then again it all depends on what takes my fancy in the months ahead. I will not be buying any more Sasha's for a while after my next girl arrives.......
      Karen's beautiful coats are not part of the Winter trend just some that the girls happened to be wearing, I was to lazy to take them off!!
      Nice to have you back K.

    2. glad your computer problems are fixed Kendal, I've missed your usual Sunday post this week. I've also just taken most of the Christmas decorations down, the tree and window lights will be taken down in the morning by my DH after I've gone back to work (after 2 weeks leave it will be hard to put my nose to the grindstone again). Better go to bed and get some sleep.

      Dee, the new polar bear is lovely however I'm still not converted to the Gotz girls (which is probably just as well as they are well out of my price range at the moment - my Sasha wishlist is currently very short now we have baby Leo - all I really want to save for and source is a toddler, and the dreamed of accessory is just one of those gorgeous prams).

  5. Did I count up correctly, Kendal? Is that a total of nine? I have a total of one made up of two half complete dolls. what was I thinking? And why was I thinking it?! I must have been taking something illegal without realizing it but perhaps that's why I've never warmed to them in the past. But I DO want a Fritz boy, he has converted me.
    J x

  6. What a lovely threesome Dee, I love the slate eyed Gotz girls and as you know I now have two, my blond Lyric and brunette Lindt. I would eventually like to add a redhead to the pair but that is for another day! It's funny because I also didn't like the Gotz girls 14 months ago when I got my first Sasha, but now I really love them just as much as the Trendon girls and boys. I would also like to have a no-nose boy one day too, but that's a long while in the future!!
    Gill has a gorgeous bunch of girlies there too, so pretty and I can see how three could easily turn into four, then five...and so on!!!!

  7. I also didn't like Gotz dolls to start - but cracked in Dec and have to admit my slate eyed redhead from Liss is especially sweet