Friday, 17 January 2014


The other day when I was going to Gill's with my No Navel girl's I very nearly changed them into their VS ( Vintage Sasha) dungarees but then changed my mind only to find that Gill had change two of her girl's in their's and was about to dress her new girl  Yasmin in some.

So last night I decided to change them into the VSD'S and today to take some photo's.....those of a (ONNG ) disposition had best go do a little ironing!!

 First up we have Martha and Ginny, who are still wearing her Gill Nash cardigans over their VSD's to keep them warm.

All the others have come in still wearing Gill's cardigans and Ashley a lovely cord coat.

They have removed their Coat and cardies , so you can see their VSD's.

Here we have Martha and Ginny again.

A nice close up, you can still see the tripples in Ginny's hair where she was wearing plaits.

Next up we have Ashley in Yellow and Agnetha in green.

A close up of their faces.Again you can see the ripples in Agnetha's hair from plaits , you can also see the difference in their blonde hair.

Now we have Raven and Winter.

A close of them .

All together in their colour hair sets.

Agnetha wanted to show off her hat! which I managed to get her to remove for the photo's!

I do love the style and colours that Sarah's Dungarees come in.

A nice head and shoulders shot.

It's taken me a few years to get.......... "You put your left leg in ! Your left leg out! your left leg in...."

"and you shake it all about!! Come on girls follow me!!!"

"That's what it's all abouttt!!! all together now " sings Mossy " OOOOOH the hokey cokey...OOO "
He stops singing and looks at Mrs Mum

"Yes ?" he asks the picture of innocence " Is there a problem Mrs Mum? "
"There is most certainly a problem young bear! " says Mrs Mum " This is a photo shoot for the no navel's of which you are not one!"
" Oh Contraire Mrs Mum I am an honorary member of the No Navels! Due to my Little miss being one!  "
"Yes Mum " says Ginny " he is!" All the other girl's nod in agreement!
Mrs Mum looks on in disbelief , Mossy give her a cheeky little grin then turns back to the front..

"All together " he calls " You put your right arm in, your right arm out!......"

Mrs Mum gives up! She can see it will be a while before the girls stop giggling and copying Mossy doing the Hokey Cokey!!!!


I love Sarah's Vintage Sasha Dungaree's and in fact all her clothing , along with Judith of Dolly Doodles OOAK set's. It can be very hard to get hold of both Sarah's and Judith's clothes and I have built my collection up over several years of keeping a very close eye on their blog/site listings and even then I have missed out on lots of beautiful outfits I would have loved to have nabbed!!!by only a matter of minutes!
And yes I have sulked for a few minutes and even cursed! But then I get over it and wait for the next listing hoping I am not out or at work when it comes.
But that's what helps make them all the more special.



  1. My! You've been busy 'No-Naveling!'
    You're half way through your target and have doubled the three that I have here.

    Great how you have so far got an example with the blondes and reds of the two different eye STYLES.... though the brunettes are both the same but in the TWO colours.

    I think that Sarah's dungarees are the most beautifully styled for the Sasha dolls. Their fit is sheer perfection, just literally skimmimg their body shape.
    Gill's cardigans look super over them for that extra bit of warmth that is needed at the moment.

    Reckon that SS-R is going to adore this post!

    1. Can't comment at the moment... I am too busy IRONING :)
      (Well done K!)

    2. I do not have a target for the No Navel's although having said that if I saw one I really liked I would probably no say no!! :)
      Sarah's dungarres are just perfect for the Sasha's :) and I love Gill's cardigans to complete the look in the colder weather.
      I know SS- R will be over the...moon :)

    3. Look how helpful I am with your Housework inspiring you to get on with the Ironing!! :)

  2. PS. Love the addition of Mr Mossy to the post!

    1. Amazing how one little bear can get into so many places!

  3. Well, Mrs. Mum DOES Mossy have a navel? I think NOT! So he is a NN, honorary and in reality.

    I think several other followers of Mossy Vil...erm, I mean Sasha Village... would agree with me that our poor Mossy gets into trouble for things that are not his fault.

    Get into the swing of things Mrs. Mum .....You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out, You shake it around a little, and turn yourself about! ( I still don't hear you singing, Mrs. Mum!)

    1. Going by that rule it makes all the bears No Navels!!
      I'm glad you managed to stop yourself with the nearly slip up!!! :)
      I'm singing but it's a different tune....

    2. On that basis maybe Reuben needs a girlfriend bear as he has his heart set on a NN.

    3. I think Anastasia wants that position :)

  4. Jenann just expressed what I'm thinking :)
    And I love the sentence with the 'swing of thing'. (>bookmarked to my brain!)

    Your NoNavels are really showgirls wich Mossy The Green understand.
    (If Ginny ever want to live in the very middle of germany, please let me know immediately ;)

    1. Mm you and Jenni !!! She's book marking you brain......I see trouble ahead from the pair of you and your mate Mossy the Green!! :)
      Ginny , I have to whisper .. Is my favourite.. so will be unable to visit the very middle of Germany unless I come too!!! :))

  5. Lovely post, girls, and dungarees - and yes, lovely Mossy too!

    1. Thanks Tricia , I feel they all go together...even that Mr Mossy ..but don't tell him I said so !!

  6. I like this dungarees too, the colors are very nice. But Mister Mossy is realy a crazy little bear:)

  7. Thank you , At last some one who can see Mossy crazy!! :)

  8. What a lovely post, the girls looks beautiful in their nice Sarah made dungarees and Gill made cardigans. So how speedy do you have to be to snap all these up!!! I see that Sarah makes a blog post, I immediately go and look and more often than not, make that 99% of the time, everything has already sold!!!! And I'm one hour ahead here so I should definitely get in first! LOL ;-) I think I'll just come and visit your house and then I'll pull out all the nicely organised clothes and put them on my girls instead! :) Sound like a good plan? After all, I'm fed up with my still messy room, so I'll mess someone elses instead! Get that kettle on please, Mrs Mum!
    In the meantime, you now have me singing the Hokey Cokey!!!!

    1. I have been waiting and still missed out on Sarah's goodies but that's the way it goes sometimes!! lol
      Hey I just nearly..well sort of tidied that room and I am still working my way through the boxes!! which take at least a month!!!!
      Now hows it put your left arm in and you shake it all do the hokey cokey and you turn around that's what it's all about...all together now! ..HOO O the Hokey Cokey.....:)

  9. SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!! And extremely talented! (Hi Mossy, how you doin'?) xxx Karin

    1. I agree ! lol Don't encourage him Karin!