Friday 3 January 2014


If you remember I mention the little tins I found and you very kindly reminded me they were of Belle and Boo and It would seem that they are well liked by some of us. I received a couple of lovely emails from friends and one , Ronnie from Norfolk the nice NOT ice Ronnie, attached a link to lots of lovely pictures.

Well of course I went to look, then ordered a couple of her books then I found a website where I found lots of lovely Belle and Boo items and of course could not resist a small purchase.....

I love Elephants and have a collection of small elephant ornaments and when I saw this woolly Mammoth pulling a sleigh I could not resist ! I wanted a lovely reindeer one but managed to take that one back out the basket!!! for now....
That's another collection I have, original water colour paintings bought from holidays or local art shows

Sharon showed photo's of her Lladro and Nao collection on her blog, so I asked Gill if she would send a photo of hers.

and here are a photo of my few pieces.

I used to have a collection of brambley hedge figures,two are left in left hand corner at the bottom, the rest I sold after I moved, the same with the 14 plates.The three figures at the top are of Faith, Hope and Charity which I bought because I have three daughters and I love these in their nightwear.Now I really must go find the duster and give these a once over!

It seems I have even more collections than I realised.....



  1. Did you get the paper dolls? I have those as well as one of the Belle and Boo books. So, I have collections of paper dolls, Raggedy Anns, pewter pincushions, and children's books. As well as fabric and wool and probably a few other items... I'm not actively adding to any of my collectins. I have RUN OUT OF ROOM! Oops, sorry for shouting ;)

    1. It seems that collection are everywhere ! Running out of room never stopped anyone lol !!!!
      you just collect smaller things...

  2. I read somewhere that if a person has more than two of anything, that constitutes a collection. So.... I have hundreds of collections. Am I in danger of becoming one of those hoarders that need psychologists and teams of cleaning folk wearing masks to dig them out? Perhaps..... Help!! Think I'll go and review my collection of collections!
    J xx

    1. Well in that case I must have hundreds of collections! and I must be collecting daughters as I have three of those!!! One of those daughters said I would be one of those old people whose house was so full you had to squeeze through piles of papers in the hallway!! Cheek of it!! I like to recycle all my newspapers!! :) and when I think there are too many clothes I like to through out Paul'

  3. Thanks so much for sharing not only your own Lladros and Naos but Gills too! I see that Gill and I share similar tastes as we have about 4 of the same ornaments!!!
    I love the picture of the woolly mammoth pulling the sleigh, how cute is that!
    I forgot that I also have a dresser in my kitchen which is full of blue and white things.....oh dear, another collection.....I'm sure I have a photo of it somewhere!!!!!
    I really think we might have addictive personalities....addicted to collecting!!! LOL

    1. I noticed that you both had the lovely Spanish dancer ! I do love elephants and as I say I have a collection of them lol
      I bet almost all Sasha collectors have other collections that some of them do not even realise are collections! Lol