Wednesday 8 January 2014


Christmas is over
the January sales are on
The Teddies in the toy shop
are leaving one by one

Already in the window
a space it has appeared
where once a little teddy sat
he's not reappeared!

The other teddies worry
What if no one comes?
Will they stay forever
waiting for their mums?..

A noise ! A hand ! a Shuffle!
A voice excited ask's
" Is he for me? Oh thank you dad"
" I think I'll call him Bart!"

The afternoon is waning
and soon there's only one
Sitting waiting patiently
will she get a mum?

She listen's to the noises
that are getting less
The shop behind goes quiet
It's closing is her guess!

"Oh No" thinks the panda
sitting on her own
"was that the door closing?
Am I all alone!"

She gets up in a hurry
wondering what to do
Surely she'll not have to stay
Alone and cold and blue!

But Wait! The phone is ringing
the owner's coming back
She's saying there is only one
All Rosy pink and Black

And so the tale ends happy
The little bear is gone
To be dropped off along the way
She's meeting her new mum.


  1. This reminds me of our all time favourite Christmas book 'The story of Holly and Ivy' by Rumer Godden. We have an absolutely beautifully illustrated version (pictures by Barbara Cooney) which without fail gets an airing every year.

    1. I will go and look for this book as I have not heard of it but if illustrations are beautiful I may need to add it to my collection :)

    2. Rumer Godden wrote some wonderful classic doll stories, all worth buying. The Dolls House, Fairy Doll, Miss Happiness and Miss Flower, Little Plum, Candyfloss, Impunity Jane. She also write The Diddakoi (and books for adults which are also classics). You can get the Barbara Cooney illustrated version via Amazon (published 2006), I think I bought mine via US Amazon.

    3. I love all those books and read them all when I was small, even Rummer's autobiographical account of her childhood in India, 'Two Under the Indian Sun.' I was fascinated by the fact that her sister was called Jon. I sooo wanted to be a boy (but with dolls, of course!) and wished my parents had given me a boyish name, especially as my friends were Mikal and Robin! How did I get stuck with a girly name?!
      One of my Sashas is called Rumer in Rumer Godden's honour.

    4. They sound like good books to have! I have just bought the Holly and Ivy book from Amazon. :) I can definately see my collection of Children's books increasing!!
      Jenni why did you want to be a boy? because of your brother?
      Must confess I have never wanted to be a boy especially with a younger brother who destroyed my dolls and pram!! I wonder if Bruce Willis daughter is called Rumer after Rumer Godden????

    5. What a good idea to call one of your Sasha dolls 'Rumer'. I'm glad you have heard of the books too Jenni. Dee, do you remember the BBC series 'Kizzy' on TV in the 1970s - it was based on The Diddakoi. I have the book which was issued with the TV series, but never saw it on TV because we didn't get it in SA (sanctions prevented a lot of good British TV coming our way).

  2. "The Story of Holly and Ivy" is a favorite with us as well (our copy is illustrated by Adrienne Adams--lovely). One of my daughter's all time favorite stories is "Miss Happiness and Miss Flower". The dollhouse created In the story sounds fantastic!

    1. Sounds like another book to add to my collection! I especially love dollshouses so this will have to be my next purchase by her!

    2. Dee, if you can get copies of all her children's books you'll find a feast of dolls and dolls houses. I've got them all (old copies, newer copies). They are family treasures which are keepers for sure. In fact thinking about Holly and Ivy is inspiring an idea for a project...

    3. I will definitely have to have a look at these books, they sound right up my street!! Oh I love it when one thing gives you an idea for something else...will await developments on the Dollmum blog with interest!! :)

  3. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT! What a great start to my day.
    Love you best when you're story telling via poetry.

    A great pity for me that Mr Mossy wasn't for sale there too as I would have definitely snapped him up.... whatever the cost!

    Was saddened when I read the title though as I didn't want Christmas to end especially this year when I was feeling so much better and with it being mid week it seemed to have extended sides.
    (I actually haven't been out shopping since two days before Christmas as was well orgainsed with the food situation etc.... but will need to replenish stocks this weekend.)

    Loved seeing all the 'not so often seen' little bears. Are there any new ones amongst them? Not sure if I've seen the Angel/Butterfly one before. Like the twin bears in black//white and black/rose.... though it looks like they are now living in separate homes unless the phone call was from the black and white's new parents. I remember my two eldest brothers having twin bears when they were young.

    Many thanks for a wonderful post!

    1. I must confess Kendal that all these bears are awaiting their turn to arrive!! I could have filled the missing spot but could not find where I had but one of the bears!
      The twins have been given two of them , I'm sure you can work out which ones!
      The Fairy bear has a very special owner who is yet to arrive!!......

      Mr Mossy belongs to Ginny so can never be sold as she is a favourite in the village!

      Glad you enjoyed the tale.

  4. Yay the little rosy panda wasn't left all alone. But have they really been moved on???
    Dee you've got your rhyme back, is this a sign of things to come?
    I also was interested in the fairy bear, my goodness a bear with wings!
    It's little face looks to me a bit like Winnie the Pooh. I haven't heard of the books by Rumer Godden but A.A.Milne was a favourite here, they were entertaining for both the reader and the listener. I remember fondly how much my children enjoyed the stories. Thanks for the memory :)

    1. I could not leave her alone! They have moved on into the Village!! they have been waiting for a time to arrive! A couple have now found their Sasha's and the fairy bear's owner will be a big surprise to some!!
      I had not heard of Rumer Godden and that's what is so nice when people comment it can open up new things for us all ! My copy is ordered !! wish they did a mini version for the sasha's!!

    2. Rumer Godden wrote the adult novel Black Narcissus which was made into a film starring Deborah Carr. Her adult novels are edgy and haunting, her children's book also sometimes have an edge or unexpected twists. A seriously good author.

      I'm so glad all the bears have found doll owners in the village, I'm looking forward to finding out more.

  5. My comments won't stick! Keep trying to tell you that I love this post, Dee but my Sashas are demanding more info. What happened to each little bear. Did they get a new Little Miss or Young Master? Are they staying in the village? Most of all, WHERE IS THE TOY SHOP AND DOES IT SELL ON-LINE. Think I better hide my credit card...
    J xx

    1. :) Each little bear is waiting for a Village Sasha to home them although two now have their little misses and I am sure the others won't be far behind!!
      I am afraid you will have to tell your girl's that the shop's all sold out ! but you never know when it may return...... :)
      Dee xx

  6. Oh, this is your most enchanting blog yet, Dee! I am sitting here wiping tears of emotion from my eyes!!! Sooooooooo very cute! Beautifully written, too! Just love it!!! Must look out for that book mentioned by Dollmum! I didn't realize Rumer Godden ventured into children's lit! Anyway! MAGIC!!!
    Karin xxx

    1. Thank you Karin, so pleased that you enjoyed it. I take it the Rumer Godden also wrote books for adults too!
      I love all the info we share amongst our comments.
      Dee xxx

  7. Awww this poetic post was lovely, I really enjoyed it and am glad that the last little bear wasn't left all alone and unloved!! I'm assuming that the bears didn't really leave the Village and that it was just for the rhyme that they were 'snapped' up!!
    Keep 'em coming Dee, these are such lovely posts.
    PS I've never heard of these books either, are they American?

    1. Thanks Sharon and you are quite right no bears were really sold in the making of this post!! lol
      They are ones I have been getting over several months but not yet appeared with a little miss or mister!
      I do not know if the books are american but I am sure someone will tell us?
      Dee xx

    2. Sharon, Rumer Godden was English however the version of Holly and Ivy I was talking about was illustrated by Barbara Cooney (American) in 1985 and published by Viking, New York.

  8. THANK GOD! a) Christmas is over b) the bears all found a home.....I wonder if one will belong to a little devil :)

    1. A) do you love them humbugs!!! B) Devils don't get bears.....maybe....

  9. Love your rhymes, Dee.
    Do we find a matching melody?