Sunday 5 January 2014


Well today we needed to go back to the garden centre to buy some fleece to wrap round some plants we are over wintering and now that the weather's again taken a very wintery chill , we needed the fleece now.

If you have seen the film The Golden Compass you will know about Lyra and the Polar Bear she befriends, if you have not seen the film , it's a good watch.

When  we went to the garden centre we came across what they had left of the Polar bears, Penguins and Huskies, they had all been reduced to half price. I had already bought a small polar bear before Christmas when they were first reduced, which I used in the photo shoot of the baby boys.
They had one large Polar bear left, he had a mark down his side as if something had dropped onto him and dried leaving a yellowy look just behind his front leg.

He was still quite expensive , so I walked away , figuring I would go back next weekend and see if he was still there and maybe cheaper still.That worked until I got into the car having loaded up our few half price bargains, then while Paul was putting the trolley back, I thought some more about the big Polar Bear, then when Paul got back to car I asked him to go and buy it for me!!
He said Yes but I had to walk back and get it due to the fact that he was now frozen !!

So did I go back through all that freezing cold wind and ask the cashier if I could not get mark off could I bring it back?????

Of course I did!!!

Belle very kindly put a coat on to play Lyra just for the photo shoot..

The mark on his side washed off well despite shredding the sponge!

Here's the little polar bear cub the babies played with.

From the other side.

I'm very pleased I went back for him, he will be a really useful prop for winter photo's and I will have to take some photo's for this years Christmas cards and hopefully remember which file there in this time!!

But I have already failed on one of my resolutions....Belle's dress is tucked up in the coat on one side!!Will need to do better!!

Well I am off to watch the Golden Compass as i cannot remember that bear's name!!!!



  1. I loved the Golden Compass - did you read the books too?
    Your bears have such lovely faces I'm not surprised you didn't want them to stay in the garden centre.
    I wonder what your Viking Hunter will make of them?

    1. I bought the books for my girls but never got round to reading them, I may have to !
      They do have such sweet faces for such dangerous animals.
      I'm sure Erik and Sir Walter will be very interested to meet them :)

  2. What a delightful post.
    We have/had? some of those bears in our garden centres. I guessed that that was where you had had the first little cub from when I saw him on your 'three babies' in their sleepsuits post. They are so realistic looking and even more so in real life.
    The idea of using them for a Christmas card sounds a super idea. Look forward to seeing one then....(well hopefully!)

    It has just turned quite cold here too so I'm glad that you've got some more of the fleeece to wrap around some of your more fragile plants. I might try to find mine in the garage to put over the Geranuims ihat I am trying to Winter in the conservatory, as it only has a tiny little skirting-board heater in there just to prevent it freezing.

    1. Shows what you can find for the Sasha's even in garden centres!
      Its all raining and windy here again just perfect for my journey back into the working week!!

  3. What a gorgeous big bear, perfect with baby bear! I didn't realise, when I saw the baby bear in the previous post, that he was 'hard' and an ornament! I thought he was all soft and cuddly because that's just what he looks like! Now I realise! They make great props and look forward to seeing them in your future posts!
    I wish our garden centre sold things other than plants and dusty old pots!!!!

    1. No not at all soft or cuddly althought he does look it. Such good faces on them.
      amazing what garden centres sell :)

  4. PS I loved that your little girl had her dress tucked up a little, it made me laugh, thinking that she'd run from the loo to have her photo taken with the bears.....not waiting to check on her little dress...just like a real little girl might!
    Don't change a thing!!!!

    1. I'm sure I'll never lose the habit of my girls being not quite perfect, just like their mum!! lol
      I once collect my girls from school with my skirt tucked in my knickers!! Thank goodness it was a very full flowing skirt and It was in my much younger and very much slimmer days!!! lol

    2. I love to see the real child look, too.
      I remember a school inspector turning up with her skirt tucked up in her granny-bloomers when I was about 8 or 9. We were all far too well drilled in the 'speak when spoken to' routine to say anything and,as she walked round all morning that way, I wonder whether my teachers were also in awe, or whether they just hated inspectors too much to help her out?

  5. All I can say is...thank God there are NO GOTZ Sashas in this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am liking this one:)

    1. Oh NO!! You mean I could have used a GOTZ girl!!!! never mind maybe next time.... :)

  6. Sharon is right. These small lifelike Extras are precious. Photos are today much to perfekt - touching the head but not the soul. This is my opinion after years publishing and watching pics ;)
    Since we all are not -and have not to be perfect.
    Btw- the bears are great! Love them. You bought them at the matching weather ;)

    1. I agree a little imperfection makes them more life like and more like us!
      Glad you like the bears but I do hope that they don't attract any SNOW!!! The cold will do :)