Sunday 12 January 2014


Today , after putting it off for weeks I finally made a start on tidying up all my Sasha things laying around the spare room! I thought it may help if I could actually walk across the floor to find things instead of moving things on to other things and then stepping over boxes etc.
And most important I am looking for my box of Boys clothes!!!

A few years back Paul built me a shelving unit which I was going to use to put room settings but after just a few tries I decided it was to dark in the room and being in the corner it was awkward to get in to take the photo's.
So I decided today to use it for storage rather than have pieces of furniture and then items I have left all over the place, I'd reorganise it.

I decided to take a few photo's along the way, this is one of a little chest of drawers For the baby room.

This is supposed to be a unit for the lounge/living room but just gets left upstairs when I take photo's due to limited space.

This is my dresser that I found in a local second hand furniture shop a few years back, it's very basic and I may at some stage ask Paul to make me a better one but it does look really nice when it's set full of china etc.

A photo of the insides, those dolls house owners amongst you will recognise the two plaster ceiling roses that I bought when I was into Dolls houses and have kept as I may put them into the half finished house one day!!

This is some of the china off the dresser, the cups and saucers are miniature  china copies that people collect.

I opened the union jack toy box to find it was doing it's job!! Had of course forgotten half the stuff in there!!

This lovely wooden settle I have had for a few years now and is handy to use for the Sasha's but I am thinking that it would make a good place to sit a couple of my kids n cats girls.
Behind is a build a bear tent that the boys use.

This little wooden table, which I use as a coffee table is in fact a musical box which still works .

Yet more china, this little set is a good size for Sasha although the basket is too big.

Here I have finally started filling the top shelf with bits and pieces, I think it's got the look of an attic about it!!!

I decided to use the second shelf to store my other dolls, this bench, the seat base opens for storage, I bought from ebay a few years back for £9 , it's been a great place to sit some of my kids n cats dolls.

Today Mike, Ava and William are sharing the seat.

These are my two little Kathe Kruse dolls, I do love these dolls and would like to get a couple more but no rush.

Yet another box half full of props!! I will need to go through this and maybe sell some things on!.

Yet more china!! How many tea pots does a Sasha need!!! three in this book it would appear!!

Well evenually the shelves began to fill and I began to be able to walk freely round the room!

The more observant amongst you will notice that Ava's had a change of clothes! and William's now wearing his Duffle coat that's been waiting in the packet it came in for about six months!! Ava's clothes are a gotz doll outfit that I came across while looking in the bigger dolls clothes box, so I thought she'd like to be a little warmer so redressed her.

A closer look at the dolls shelf!

Last a wonky photo of the inside of the clothes cupboard, I have decided that this is  a waste and the clothes would be better served in plastic bags in boxes , so that shoes and pants and hair ties etc and can all be kept together, I came across a few items that should have gone with outfits I have since sold on! The space at the very bottom is where I keep four plastic boxes of shoes. So I think I will repack the clothes and use this cupboard for all the smaller boxes.

Well at least it's a lot tidier than it was, there are now only bags of wool and a couple of boxes on the floor, so it's much easier to get about BUT I still cannot find the box of boys clothes!!!! Have they been on ebay selling them off!! I have looked every where!! The box is quite big ! It cannot just have managed to vanish!

It as my lovely sweaters and the boys Passion for Sasha cord trousers in, I want to change them!!! I'm sure a thief would not break in and steal a box of doll boys clothes.......unless he was exceptional small!!!!!



  1. Hello! I'm here SS-R and Mrs Mum. Been patiently waiting here all day!

    1. Hello Lady K, I was tidying up ALL day!!

    2. I have been busy too! Well done K for getting in first with your comment!
      Well done have done a grand job. I am afraid I am rather minimalist and couldn't bear all the Sasha props, that saidyou do have a really nice collection and as for the clothes...wonderful :)

    3. Thanks ! That said I could never be minimalist I am very worried how much I'll be able to fit in my coffin when the time comes!!!! lol

  2. I like seeing other peoples untidy dolly stuff...makes me feel that I'm not alone! Your room is nice and bright though, I like that...mine is very dark. It was great when I was just into BJDs because they need to be kept out of sunlight as it can change their resin colour, but the Sashas enjoy playing in the sunshine. But there's not a lot I can do about that. Anyway, your room now looks nice and neat and tidy! You have some lovely things in there, can I come and play at your house please!!!
    What do you think of the Kidz n Katz dolls? I may have asked you this before, I can't remember but I do like that they are jointed. You also have a lovely selection of clothes in the many that the bar seems to be bowing with the heaviness of them all! And finally, I love the little chest of drawers that you have for the babies, with the pictures on the sweet is that!

    1. Well this is definitely the place to come for untidy doll mess! lol You are welcome to come play maybe you'll find the boys clothes!!
      I love that they are jointed, the first three I have Mike, William ( jakob) and Catherine (Lena) have only nine joints but the other four have eleven joints. It's so nice that you can pose them more and that they sit, I wish the Sasha's had knee joints, that's the only thing I would like for them, I have only used a couple on the blog and they do not have many different faces but then neither do Trendon Sasha's.They shoulders are a bit big but having all vinyl bodies is good.Personally I like them and will probably get a few more over time!!

    2. I'm interested to hear your opinion on the Kidz n Katz, thanks for that. I like the look of them and agree that it would be great if the Sashas legs were jointed, arms not so much. I never sit mine down because I don't like that they sit with their legs so far apart....most unladylike....seriously though, when they sit down, they need so much more space than when they are standing. I might treat myself to a Kidz one of these days. I need to sell some of my Blythes first....apart from one, they're seriously neglected. Sometimes one will fall over and I can hardly be bothered to stand her up again!!
      I meant to say that I like your Kathy Kruse girls too, they're beautiful!

    3. It definitely worth getting one to see if you like them. I have two others not four, so five in total two boys and three girls.They are good for big sisters and brothers to the Sasha's.
      I do love the Kathe Kruse dolls but do not need to run down that road!!!

  3. Gosh! You do have a lot of props! Thought that I had quite a bit but nothing compared to yours.
    No wonder you can make little room sets up etc. I basically have no minature furniture apart from the standard little white wooden table and two chairs, a couple more chairs and a baby high chair which as you know are all basically out on display in various rooms.

    It's their smaller props, Hoover, ironing board, clothes dryer, toys and soft animals, games, umbrellas etc. that I need to gather together into one room and in one accessible place instead of searching through various boxes stuffed in wardrobes, cupboards, bookcases and under beds in every room which is what makes the unholy mess.

    May I say, ' Well done Denise on todays great tidying up session!'

    1. Oh I forgot to mention the two rocking horses, the white garden bench, the two baby cots and Sasha bed and the two trikes and one bicycle that are also continually out on display gathering in the dust that escapes landing on the dolls.

    2. That's just some of them Kendal, there are more scattered about the house!! especially in the Kitchen!! and Living room!
      I'm very pleased to have finally made a good start on tidying but still have a way to go!

  4. I use my Grandfather's tallboy as the cupboard for all the dolls clothes, it only has one clothing rail at the top and no shelves underneath, so the plastic boxes of outfits go below the dresses which hang up (the ones I don't want crushed in over stuffed boxes). We have a staggering collection of clothesand shoes for the Gotz 19.5" dolls and the Sasha/Gregor clothes collection has grown fast in the past couple of years but doesn't yet rival that of the Gotz. Our Sasha's could do with a few more choices of shoes and I'd love to get them some ice skates (we only have 2 pairs which fit them, one from a Magic attic doll and one from Jakob my kids n cats doll).

    1. You sound just as bad! That is the problem with putting dresses in boxes but I am going to try and reduce the amount of clothes they have......
      I do not have to many clothes for the bigger dolls as I am always buying for the Sasha's but I intend to buy a couple of outfits for them later this year and knit them some cardigans.
      Magic Attic are great for the bigger dolls and some Sasha's.
      I have a lovely big linen cupboard that would make a great storage for the dolls things but I have nowhere to put it, if I get a smaller Linen cupboard!!
      Now if I was still living in my old house I could have a whole big Sasha / doll room and loads of space but I am not so must make do!! :(

  5. Well, are this you, who told me lately has to look after some more probs? *g
    You're obviously the probsmaster!

    After Dollember, this seems to become the Putzanuar oder Cleanuar...

    1. But Anne! You have great props!! I need some of those props!! one can never have too many props! you never know what or when you will need them!! lol
      Does Putzanuar oder Cleanuar...mean cleaning month?? my translate on google could not translate this!!

    2. Oh I understand - there are never too much probs, but less space. Or a lack of organising.

      Yes: Putz - Januar = Cleaning-January - but I admit it sounds not lyrical enough.
      You're always a step ahead. I'm just trying to tidy around (tidy house-tidy mind ; love the word :) and the Commoneos quilted bedding is still waiting at the curtoms...

    3. More like a step behind, I should have tidied up last month which means last year!!
      Yes January should be the month for cleaning and clearing out!! Ready for a good year ahead! :)

  6. The lengths those Gregors will go to in order to avoid a shower and clean clothes! I bet they dug a large hole and buried the clothes box.
    Is that a Ruby Buttons girl in the cradle? I found DD's Violet Pickles, Ruby's sister, the other day. How she loved those dolls and the books!
    I knew you Had a Kidz'n'cats Mike but didn't realize you had other dolls too.
    Now I feel ashamed.... time for a tidy up here too!
    J xx

    1. Oh NO! I did not think to look in garden! and now it's to dark!! I will have to go look for freshly turned soil or plants that appear to have moved!!!
      That is a Ruby Buttons , I also have a Violet Pickles, she was sitting in a child's wicker chair with my Teddy Pebs that Paul bought me 40 years ago, somewhere about is a book ! unless I gave them away when we downsized!
      Mike was my third Kidz n Ctas doll, Jakob and Lena ( Who I call William and Catherine because they arrived just before their wedding, were the first ones I bought, I have another four girls.! I resist them for a while but when there are no Sasha's on the horizon I can sometimes wander that way!!
      There is still so much tidying left for me to do!!! but where oh where is that BOX!!!!!

    2. Dee, did you say 40 years ago???? You've been together a long time! I'm sure you must have met at nursery school then!!! ;)

  7. Have you asked Mossy about the box - we seems a likely culprit! ;-)

  8. Oops - HE seems a likely culprit! ( I was nowhere near the place, honest!)

    1. Fortunately for him they went missing before he was wandering this way.... :) However you on the other hand...... :) lol

  9. Wow, Dee!!! No wonder you took a whole day to tidy this lot up!!! Lots of lovely things there for your Sashas (and other dolls, I see!). It's like treasure trove! Well, they will all come in very handy for your excellent stories! Must have another look through! So much to see!!!!! xxx karin

    1. I must confess there are a few more bits and pieces around still!! :)
      I must say I love seeing people photo's like this, so you can go back and see what you have missed and what people have.