Monday 6 January 2014


I was looking at Sharon's blog and was very interested in the Question and Answer posts she did not her BJD dolls and also her Sasha's.She said to have a go, so i decided I would.

If any one else would like to answers these Questions, feel free to send your answers to me and I will add them to the post under mine, It will be interesting as to how many fess up!!

1/ How long have you been in the Sasha hobby?

January 2010

2/ How many Sasha dolls do you have at home?

I have 22  Girls, 6 Boys, 1 Toddler and 5 Babies

3/ What are their names and types?

Liberty a Ltd Ed Pintuck Blonde
Violet  a Ltd Ed Velvet Brunette
Sapphire a Ltd Ed Velvet Brunette
Harriet Bonham Carter ( Hattie ) a 80's red haired waif
Paige a 69 Dungaree girl Red haired
Verity a early 69 Dungaree girl Red haired
Belinda a 68 single fringe Blonde girl
Jocelyn a 68 blonde waif
Claudia a 70 brunette
Rosina a 69 Brunette
Cornelia a 70's waif with wig
Arabella a 60's No Nose Yellow eyed red haired girl with lashes
Virginia (Ginny ) a 69/70  red haired No Navel waif
Winter a 69/70 Brunette No Navel
Raven a 69/70 Brunette No Navel
Ashley a 69/70 Blonde No Navel
Agnetha a 69/70 Blonde No Navel
Calico Kate a 60's red haired slate eyed
Simone a 60's Blonde Slate eyed
Christy  a 60's Brunette pale slate eyed
Marcella ( Marcie ) a 60's red haired yellow eyed waif
Sophie Elizabeth  a 2000 Sophia Blonde haired
Tobias ( Toby) a 70's brunette
Zak  a 70's brunette waif
Duncan a 80's red haired blue cord
Nathaniel ( Nate ) 68 red haired  Shorts boy
Percy a 69 PJ blonde
Erik a 68 NP Eyed Blonde
Storm a Gotz blonde Esther
George a 85 Red Haired Ginger
Elton Ron a 70's Blonde sexed waif
Quinn a 70's curly mohair re root by Bettina
Rosie a 70's blonde
Mia a Gotz Stine blonde

4/ Which doll have you had the longest? How long has that been?
Liberty my Pintuck, she was the first Sasha I ever bought back in Jan 2010
5/ Which doll is your favourite?
Very hard question because I have several and also some change and become favourites when I handle them more.
But the one's I would keep until the bitter end are Hattie, Toby, Zak, Ginny and Liberty, there may be others but these one's are the core, I love the look of the 68 dolls, so Belinda , Jocelyn, Nate and Erik are favoured but I also love the No Navels!!.

6/ Are you waiting on any dolls now? If yes which one?
Yes but that would be telling!!! One I have been getting since before Christmas and another that is a total surprise!!

7/ What is your grail doll?
I do not know if I have a grail doll? There are Sasha's I would love to add to my Clan, A red haired Blue eyed No Navel, a Blonde haired brown eyed No Navel and a Red haired 68 single fringe but they would have to be the 'right' one, the one that connects with me.
I had an Np for a while but we did not connect and so she went on her merry way and I do not see the NP's as the grail, maybe a beautiful Studio doll would be nice to own but not something I must have but would not say no if I fell over her at a good price!!

8/ did you learn something new because of this hobby?
I have been surprised at the things I know about these dolls information that's wormed its way in and stayed!

9/ Have you made any friends you might not have because of this hobby?
Yes I have made lovely friends through this hobby, some that I have been lucky to meet and some that I hope to in the future and some I may never meet but whose comments and 'company' I enjoy immensely !

10/ What are your doll plans for the coming year?  
I have no doll plans for this year , I am very happy with the dolls I have and will not be actively looking to increase but who knows what the future holds ? Not I !



  1. 1. 2009/2010
    2. 24 Girls, 11 Boys, 8 Babies and 1 Toddler
    3. They all have names but too many to mention
    4. Katherine aka Kitty (Pintucks)
    5. I have no favorites, they are all my chosen ones although Mitzi does seem to feature quite a lot.
    6. No
    7. I have no grail dolls, if I see one I like and have the pennies I'll buy it.
    8. Yes it's very exspensive!!
    9. I have met some lovely Sashaphiles whom I would like to call friends
    10. To do more story telling with them, after all Seb has got a Tardis!

  2. I'll get back to you on this one - it will take a long time to fill in and the farrier is on the way - involving chasing donkeys across what used to be their paddock but is now a paddy field. How do they KNOW I'm not just catching them up for a bucket full of something nice???

  3. Goodmorning, SS-R and Mrs Mum.

    1. Morning! I'm here...better late than never!

    2. Always lovely for me to to see your name written here!

  4. 1. Bought my daughter one of the FIRST NP Sashas (Brunette Gingham) in 1966, then one of the FIRST Gregors (Dark Denims) in 1968 and finally one of the FIRST babies (Brunette Nightdress) in 1970. (All unfortunately stolen during a house move.)
    My first Sasha was Red Dress in 1974/5 but since adopted when I tailored my collection to the manufacturing years 1965-1972.

    2.Here at the moment I have ....2 Studio girls and 1 Studio baby, 40 Sashas, 12 Gregors, 1 Toddler, 15 babies.(Just sold on 2 NPs and 1 baby.)

    3. Will tackle this HUGE question another time.

    4. Have sold on practically ALL my very first dolls so I'm quessing that my oldest ones still here are...
    1966/7 Frido Dungaree NP Miss Lippy. 1967 blonde Blue Cord bobbed haired NP waif, Sasha, 1960s Gotz slate eyed, now wigged, waif, Maria (as she was bought from Marie Morgan.)

    5. Don't seem to have any particular favourites as such. Each and everyone has certain aspects and qualities that I love and admire.

    6. Hoping to resist buying any dolls in the near future until I can assess and hopefully move on a few to new homes as we are rather full to capacity at the moment.

    7. Seem to be quite happy and contented at the moment with the wide selection that I have.

    8. Luckily I'm continually learning new details and interesting little snippets about these dolls even after 'seriously' collecting them for 18 years.

    9. Have made some truly wonderful friends, some that I have been lucky enough to have met in person through Sasha events and fundays and others via my blog, online Sasha groups and through private emails.

    10. Doll plans this year are to try to slightly reduce the numbers here and to name the girls and babies that are still unnamed.

  5. Oh no, the system eats my answer... again now:
    1) I began reading about Sasha Morgenthaler in 2007.

    2) English:18 5LE. 5 Babies. 3 Repaints
    German#1: 5 German#2: 6

    3) Don't want to bore you - see my blog :)

    4) I bought Tammy (honeyblonde waif) in the 80th for 5.-DM on a fleamarket.

    5) Usually the mid 70th Puddlies. Max, Margareth, Mia - but also Justian, Otto, Gunnar...

    6) Thought it was an NP. But know now: NO :)
    I think, it's everytime just the doll, who's nicely matching and completing my collection.

    7) I'm still thinking about why we got that dollcollecting-desease? What's the psychlogical background? So I'm watching me as a supervisor. Hate it sometimes

    8) In germany there is no real connection between collectors like in england. So making real friends is difficult. But I know some more nice ladies though. Some years ago I meet some in Zuerich -that was fun!

    9) No plans so far. But if anyone wants to sell a toddler to me ... *g

  6. This makes me feel like a Sasha geriatric!

    1. I began playing with Sashas in 1965. My cousin had 6 assorted early Gotz and more of the English kids (not Trendons in the early days - what were they called? - told you I was geriatric!) I wasn't allowed any myself as I had 'enough dolls' ie parents who didn't understand!

    2. More than I should have. I'm not being coy here, just confused (geriatric!) as lots have been left to me by a friend and my mother keeps giving me hers and then claiming them back. There are about 45 in the house just now....

    3. Aw -Come on! I don't know where to start! I'm ducking this question! I am geriatric.... did I mention that before, I forget.

    4. The longest residents in the house are an early Caleb and a black baby bought by me in 1979 or earl 80 but they belong to my daughter and are just long term visitors. My first purchases for myself were Emrys (who is currently on holiday with Lorraine's Henry) and his baby brother Gwynfor. I bought them about 6 years ago from Ronny's daughter - I think(?). I may be wrong about the time scale - forgive me, I'm old. It feels longer ago than that, as I can't remember life before Sashas-in-residence but it could be less time than that. They are mid 70s dolls. I also 'bought' Sashas on a regular basis for the nursery/early primary classes I opened or reorganized in Lambeth and Southwark in the 70s, but the inner London Education Authority paid the bills and they were not mine.

    5. My favourite is which ever I'm holding at any given time. I love them all, mine, yours and those yet to be discovered. I do love my repainted kids because I know they have had a tough life at some point and needed 'surgery.' Currently, my favourite, if I must choose, is my toddler Angel, repainted by Shelly.

    6. No new Sashas/Gregors on the horizon at the moment.

    7. I love them all, so no grail dolls for me. I don't have the passion for the earliest dolls some people have as they were our playthings as children and, lovely as they are, I don't find myself breathless with wonder - well you can't when you've done unspeakable things to their hair etc. yourself, can you?! I probably helped to devalue several by 50% or more when they were still just toys. I do love the boys generally and would love an early Gotz lad because it would be a different face entirely but tend to fall for a particular doll without any rhyme or reason. I only buy dolls that speak to me (does that make sense?) and they may be from any period.

    8. Hmmm. I am wary of this one! I found out that some people (not here) can take the whole thing too seriously and try to force their opinions on others or become very competitive. (Sorry, but I'm a geriatric and now speak as I find!)
    What I've never managed to learn is how to identify all the various years of production, merely the decade or style. It seems I'm not meant to be too clear on time scales. Poor geriatric memory is to blame!
    I've also learned that I am a Sasha player, not a collector, so I can safely leave value/age etc to Shelly, who is now the source of most of my dolls and is a real expert. I just play with them and enjoy them - rather like a grandma who can spoil her grandchildren and then hand them back to others for the serious stuff.

    9. I've made some wonderful, on-line friends through Sasha-ing. It has been a god-send to me as I can't get around much now and live in a very quiet area. You lovely people are my daily piece of socialization. Love you all - even more than I love my Sasha kids.

    10. This is a big thing for me. Since my friend died and left me so many waifs and desperate cases to fix and love, I have a lot to do to honour her trust. Other than that, I want review, organize and augment the clothing supply, particularly for my many boys as they always find it hard to be smartly dressed compared with the girls.

  7. Thank you Jenni :) I was born and raised in Lambeth!!! moved out in about 73/74?

  8. Ooh, Whereabouts Dee?
    I lived in Herne Hill, Brixton Hill and West Norwood over the years, but also lived in Lambeth Walk for a while. Taught at Hillmead (Brixton), Rosendale(West Norwood) and St Judes, Southwark (Elephant and Castle) as well as the one and only state school in the City, Sir John Cass's Foundation (yes it did have 3 's's in a row, which struck horror in me as I struggled to teach punctuation!). Happy memories, but glad to have escaped from London to a more peaceful existence now! Miss the kids - hence the many Sashas and Gregors, who are my class substitute!
    J x

    1. I lived in Vauxhall and went to Vauxhall jmi and shopping in Brixton and Lambeth walk! I worked for a little while in a Pie N Mash shop in Lambeth walk.What a small world it is!
      Dee xx

  9. I worked under a railway arch in Brixton 25 years ago for 16 months (Belinda road, off Coldharbour lane). We used to go to a Pie N Mash Shop in Coldharbour lane, plus an absolutely top notch hand made pizza place called 'Francos' in Brixton Market. Maybe it is time I blogged about the small doll I found on Brixton market and redressed... or the Triang/Dol Toi pram I found there for a fiver (or my first second hand winter coat for a pound which only lasted a few weeks because the zip broke)...

    1. I remember and used to go to the Pie n Mash shop in Coldharbour lane with my mum when we were out shopping! Although I am talking about 45 years ago!! Triang another name of quality from the past! I still have a triang tricycle for a toddler (child not doll) which belonged to my children when they were small!
      What a small world it is.... :)

  10. How long have you been in the hobby Sasha ?
    I got Carla at Christmas 1973. I was eight years old. In 1986 I bought at Migros a blond baby. 2013 I started collecting .
    How many Sasha dolls do you have at home ?
    6 girls , 5 boys , 8 babies ( 4 blonde and brunette 4 ) and a toddler.
    What are their names and types ?
    1 Carla 1973 Blonde Gingham
    2 Nicole in 1973/74 Brunette
    3 Meret 1969 Fringe blonde girl
    4 1998 Barbara Götz Barbara red haired
    5 Nameless in 1973/74 re root brown eyes
    6 Nameless 1969 ? Red haired dungaree
    1 Gregor mid 70s brunette
    2 William 1969/70 ? blonde
    3 Paul 1969/70 brunette
    4 Nameless 1971 blonde
    5 Nameless 1970 blonde
    Witch Doll have you had the longest ? How long did has been?
    Carla , my childhood doll.
    Witch Doll is you favorite?
    Carla and second the boys .
    Are you waiting on any dolls now ? If yes witch one?
    Early or late red boy. I thought that a NP was the best . Meanwhile, I 've changed my mind .
    What is your grail Doll ?
    I dream of a studio Doll .
    Did you learn something new Because of this hobby ?
    I'm still trying to decipher the magic of why these dolls are different and so timelessly beautiful.
    Have you made any friends you might also not have Because of this hobby ?
    I meet very nice people. I wish also a Sasha Festival in Switzerland , that would be great.
    Wath are your doll plans for the coming year ?
    No plans, I’m learning English.

    1. Thank you :) you are doing very well with your English :)

  11. Dee I'm so glad that you decided to do the Q&As from my blog because as a result I've learned so much more about the other people in the hobby! I think it's great to hear about other people's collections, isn't it!
    In the meantime, all this talk of Lambeth, my mum was born in Lambeth in 1936 but moved to Rainham, Essex (where she still lives) when she was 2 years old! It really is a small world, isn't it!

    1. It really is! If she'd stayed in Lambeth she may have known my mum who was born in 1934!!
      Thanks for putting such a great q&a on your blog for us to run with.
      And it's great reading everyone's answers about how they got into Sasha's etc
      Dee xxx

  12. Dee, this has inspired me to answer this questionnaire on my blog - too long to put it into your post! Great idea of Sharon's and it is nice to see what other people have been able to confess to! It's like stock-taking and searching into one's psyche for answer as to where this mania comes from at the same time! I can't believe it, but I seem to have more Sashas than you have admitted too. There is something dreadfully wrong here! I shall have to do something about this! Such fun! xxx Karin

    1. Karin, I can only say if you have more than me, is probably because you are good and never sell them !! If I was to list all the dolls that have called in for a while before moving on, I would probably need a couple of pages !!

      I look forward to reading your answers on your blog :)

    2. Dee, that's what I heard from a reliable source, ha ha!!! I am going to sell a couple I have had trouble bonding with! Yes, I, too am a bad Sasha mother who sells her children - maybe! xxx Karin

  13. Time to put my "2 cents" in.
    1) 2008
    2) I only have one Sasha. She was going to have a friend, but my daughter adopted her. My daughter also has a baby she got this Christmas.
    3) I have Maisy a 1964 no mold line Götz. My daughter has Ana a blonde 196? Götz and Kira a sexed baby "White Bird".
    4) obviously Maisy
    5) same as #4
    6) not really
    7) Part of me would really like a no navel and a no nose and then, I've seen some of the saucer eyes I really like (I've also seen some I really don't like). I also really like lavishing attention on just one doll. That is a good thing, since my son heads to college in the fall so dolly dollars could be limited :(
    8) The best thing I've learned is that I'm not alone in my love of Sashas/dolls.
    9) Yes, mostly on-line, but there is the hope of getting together to "play" in person.
    10) Lots of dolly plans for the coming year. I am recreating a lot of my daughter's childhood clothes for Maisy, so hopefully lots of sewing and knitting. Also, I would like to build a caravan for her. The caravan plans are from a 1/12th scale dollhouse book. Why a caravan? Two reasons--a love of "The Famous Five" and their caravan adventures and a whole dollhouse in this scale seems like an impossible undertaking due to size and the many rooms that would need outfitting.
    Hope you enjoyed "getting to know me".

    1. Thanks for taking time to answer , it's always interesting to find out more about Sasha friends and how they got the 'bug'!! lol
      How Strange that you should say about a Caravan as just the other week I had a thought about getting Paul to make me a Gypsy style Caravan for the Sasha's Mind you it would have to go on the very long list that I keep adding to!!
      Ah The Famous Five ! Loved those books and still have my copies from my first childhood!! I'm just entering my second!! :)

    2. Hi Julie, I am full of admiration for your restraint! It is quite something to be able to limit yourself to the one Sasha, although she sounds rather special. Can you please give me your blog details? I'd love to see the clothes you are going to make for Maisy! Such a nice idea! It is fascinating to look at the questionnaires! Always interesting to find out how people 'got the bug' as Dee put it. xxx Karin