Friday 1 August 2014



Toby and Zak the 70's Gregor's.

There is something about these brunette Gregor's that is hard to resist. I'm always drawn to any that come up for sale and have to tell myself I don't need another one...

These two are firm friends as well as brothers. Zak on the right being the quiet good one and Toby being the noisy fall into trouble and survive by the skin of the teeth one!!

Toby is the first Gregor I ever bought and the fourth doll.



  1. The brunette Gregors are MY favourite of the lads too and I just love these two in their DDs. (There was even one time in the begiining of my Sasha Doll collecting that someone complained why I only had the brunette boys!!!!!)

    Toby and Zac always remind me of the Windmill story that you once wrote ....(my very favourite along with the Olympic Bike Trials) particularly the ending as they walk innocently away from the broken windsail with Toby saying 'We'll say that we were never near there!'

    Since Judith of Dollydoodles came on the scene with her hoodies, joggers, broad shorts and saggy beanies I have never been able to resist buying these lads just to wear her clothing.

    I can hardly believe that it's now August. Where did this year go? I had planned to do so much after letting last year slip by so quickly with hardly anything done or achieved.
    So wishing all the Sasha Village followers a wonderful warm and sunny month filled to the brim with Sasha play and a very happy birthday to all those with an August birthday.
    (Thanks Dee too for the two exta wonderful Toby and Zac blog post memories with which to start this month off!)

    1. Sorry extra not exta....still not bothering to proof read.....when will I ever learn?

    2. I must confess I have a very soft spot for these two :) and I do so find it hard not to buy more brunette boys!!.
      I love them in DD clothes or wrapped up for play in the Winter!

      I know what you mean about how come it's already August!!! The year seems to be flying by! And I agree about not getting those things done or achieved! Well never mind still another five months left......!!!
      I must say the windmill and Bike trials story's did work quite well .
      Dee xx

  2. I think they are special because there is more variety in eye colour/style than the blue-eyed boys. I really love them, too. But maybe I notice that because they are often more affordable than the blonde lads...stil love the little lad with blue/grey eyes on Shelly's site though...tempting....

    1. Being the most unobservant person I know, I did not even realise that Toby's eyes were that much different to Zak's until I posted these photo's of them!!!! Isn't it strange how some of these dolls will be cheaper because they are not the hair colour preferred!!
      I must go check out this blue/grey eyed lad on Shelly's , not that I am buying at the moment...well not boys.. :)

  3. Awww well a lovely pair I have to say! As you know, Zak has always been a favourite of mine, and his brother Toby is equally as handsome, but I just have this soft spot for Zak...actually I have another spot for him's alongside my other Gregor boys if he ever wants to come and visit us here in Spain! LOL
    Great boys, lovely photos of them, as usual Dee! Happy August everyone!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. I agree these two are close to my sasha/gregor heart :) Zak went very red when I read him what you said , he said thank you but he wants to stay in the Village withhis family but maybe he'll see you at the Chat n Snap ! :)
      Hugs Dee xx

  4. Great choice Dee! Toby and Zak look just wonderful in their outfits! I love the boys too and your pair of brunnette's are very handsome lads!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger , they do look good in the top monthly spot ! :) xxx