Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Came across this photo of Percy looking very nice last summer, so decided to share it. He is a 69 PJ boy with the lovely eyes, he wants to be a jointer and carpenter and help his dad make things for the family.



  1. Just LOVE him and I do hope that perhaps he can get some form of work experience helping Mr Dad with the lighter jobs in the on-going re-construction of the garden......as I'm sure that an extra pair of hands will be needed now that Mrs Mum is back at work.
    Perfect DD clothes colouring for his eyes!

    1. He is a darling I must admit :) Dad likes to let him help now and then and not just sweeping up the wood shaving!!
      I do love these DD clothes on him, they enhance the colour of his eyes!
      D xx

  2. Hi Percy!

    You look as though you enjoy your working with Dad! Nothing like becoming an apprentice to a skilled carpenter and builder to give you a good start in life.

    We are getting a good education in botching and bashing work here, which is a lot of fun because you are allowed to say rude words when a nail goes in at the wrong angle or a piece of wood is cut too short. Our vocabulary is increasing rapidly but we have been warnd that this is a secret language which we must not speak infront of Mam or Mamgu.
    Do you thinK Lucas might like to learn botch, bash and expletives along with us? Dada is a master at it and a very thorough teacher.
    Pete and Elijah (at Bryn Derw)

    1. Hi Pete & Elijah
      I love working with dad! He does worry a little always stand over me if I am using the saw!!
      My Dad does not really do botching but he does do a lot of muttering when she shows Mum something and she says she wants it some other way or wouldn't this work better!!
      In our house it's mum that says the naughty words!! Then Dad says have you finished? and Mum will then say another one!!! while Dad just gives her the LOOK!
      I have been practicing the LOOK for when I have a wife!!
      I think Lucas already knows a lot about botching and Bashing only somethings it's us he tries bashing!!
      I'm sure your Dada is good at other things! My Dad says he's a master in putting up with my Mum!!

  3. What a handsome young man he is! I am sure he will be a great help to his dad around the place....I must get my boys to do a bit of work and earn their keep...it's only the girls that seem to do anything around here!
    Love his outfit too, those DD body warmers are perfect!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. He is a gorgeous boy, not that I tell him, don't want his head getting too big! He does complain when some of the girls at school follow him about!
      Those boys of yours must be up to all sorts of things while you have your attention on the girls! They must be loving all that freedom!
      Judith does make a mean body warmer!!
      Hugs Dee xx

  4. Hi Percy! He is very handsome with amazing blue eyes. So nice that he likes to work with his hands! :) xxx

    1. He does have lovely eyes and a very good work ethic :) xxx