Sunday 14 September 2014


Well to make up for Erik missing his trip to York, we took him along to the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton-le-hole.

The Ryedale museum is full of things from times gone by and lots of building's that have been moved to the site and filled with items that are original to their time.

Here Erik and Paul are checking out the Blacksmith's shop!

looks like hard work, says Erik!

There was a little high street of old shops!!

Erik is fascinated by the cobblers shop full of shoes .

He tells Dad that as a Viking he should be able to taste some of the mead that would be kept in the barrel's that the cooper is making in this shop!

In the post office and Village store, Erik calls out "Shop!" a couple of times, expecting someone to come and serve him, until we explain that it's not a real shop just there to show us what was sold in just such a place years ago!.

In the Chemist he complains that he must need glasses as he cannot read a letter on this old chart!!

Giving up on trying to read the test card, Erik goes over to the counter and asks " Good Morning sir! Can I assist you ? You appear to have hair growing on your face!! I have something that can cure that!!" He then giggles.

Erik takes a break sitting on a bench in the sunshine while we finish looking round the shops.

Fortunately there was no Saddler available to take Erik's order for a new saddle and bridle for Major!

In the carpenters shop Erik studies the details on making a Carpenters hat! Wondering if Dad would like one for Christmas!!

At the undertaker's we are looking at the office and come out to find Erik!

Standing on the side of the hearse asking " Is there a real body in that coffin? " he says hopefully " Can I have a look inside?  Please Mum! "
He is very disappointed to be told No and No!

Up ahead is the late 16th century Manor house.

"What's this for? " asks Erik

"Well they have to have been very big in them olden days to get their legs in there!" Exclaims Erik when told what it's used for.

Inside the manor house Erik's first up the stairs.

"That's a big bed!" Erik's very impressed.

"Look at this little window !"

Erik loved the model village, finally he was bigger than something!!

More of the model Village that used to be on show at RHS Harlow Carr and then was transferred here and repaired and put on display.

"Mum Can we have one?" calls Erik having climbed on the Gypsy Caravan " Please major could pull it! Please !"
Mum uses that age old answer " Ask your Father!"

There is a building housing an large collection of strange and interesting objects collected by two local brothers. This is a tudor mould with the lady on this side and the lord on the other.

Erik looks at what's waiting to be washed in the laundry!

A view of the old houses that you can look inside.

The village of Hutton-le -hole is very pretty and well worth walking around, below are a couple of photo's of the village.

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing Erik's trip round Hutton-le -hole and the Ryedale Folk Museum, believe it or not I only put on a small selection of the photo's , there was so much to see there.



  1. Looks like a really interesting place to visit, I really like the little general store, I love to see packaging from the 'olden days'! Reminds me a little of Open All Hours! Ryedale Folk Museum certainly kept Erik very interested!
    The village of Hutton-le-Hole is ever so pretty, and very green! I like the model village too...perfect size for dolls to wander around, and as you said, for them to finally find something that's actually smaller than them!
    Lovely post again Dee, thank you!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. It was Sharon, so much to see that you would not take it all in on one visit. I to like collecting old tins etc! lol I loved Open all hours and remember shops just like that when I was a child!

      Hugs Dee xx

  2. These two places shown above are 'just up my (and my Sasha Brood's) street!'
    I love seeing how the people lived in this era. Life must have been so much harder then especially by just looking into the kitchens at the lack of cooking and washing facilities. (I can remember just how hard it was for me when my daughter was born and I had to wash and wring all her Terry Towelling nappies by hand for the first year.... as had no washing machine (or even a mangle) and lived in a flat five stories up with no lift.... or a garden to hang them out to dry.)

    Particularly loved seeing inside the village shops (and great to see that some of the named manufacturing companies are still going!) and the miniature village is enchanting.

    Had to double take at the colour of Erik's hair when he was at the village stocks when showing up as brunette, as suddenly wondered if you had taken another Gregor lad with you, but a quick glance downwards to his DD 'posh' shorts soon confirmed that you hadn't!

    Smiled at the use of the old saying 'Ask your father!'

    (Is the growing of Paul's moustache/beard a fairly recent event then (with Erik mentioning it here) as my memory since last October sadly fails me with this detail?)

    Many thanks for another most interesting and enjoyable post.

    1. The place was fascinating Kendal all the building's were just like a person still lived there, an old victorian cottage, a crofter's house and much more, there were potting shed's and an iron age roundhouse and a photographers studio plus a lot more, it would take a few visits to take it all in!.
      Paul's always had the moustache/beard I just used it as a way for Erik to have a joke! The stocks do make Erik's hair appear darker due to the shadow!
      Glad you enjoyed it
      Dee xx

  3. Another great post Dee! What a wonderful village. I love seeing the little shops and Erik looks like he is having a great time too :). The cobbler shop is wonderful. Thank you for another great post :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. It's a great place to visit , so much to see, Erik loved it and wants to go again!! :)xxx