Tuesday 16 September 2014


If you find yourself in North Yorkshire you should visit the town of Helmsley and it's Castle.

This sweet house is for sale and if I win the lottery I would snap it up, it's so lovely and in such a lovely place , I could happy return again and again to this area all year.

Further up the road leading away from the town centre.

Going back towards the town and lovely shops.

Just fell in love with this Steiff Fox Terrier and no the £82 is for the fox sitting beside him!

In the garden sales area of this art shop was this wonderful piece of artwork that I so wanted, two bronze winged sycamore seed pods that rotate in the breeze, there was no price, so I think it was not for sale but what a thing to have in ones garden!!

 Part of the village square.

Well we were parked in the car park near the Castle that was just a short walk to the town square.

Sir Walter could not wait to get inside the castle and see all the sights.

Lindsey asked if Sir Walter should not be here, pointing!
" That is the Moat!" sighed Sir Walter!

Soon an excited Erik and Sir Walter were crossing the moat into the castle ruins.

Erik looks back at the statues of the Warriors guarding the Castle, a Pikeman, a swordsman and an Archer.

"I should have brought my sword " says Erik
" True a warrior or Viking should always have his sword by his side!"
"It's a little late to tell me now!" complains Erik

The only building still with part of a roof.

Erik and Sir Walter look around at the Castle walls drinking in the ancient sight and feeling the power that filled the space.

" Over there is the West Gate " says Sir Walter pointing but Erik is too busy looking all around trying to take it all in.
" I wish I had my sword " he sighs " and Major to ride across the bridge like a Viking of old!"
Sir Walter gives up, he knows that Erik is living in his dreams now and will not listen to a word as he wanders round pretending that he is a Viking warrior walking the Castle grounds!

Sir Walter goes off to view the Castle while Erik goes into the ruined building." Wow!" he exclaims looking up.

"It's so big!"

Erik wanders the building dreaming of knights and honour and Viking long ships

He can see them! Twenty of them riding into the Castle their horses stamping and pawing the ground while the men all call to each other speaking of the journey they have just been on.

And that's where Mum and sir Walter find him, looking out the window a small smile on his face.
" Erik " calls Mum softly
" Mmm"
" Come on, it's time to go" Erik barely hears still lost in his dream " Erik! I saw a really good gift for you and the other boys  in the castle shop "

Mum and Sir Walter wait while Erik slowly turns and sees them, blinking he smiles " Did you say something about a Gift? "

Mum laughs and they all leave , Erik carrying Sir Walter towards the exit and the shop of castle delights for them to look over !!



  1. I think this makes up for Eric missing out on the day to York. shame he didn't have his viking outfit with him, still he clearly enjoyed himself.

    1. It does Dm , he loved the Castle, now if I had been organised and known I was taking Erik on this trip, I would have made him the full viking /medieval outfit and remembered his sword, shield and cloak !

  2. What a delightfully charming village Helmsley is....... and with it's interesting castle.

    Looks like today's visits were right up Erik's and Sir Walter's street although it was rather a pity that Erik hadn't his Viking outfit and sword with him especially as he was about to get a helmet from the castle gift shop..... (I noticed that Sansa had a change of clothing with her!)

    Was a bit concerned as to how he actually got into what looked to be one dangerously high position up on the rocks (when he was looking out to the Warrior statues on the green below.)

    My Brood have a minature version of that Steiff Wire Haired Fox Terrier as their pet.

    Did you and Lindsey buy yourselves a little holiday memento as I know that Paul had his plants?

    1. Helmsley is a lovely village and has some great shops.

      Erik and Sir Walter have done nothing but regale the others with details of their trip round this castle since they got home. Erik and indeed Sir Walter were climbing all over the place it was hard to keep track of them sometime and that spot looking out to the warriors at the gate was very high and somewhat windy!!

      Lindsey treated herself to a couple of things and Paul bought the Sasha village kids one of the helmets and I bought them the other one. I bought myself a tea towel..I know my place..lol :)
      D x

  3. Forgot to mention that I too loved the Sycamore seed sculpture but reckon that I have more than enough Sycamore seeds in my back garden from that huge unwanted tree (but with a preservation order on it!) that was already there.

    1. That's why this sculpture was a much better idea for the garden :)

  4. Another lovely post, thanks Dee! I hope you can realise your dream and buy that sweet little house in Helmsley and then we can all come and visit ;)
    Loved seeing Erik enjoying himself so much at the castle, and his little bear too of course!
    Super photos, keep 'em coming!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. That would be wonderful indeed, yes I could have a Sasha weekend gathering with us all taking photo's in the Castle grounds of our Gregor's re-enacting a battle!! That should stir up the village folk!! lol
      Hugs Dee xxx

  5. PS that Steiff dog was gorgeous....bet he was mega expensive though!

    1. He is Sharon and also available on ebay........ :)

  6. Another wonderful village, what a great post! Erik looks right at home in the castle window. The shop windows and garden art are just wonderful to see. Thank you!! :) xxx

    1. North Yorkshire does have lots of very pretty villages. I love photo's of windows and always think a Sasha or Gregor standing in one makes a good shot :)xx