Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I have to say that arts and crafts flows through this house.My daughter Lindsey, who is doing the painting of me, put this study she did of her hand on FB, so I am going to share it here.

How she managed to keep her hand in position while drawing it with the other is beyond me! I would have moved!!

Well the Chat n Snap is now only 25 days away!!! and exciting things are beginning to happen. A very kind and generous lady has donated a SASHA for the RAFFLE!!!! Yes that's correct. The Sasha is on her way to me now and once she's arrived I will share the details on here at the weekend along with more Chat n Snap info.

The sun is shining and the day is glorious which gives one a feeling that all is right with the world! I love days like this that  lift your spirits and give you a warm glow.These days can come any time of the year, it could be a cold crisp winter day that's bright with the winter light that just sings to you, or a mild spring day with new shoots of plants pushing their way through the earth telling of glorious days to come , a summers day with air cooled by a breeze that ruffles the leaves while you sit and enjoy or like today an autumn day with a bright sky that is still warming the earth and plants that are giving that last flash of colour before they shut up shop for the year and go to sleep to rise again next spring.

I should be doing house work or making some berets to sell at the Chat n Snap but as usual I am putting everything off and enjoying this glorious day. I hope you are all able to enjoy just such a day soon.



  1. Darn it, I just wrote a long comment and it disappeared.
    So I'm going to keep this one short.
    Love the hands sketch, very very good.
    Looking forward to CnS very much.
    I hope this shortened version now posts.
    Hugs Sharon .... too lazy to type it all out again, if I could even remember what I wrote!

    1. That's happened to me so many times, I now copy it before I press the button , then if it disappears I just copy it back in!! Saved me loads of grief!!
      It is
      Me too
      Yes it worked!!
      hugs Dee xx

  2. Most interesting pencil sketches of Lindsey's left hand. I was always much better using this medium than I was of using paints as I always enjoyed doing the shading. Still looking foward to seeing her portrait of you in oils!

    I too just ADORE Autumnal days like today. They are just perfect times for me now that Ican no longer venture out into the hot Summer's sun.
    Unfortunately part of the day had to be spent travelling to and from and at the dentists but treated myself to a little Sasha photographic session at my favourite old photoshoot place on the way back.....although even then the sun was still way too bright so the Sashas/Gregors are covered with light and shade..... but we did all enjoy being outside for an hour before returning home this evening.

    OGosh! Only 25 more days to go then until the CnS. Have the rail tickets and accomodation sorted now just need the good health .....and of course some spending money (which I'm hoping to raise at the table-top sale on Saturday morning.)

    How wonderful to hear that someone has so generously donated a Sasha doll for the raffle! Very many thanks to her kindness and thoughtfulness.

    1. Me too Kendal much better at drawing it than painting! Although I would love to have a go a watercolour, I'm saving that for my retirement!! along with loads of ours crafts etc!!
      Me too, I love the days like today especially when I am not working so can enjoy the day n full.
      Yes 25 DAYS!! so much to do and so little time!!
      Yes a wonderful donation more of which I will tell and show at the weekend.

  3. Well, you have to HAND it to Lindsay she is very talented :)
    Good luck with the CnS...can those not attending join in the fun with the raffle and buy tickets?

    1. Hello R how HANDY that you should arrive now! :) and with a stutter it would appear :)
      Thank you for your good wishes for the Chat n Snap unfortunately the raffle tickets can only be sold at the event but I will make sure Paul takes a record of the winners :)

  4. Computer is playing up...I am not repeating myself...repeating myself...repeating myself :)

    1. A bad workman always blames her tools!! So THEY say! I would never be so hard :))

  5. Lovely sketches by your daughter! It is truly a gift to be able to draw so realistically :). The days here have been perfect too. Great to be alive :) xxx