Monday 15 September 2014


Someone's out in the garden up to no good!!

Lucas! What is he doing? Is that a cone on his head?

"Connor! Connor ! " he calls , he cannot wait to show Connor what he 'found' in one of Mum's bags from her trip!

His arm's tired from holding it up , so he lets go and the visor drops into place!
" What! I can't see anythings!" says a muffled voice! the helmet is too big for him and his eyes are down in the nose!!
" Whaaa!"

He drops off the step into the flower garden, he still cannot see a thing!He moves forward and trips over something and the next he knows....

"Ouch!" he stays still for a moment catching his breath !

Finally he manages to get his head out of the helmet and crawls out of the Geraniums!
"Stupid thing! " he says in disgust

Getting to his feet, he remembers seeing a big packet of biscuits before he was sidetracked by the shiny helmet, he decides to go see what they taste like!! So marches off towards the house.

He leaves the helmet in the patch of geraniums

Oh dear I hope someone finds it before winter arrives and turns it rusty!!

"Is he going to leave that there!" one Gargoyle asks the other
"For Shame! It does look so!"
" Times have changed "
" They have indeed! "
"In our day a young page that left his master's helmet just laying around would feel the bite of their sword!"
" Yea !Do you remember young Sir Bosworth who mislaid Lord De Lacey's sword!"
" I remember the screams to this day!"
The two Gargoyle continue to reminiscence their tales getting bloodier by each telling!! 


  1. Aw! Those sleepy gargoyles don't LOOK as though they have lived throug bloody and scary times. I think they are making it up to try to out-do Mrs Mum in the story telling business. So glad to see them again. I have long wanted to steal one of the gargoyles off York minster to keep as a pet.

    1. Those ancient fellows could tell us a thing or two about what really happened back in those dark times.. :)
      I'll be looking out for that news story!! I'll not tell... :)

  2. I bet those gargoyles have seen a lot in their time ;). Well, Lucas has dropped the helmet, so who will be next??? Loving this story line Dee, can't wait for the next chapter!!! :) xxx

    1. They tell me they have indeed Ginger! :) Well I just hope someone finds it and it does not vanish into the undergrowth!! :)xxx

  3. My heart rate always increases when Lucas appears in a post.
    I usually try to keep my life basically on a calm/even keel/ level but my sister says that having the odd occasional adrenalin rush is much better for here I go...hoping that I survive without too much damage!

    Searching through your there no privacy when he's around? (Guessing that this is the other helmet that you were telling me about that you bought.) It certainly suits him especially when the visor is down and hopefully putting a stop to his 'naughty' activities.

    Noticed though just how quickly he bounces back from his fall with the thought of the biscuits also seen in your bag. (BTW how is the HEALTHY eating diet going?)

    Waiting now with baited breath to see just what adventures befall the discarded helmet.

    1. Imagine what mines like living with the little......darling.. :) And no there is no privacy where that tike is concerned and the biscuits that now appear to have vanished are the ones that I bought for work!! I'll have to go buy some more now!! Unless they turn up!
      I could quite see him tied into a suit of armour unable to move , just stand sentry in the hall watching everyone else come and go....but then he is only a little boy......
      I have had to put the diet on the back burner until I go back to work, as we are out to dinner tomorrow and afternoon tea the day after....cannot be impolite and refuse to eat any delicious desserts or cakes offered, now can I!

      Mm what will become of the Helmet!!

  4. Oh my goodness, the little rascal has been going down your bags! Whatever next!
    Great story Dee, I too am waiting anxiously for the next installment.
    Love the two gargoyles chatting there and reminiscing about 'in days of old'.....
    Keep 'em coming girlie!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. He's a monster!! No he's a typical boy always hungry and helping himself while he's growing!! Can you imagine a BIG Lucas!! Raiding the fridge and eating everything in sight!! Just the sign of a growing lad!!
      Glad you enjoyed this little snippet of a tale.... :)
      Hugs Dee xxx