Saturday 20 September 2014


A friend asked about the joints on the Kidz n Cats dolls, so I said I'd take a few photo's for her.
Then I thought maybe others would like to see them.

This is Catherine or Kate for short. She is a Kidz n Cats Lena. I bought her just before the wedding of Kate and William and she arrived along with Jacob a boy KnC doll, so they became William and Catherine.

Here's Kate in her underwear!

Her elbow joints.

Her knee joints.

Here sitting down.

Because I do not really like seeing the joints on any dolls including my bjd girl Elfine, I tend to dress them in clothes that will cover the joints.

I suddenly realised that Kate is a nine jointed early KnC girl, so when to get one of my newer girl's to show the extra two joints.

This is Lizzie, I cannot remember her KnC name. I did not like this face sculpture for a long time but then I went to look at some of these with my friend Kim, she of the FOURTEEN with TWO to come, KnC dolls and this girl looks a lot nicer in the 'flesh' .

Her extra two joints are in the wrists.

Thank you Lizzie

The poor girl still had her wrapping on under her clothes!! I set about removing it " At last! " she cries " I was worried I was not going to stay!"

I do like these dolls , their shoulders are a little like the AG dolls in that they are quite wide but the ability to pose them makes up for any short comings.
They do not have many different face styles but they do mix and match the hair and eye colours and style which is good.
They also seem to have done away with the boys and there are less face styles available which I think is a shame.

Well I hope you Sasha or death follower's are not too put out by this post on other dolls but normal Sasha time will resume shortly....  :)



  1. Ooo-er! I misread the last sentence. SASHA FOR DEATH????!!!!!! PANIC!
    But no, it ws my fault for reading too quickly, ther bears are not being led in a major uprising by Mr Mossy. Phew.

    I like the Kidz dolls and have .... quite a few, but find all that jointing a little creepy - a hang over from the days when my brother used to put my Mother's childhood dolls in death poses. They were the original ball-jointed dolls with actual balls to help joint them at knees and elbows. Along with the rows of sharp china teeth, the fact that they could have their elbows bent backwards and their knees bent forwards made them terrifying. Mum insisted they were 'beautiful' and should live in my bedroom. Oh, the sleepless nights, long before the coming of horror films about axe wielding dolls......

    So, my Kidz, who have over-long thighs because of the lack of knee caps, are dressed and don't do summer wear, not even shorts for the boys, thank you.
    But Gregors, on the other hand, have very cute, little boy knees and are at their best in summer weight Dollydoodles outfits.

    PLEASE Mrs. Mum, put some clothes on poor Katie. A girl doesn't want to show of her worst physical attributes! Her twin, Judith, is here, shivering on her behalf too, summer is over now.

    1. Oops! No No upraising's going on here! Edward's far too polite, he'd probably write a letter of complaint first signed annoyed of Hertfordshire , before deciding on his next course of action which would likely be the withdrawal of labour!!

      You mum's dolls do not sound very appealing and especially in your bedroom over night!! Little brother's are awful I remember my very youngest sister screaming the house down because my brother had hung her teddy by the neck from the top of the stairs!! The little ***!
      I only had to put up with my eldest sister hanging her cross from the wall light to ward off Dracula , her being a fan of horror films, that was creepy seeing it re flexed on the wall from !!
      I think their over long thighs give them the look of an athlete or a growing child! Yes I must redress poor Kate but she may want a change of clothes as she's been in that for a good few months, poss even a year!!!! Tell Judith I'm off to find her a change of warm clothing ready for the coming Winter which with today's grey and rainy skies is definitely on the way!!

  2. Heehee - could have been worse - many people think strings of garlic are the way to ward of vampires. Now I love the smell of garlic COOKING but did once spend a night in a barn in France - a long story invoving our tent flying away in a major storm and kind farmer allowing us to sleep in his barn, cycling miles at dawn to fetch us fresh pain au chocolat and milking a resistant cow to give us fresh milk to wake up to. He was a garlic supplier for the hotel trade and there were strings and piles of it all over the barn.......People were wrinkling their noses at us five days later as we climbed of the ferry as all our clothes, bags, hair etc. were infused with Eau di Stinky that just wouldn't wash off!

    I'm off to tell my Kidz that Mrs. Mum says they are all natural athletes and must run to town at dawn for pain au chocolat for poor tubby little no-longer-athletic me...... 'Alister - just run the 15 miles to to get me.....What do you mean you are in a wheelchair because you suffer from wobbly elastic disease? Mrs. Mum assures me that you are all...'

    1. I'm sure if she could have found a string of garlic , I would have been looking at the bigger shadow of that along with the cross!! The lamp was a gas lamp in the extremely old house we lived in with my grandmother in south London, there was a witch ,if ever there was one but that's a whole other story!!!
      That Alister should not be complaining , if he is in a wheelchair he'll be there and back in no time! did he not see the paralympic's?? He'd best start training, while he's there he can get some plain ones and post them to me, save me a trip...oh no best not..I have to get back on the watching of the weight on Monday..I'm watching to see if it's planing to leave so I can quite bolt the door after it's goes... :)

    2. Oh, and I just remembered - Lizzie was 'born' Anne.

    3. Thanks J, I have the brain of a sieve!!

  3. Thanks so much for these photos and information Dee, it's great to see the joints and know what they're like. I'm very tempted by these dolls at the moment, after my disasterous couple of weeks with the jointed Gotz girl, I really really did not like her joints and how they were designed but these look much more natural looking. I agree that their shoulders are a little bit like the American Girls, sort of broad, but maybe they are swimmers? Having said that the AG's have grown on me a little, well some of their faces have and I like their legs although I really don't like them without clothes as I don't like cloth bodies....and I also don't like how their legs are joined to their bodies, the gap is too wide. Now if I could hybrid one of their heads to a jointed vinyl body........
    Big hugs and thanks again
    Sharon xxx

    1. You are welcome Sharon, at least Lizzie got to have her paper removed and Kate got a change of outfit! Their shoulder do have a look of the swimmer about them, I told Jenni they were athletic! I must confess I have bought an AG girl, she'll be the only one as I'm not keen on the cloth bodies and chunky look but she was the first one whose face appealed, so I have bought her for my other non Sasha doll collection. How long she'll stay is anyone's guess!!

      Hugs Dee xx

  4. PS Jenni, I had the weirdest dream last night and when I read your comment, more of it came back to included the supernatural, I have to say that I didn't enjoy the dream too much, it was quite scary!!!!

  5. Well, you did better than I used to, when I was 7 or so, Sharon!
    I used to sit up all night watching the dolls watching me, or I'd put them on my ottoman and pile all my books on top so thy couldn't get out.... then sit up all night waiting for dawn so they could be placed back on their seat before Mum woke up and was cross about how I'd ill-treated her dolls! I didn't do much sleeping when we lived at Kentmere Garth and I do wonder if Dad paid the removal men to lose them when we moved, because he was sick of me burning lights all night!

    1. Oh Jenni that's quite's a wonder it didn't put you off dolls forever!
      Well I have a Kidz n Cats girl in the basket at the moment, so watch this space!!!
      Hugs Sharon xx

    2. Why do some mother's insist that it's all ok! and not listen to their children and just remove whatever's frightening them.
      When I was about twelve my mother bought home a little marble statue of a child sitting on a book, I came in from school took one look at it and had the most unsettling feeling and told my mother I did not like it and felt that it was in some way bad! After a week of feeling unsettle by this statue, my mother got rid of it.
      A childish fantasy or me picking up on something about that item...if you knew me you'd know my mother made the right decision.
      Dee xx

  6. Just to say that I'm quietly passing by on this post as not for me!

    My mother's sister had one of those antique double jointed dolls with the porcelain heads and lttle teeth which, unfortunately for me, resided at our home after she emigrated to Vancover Island and which always scared the living daylights out of me (such a shy, timid, extremely thin and easily frightened child....hoping that I'm not hearing you all saying....but look at how she's changed?!?!)

    1. I knew you's pass Kendal :)
      And as for the rest of your comment, I did laugh!!! :)

  7. Thank you Dee for posting about Kidz n Cats dolls. I had wondered about them and what they looked like in their jointed areas. It was very educational for me. :) xxx

    1. You are welcome Ginger, I find it very interesting when people, Like say Sharon ,put on photo's that shows us the dolls in more detail. Helps people to make sure they can live with that style of doll! :)xxx