Tuesday 2 September 2014


Mum's starting to get a little worried! It's beginning to get dark and they have not yet returned from playing in the village with their friends.

Mum decides to give them a few more minutes before sending Dad out with some of the older children to search.

A few more minutes thinks Mum looking at the clock......

Not far from home two little boys are arguing....

"  You know Mum's going to be mad "

" She'll understand she's not a monster !"

A loud sigh " I'm worried about what mum's going to say, if we don't get home soon"

" I think we should call him Major ! or  Shadow ? " says an excited voice " or Champion or..."

"I think we should call him Miracle !"

The other voice snorts " Miracle! What sort of a name is that!"

" It will be a MIRACLE if Mum lets us keep him and does not send us to bed early forever!"

Laughter fills the evening air " Stop worrying ! She'll be fine ..honest she will ...I promise  cross my heart "

for a while alls quiet except for the sound of heavy movement in the long grass " Major!"
"Major ? "
"Yes for his name !"
" I agree we'll call him Major !"

" Come on we'd best hurry "

" OK don't keep on !"



  1. What a lovely lovely horse! Where on earth did the boys find him? And will Mrs Mum let them keep him? I look forward to the next installment!!
    And yes, Major is a great name!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. He does look like a nice strong horse! I'm sure we'll find out where he's come from in the next post :)
      I'm not sure if Mum will let him stay! Where would they keep him?
      Major does suit him
      Hugs Dee xx

  2. Lucky boys! What a find..... or does Major actually belong to somebody who is out searching for him? I hope not,, it would be wonderful if they could keep him. he looks well trained and trustworthy.
    Oh, don't be cross, Mrs. Mum! Pleeease let them keep him!

    1. Mm Well I hope they have not 'borrowed' him !! But I would not put it past Toby to have 'saved' him from some field somewhere!
      I'm not sure there's anywhere to keep such a big strong horse in the village? We'll have to see!!
      Dee xx

  3. Oh wow - what a surprise to find in your garden. Some people think there are fairies at the bottom of the garden think you have ponies in yours!

    1. Indeed! I think there are Fairies, Elves and who knows what at the bottom of the garden I do hope there are not now going to be loads of ponies!!! :)

  4. Major looks like he is related to my daughter's white Battat horse.

    1. That's interesting, I do not know his origin's, he could well be a Battat horse, he is quite big!!

  5. Hope this is not going to be a MAJOR DISASTER!!!!!

    1. :) very good S! Good to see you've not lose your touch!! :)

  6. ............More like MAJOR HARD WORK plus MAJOR FINANCIAL drain on the Sasha buget!
    'US' knows only too well from past experience.... but at least the Sasha Village roses will benifit!

    Looking like another carpentry job then to be added to Paul's never-ending list!

    1. Well done Kendal, have you been chatting to S!! I see you are thinking like an Adult! where as the children are just thinking with their hearts and my poor pocket!!

      I dare not add anything to the DH's list.........................yet.. :)

  7. Dear Dee, Major is wonderful :). I have been out of town this week and sadly behind on my blog comments. So nice to have a beautiful horse for the kids! :) xxx