Thursday 18 September 2014


The last year or it could have been the one before I showed my friend Kim my Kidz n Cats dolls. She had seen my Sasha's and although liked a couple and was always interested in seeing any new one's that had arrived, that was as far as it went.

Kim was also great at finding a few Sasha sized props, giving the twins their spades and the village a couple of cakes and Arabella her dog in the Harrod's bag.

When she saw the Kidz and Cats dolls she really liked them and said that the girl reminded her of her Granddaughter Lillie, so she bought one and then another one to represent her grandson Tyler.

Last night Paul and I went to dinner with Kim and her lovely husband Tom and I took a few photo's of her Kidz, I thought I would share them with you.........oh and by the way she only as five grandchildren.......

YES more than Five! I count fourteen plus a Maru doll! They all sit on her window and I love how she's posed them.

The boy on the bench was a girl that she picked up cheaply and had his hair cut so that she became he and now looks just like her grandson Morgunn. Her hairdresser was worried about cutting it, so took it into the barbers next door where a couple of young lads gave him his trim and enjoyed doing it!

The girl in the school uniform is Lillie!

Tom who was like most husbands in the beginning wondering when she'd stop!! Made her the picnic table when she was looking for things for them to sit on.

The kid with the teeth is an Evita and we were both unsure when we saw her photo but she is much nicer in the dolly flesh. I love Alister and his outfit.

I love they way she's posed these dolls, the girl with her foot up on the bench, one with her hand round her glass and her friend holding her shoulder.The friend is a Maru doll, the only non Kidz and Cats doll.

The little one in the denim looks quite shy!

Chatting and catching up while drinking their squash !

Another view of the attentive Alister!

The place looks so buzzing, you can just imagine the sound of young voices talking and laughing.

Love the wheelbarrow and the wellies which are actually soaps!

A closer look at the Maru girl who I think is very pretty and it would appear that Tom's buying her the red haired Maru doll Savannah for Christmas.....slip...slip...

Kim also mentioned that there were JUST two others coming and then that would be it.....well unless she sees a Galina..or a Mike....or...... :)

The lovely Kim and Tom had a gift for me....

my very own picnic table with Parasol! I'm going to give it a coat of stain and once dry set up some of my Kidz n Cats dolls on it .I'm sure the Sasha's will make good use of it too!
I was also asked if I wanted any of their off cuts of fake grass!! Did I! Of course ! So I now have a fair bit of this grass which will be very useful for my display at the Chat n Snap....hope that's not given Kendal a clue!!
and also for the indoor photo shoots that I do.

Well was it me? Did I set Kim on this slippery slope? Or was it the collector in her than saw these dolls and was captivated and just had to add another and then another......

I hope you enjoyed seeing these non Sasha's, I do not know abut you but I love most Dolls and find it very hard not to slip down many doll slopes but do on occasion by the odd doll just because it's nice to have at least one.........where have I heard that before??? :)



  1. Great photos Dee! Your friend has displayed her collection very creatively! They are very well dressed too. It is easy to collect other dolls and I have other dolls too most of which belonged to my Mom. I think it wonderful to collect dolls and they bring interest and happiness to our lives not to mention the great people you get to meet! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, Kim display is great they look so natural.I agree about doll collecting and especially nice if you have some that have been handed down.Most doll collectors are lovely people and it's a great way to meet and make friends with people:)xx

  2. What a truly FANTASTIC and most interesting dollie display. Although basically only a 'Sasha Doll' fanatic I can't stop looking at all these wonderful poses of these 14 Kidz (plus of course the Maru girl.)

    I have to admit that their 'double-jointed limbs' certainly allow for some fabulous real-life posing (which unfortunately we can't do with our Sashas) but personally I'd rather these were always covered by their clothing, like here, so out of sight than on show.

    Loving your pincic table present. Lucky you!
    (Now trying desperately to pick up on the 'dropped' clue for the 2014 Chat n' Snap display. (Thinking it might be some outdoor activity setting?)

    My verdict (rather wanted to go into law and eventually become a judge!) as to who was guilty for Kim's large Kidz n' Cats doll collection...... is a 50/50 guilty verdict to you BOTH.

    1. They are Fantastic and so interesting in how Kim's placed them, making them look so real!
      It's a shame that Sasha's are not so flexible! What I could do with them... Lol
      My friend kim does not like to see their joints so always clothes them in long sleeves and tights etc.
      I am very lucky with my picnic table. you are warm...
      I'm pleading innocent your honour!!:)

  3. They are lovely dolls and I have a few (Mum has more!). My favourite is my little Freya. I always gravitate back to the Sashas for stories and dressing in the end, though.
    No, no blame can be attached to you ....... if I could pile the blame onto you, I'd have lots of No Navels and say it was all your fault but, so far, I only have none at all! So it can't possibly be your fault if your couple of Kidz have produced a rash elsewhere can it?!
    Love that table - hope the weather lastslong enough for the Village residents to enjoy it.

    1. They are lovely but I play with the Sasha's but love the poses you can put these in! and have included them in a few posts and no doubt will again.
      Glad to see that your on my side!:)
      I'm looking forward to using that table and it will be great to have somewhere for some of my KnC's to sit!:)

  4. What a gorgeous display of KnCs, really great! I love the two on the bench, they look so realistic, I didn't realise that they could bend their legs like that! I am often looking at these dolls and am sorely tempted by them, particularly one of the boys....but then I'm hopeless with boys, they get neglected to be honest, but the KnC outfits are so cute and realistic looking.
    I love your picnic bench, what a great gift from your friends! I look forward to seeing it in use with your dolls. How many KnC dolls do you have Dee?
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. It is! My friend Kim's very good! Yes they are quite flexible which is one of the reason's I love them.There are not as many boys available as there used to be.The outfits available for them are very up to date and nice.
      I'm over the moon with my picnic table. I have six KnC dolls
      Hugs Dee xx