Tuesday 16 September 2014


On Sansa's day out we went to Beningbrough Hall a National trust property and then on to Kirkham Priory,
Beningbrough Hall has a gallery with beautiful portraits spanning the centuries.

They also have lovely gardens and a very nice tea room !

Sansa and Mossy resting on a bench after spending hours while we all looked at the art work and house!

After a lovely lunch we moved on to Kirkham Priory an English Heritage property.

The entrance to the priory ruins.

The Priory was a very large place.

If you look really carefully you can see a certain little bear in this photo!!

Mossy is blending into this ancient walls! Could it be to do with his ancient Emerald !

There were lots of windows to look from!

And Sansa wanted to look out of all of them!!

while Mossy was fascinated by all the small holes about the ancient walls! He said that he could feel the Emerald warming and vibrating the more he moved amongst the stones!!

" Mrs Mum ! Mrs Mum!"

"Yes Mossy!"
" Do you think a bear could have lived in this Cave? "
" It's not a cave Mossy , it's just a hole maybe for them to put things in"
Mrs Mum goes off snapping photo's while Mossy watches " Well I think a Seer Bear lived here! I can feel it in my Emerald!" he whispers and shivers when he feels a shadow walk across his soul......

Mossy decides to keep close to Sansa, not liking shadows!!

Suddenly something knocks Mossy off his feet " Oh Help! Save me!" he calls to Sansa " I'm being attacked!"
Sansa laughs " It's just the wind ! "
She helps Mossy up.

But Mossy knows if was not the wind, so he hurries down and shelters by Sansa's feet.

Sansa smiles at Mossy's silly fears! There's no one here but the people looking round the Priory!

Mossy's not happy when Mrs Mum makes him sit on part of an old column and gets Sansa to stand on the next one!

Mossy looks down at the stone just in case he sees that shadow coming to get him again!!

Sansa is loving standing on the column.

Sansa's really enjoyed going round the Priory, Mossy could not wait to leave insisting on watching out the back of the car window to make sure no one was following him!!!The further we moved away from the priory the happier Mossy became until he was his usual bossy self asking for THREE honey sandwiches for tea due to all the walking he'd been made to do!!


I love this photo of Sansa and Mossy. The green  dress looks so good on Sansa and I think the colours in the surrounding stonework with the green of the dress work so well together.
The Batik dress is from a range of these beautiful fabric's that my sister Michelle's been working with
this summer and selling under her ebay tag of snuzz1mich62.
For some reason the I have noticed that Green dresses do not sell as well as other which is great as it meant I snapped this one up without any competition!!



  1. Gorgeous backgrounds for a gorgeous girl. I enjoyed searching for and seeing Mr. Mossy. I have missed not seeing him as frequently this year. Looks like you had a lovely holiday.

    1. Thanks Julie, those backgrounds looked just perfect for Sansa! and of course Mossy, who no doubt will soon be appearing due to all that will be happening in the village over the next few months!!
      We did have a great time :)

  2. Whilst loving Beningborough Hall and its beautiful walled gardens it is Kirkham Priory that tops my list today as I just adore Yorkshire's old abbeys, monastries and priories and learning about the self-sufficent life these religious orders led there.

    Photographing our Sasha Dolls amongst these 12th, 13th and 14th century ruins is always such a delight as the old stones form a wonderful background display. Smiled too at how well Mr Mossy blended in. If it wasn't for his emerald jewel it would have been hard to have spotted him especially in one of the photos.

    Sansa's fresh looking green batik dress looks really beautiful against the warm beiges and greys of the old stones and tones well with Mossy's ribbon and precious jewel.

    Wishing that I could have some old stone built walls instead of my wooden fencing and concrete posts to display my planting up against.

    Thanks for another great holiday post!

    1. Sansa's certainly looked good against those beautiful old stones and what a great idea! I wonder if Paul will agree to building an old stone wall somewhere in the garden for photo opps for the Sasha's!! Mossy was almost invisible at times!!
      Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. What a wonderful day out for Sansa, Mrs. Mum and Dad. I have a great deal of sympathy for our special bear friend though - but for the bow, green eyes and prized emerald, he would blend into the walls and might never have been noticed again. As for the Shadows, bears know all about them! They are real, whatever Mrs. Mum and Sansa believe. Growley Bear spent at least a dozen years protecting me from Yorkshire Shadows before I grew big enough to defend myself and he could retire to the life of an ordinary bear.
    The scariest Yorkshire Shadows live in Whitby Abbey, and have connections with Doctor Frankenstein and badly behaved Viking raiders..... bearhaps a braver bear should be the one to take on that trip, should Mrs. Mum decide on going there, a bear who knows about Vikings perhaps?

    1. It was a lovely day out thanks Jenni.
      That Mr Mossy is always seeing shadow's! I think he is turning into a scaredy bear!!
      Luckily he did not go to Whitby, we did but it was not his day, he stayed home with Sansa's and did puzzles and crosswords, well Sansa did the crossword while Mossy gave her impossible answers to the clues!!
      !Like "What's black and white and helps you cross the road? "
      Mossy " Edward " !! Silly bear!!


  4. Your blogs are great! Really enjoying all of the photos. Looking at Sansa just now I had been thinking of how nice her green dress looked. All of the colours work so well together. Gardens look really nice. Thanks for posting all of the photos...Carol

    1. Thanks Carol
      Sansa does look good in the dress amongst the stonework out in the open.


  5. What a lovely day out WE had.....I say 'we' because the photos are so lovely that I felt I was there with you all! I love the dress on Sansa, you're right, green really does suit her and works so well with her surroundings.
    It was lovely to see little Mr Mossy there too, but I know what he means about the 'shadows' in these places, they really are all around amongst the ancient stone ruins and come back to haunt us when we're least expecting them too....I hope you did give him all the sandwiches that he wanted after his little 'scare'! LOL

    1. I'm glad WE enjoyed ourselves!! lol Sansa is looking good in that dress!
      Not another person spooked by shadows... :) My goodness I must make sure Mossy never sits down with you and Jenni, we'd be needing a doctor to calm you all down!!
      Mossy got through two loaves of granary bread and a pound of butter and two large jars of best Yorkshire Honey while away!! :)

  6. Dee, I love this post and seeing the priory ruins and grounds. What a wonderful place! I did not see Mr. Mossy in that photo until you pointed it out! He sure does blend in with the surroundings. Sansa looks beautiful in her very pretty green dress. Her hair is just so thick and pretty! Thank you for another great post :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I nearly missed Mossy in that photo when I first looked at it, he goes so well with ancient stones..must be his history!!
      Sansa's hair is very think and beautiful which is why I had to put it in ponytails, to stop it from blowing all over! :)xxx