Wednesday, 17 September 2014


We visited the National Trust property of Nunnington Hall and Gardens.

 The courtyard entrance.

There was a wire horse standing in the courtyard entrance.You can see their plants for sale over at the back...and yes Paul did purchase a couple...

 The Attic rooms house a collection of miniatures. This collection was gathered by Mrs Carlisle over forty years. She started just buying miniature antiques and then decided to create room settings and commission artist of the day to make items she needed to make the rooms true to that period.

The next photo's are of these beautiful detailed settings for those of us who love all things great and small!!

Not prefect photo's but I hope you can see some of the detail in these rooms
The William and Mary Parlour

Queen Anne Drawing Room

Georgian Bedroom

Carpenters shop

The Night Nursery

The nursery

Living room 1951

A view of part of the attic room , showing the stands for children to use so that they can look into the rooms.
What was needed was some bar style stools for us adults to sit and spend a few hours looking at everything!

I did not photograph everything there was to see but a great place to while away a few hours if you love miniatures.

Another view of the Hall.

We discovered Peter Rabbit in the Kitchen garden!!


Well it was time to have a last look about before we packed up to go home

Sansa and Erik had a walk round the village.

They checked on dad's plants to make sure they were not in need of a drink.

Sansa decided to go back and finish her packing while Erik said he'd just pop across the road and be back in a moment.

He asked Mum to go with him and had her take a photo of him leaving the local pub!
" I 'll tell Robin and Valentine that I have been having a pint!! " He laughed 

" I don't think they'll believe you Erik" says Mum
But he insists on a few photo's !

Soon the day's dawned and the car is packed but Erik and the bears are missing!
Everyone searches the house and then mum checks the garden

She can hear voices as she climbs the steps towards the wood store
" It will be fine! " Erik's saying " We'll stay a few more days then get a train home "
" But Where will we sleep " asks Mossy's worried voice.
"Here in this wood store, we'll be very cosy for a few days !"

"WHAT! " cries Mossy in horror " It's full of creepy crawlies " He shudders and starts to climb down the logs intending to go and get in the car with the others " I hope they have not left without us!" he cries
" You're a bear! " says Erik " You're supposed to sleep in the wood and eat insects and creepy crawlies"

Mossy looks stunned and pauses before remembering Edward and think's what he'd say to that statement " "Well young man I may be a bear but I am a bear with standards and sleeping in a wood pile is not one of them!"
He carries on climbing down.

" No one will be sleeping in a wood pile " says Mum's voice
Erik and Mossy look down feeling guilty while Sir Walter looks pleased to see Mrs Mum , thankful she's saved his old bones from a very uncomfortable few nights!
" Come along " says Mum " No one ever wants their holiday to end but end it must. " then seeing their crestfallen faces she says gently " Think of what other places and adventures await "
Mossy asks " Can you carry me please? I'm feeling quite faint!" Mrs Mum picks him up and walks away Erik following slowly behind until Sir Walter says " I must remember to tell Edward about that kitchen in that big house we visited , he'll be so interested and wished he'd been here "
Erik brightens up " Yes and I have to show Robin and the others our new helmets " he starts running " Come on Sir Walter !! Stop dawdling !! we need to get home!" Sir Walter smiles and picks up his pace but knights do not run accept into Battle!



  1. I certainly don't want you all to go home as I shall miss sharing this holiday with you each day so am going to linger whilst taking in today's treats.

    Love all those minatures in those room settings. Pity that they are too big for our Sasha Dolls but might they be ok for the Bramber Bears?

    Fabulous wire horse in the front courtyard. Now that definitely looks like a 'Kendal-must-have!'

    (Just noticed that Erik had brought along a change of clothing..... just in case!)

    Many thanks to everyone for sharing this wonderful holiday with me and my Brood. Have thoroughly enjoyed being out in the fresh air, visiting the North Yorkshire towns, villages, castles, sea fronts, harbours and priories in this beautifully green rural country side.

    1. Those miniature rooms were so wonderful, could have stayed there all day! I think only tiny Hugo would have fitted well !
      That horse was rather splendid Kendal and so beautifully made.
      Yes Erik did have a change of clothes with him but the weather was so warm he waited until the last day to change out of his shorts!
      Glad you enjoyed it Kendal, was not sure people would be bored with looking all these holiday photo's ! there is nothing more boring that someone else's never ending holiday snaps!!
      Dee xx

  2. Oh dear, it's always sad when a great holiday comes to an end but yes, they have lots to tell the others and there'll be more adventures in the future I'm sure!
    I loved all the miniatures Dee, especially the night nursery, that Noah's Ark is to die for! I have a small Noahs ark in my dollshouse, but nothing like that one. Such treasures, I'd have been there all day and then dragged out at closing time, kicking and screaming! ;)
    Glad you had such a great holiday, it's been lovely sharing it with you and seeing your photos!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Those miniatures, oh to have the time to look at them more closely! Shame that place is not just down the road, I could pop in a few times and have a closer longer look!
      Thanks Sharon, was worried that seeing someone's holiday snaps can get very boring but then Sansa, Erik and the bears do add a little extra!!
      hugs Dee xx

  3. I love the miniatures Dee! How amazing each room is with such incredible detail. I especially enjoyed the music room and the staircase. I am glad you had such a great holiday. Thank you for sharing the photos! :) xxx

    1. There are wonderful, I wish I could have taken better photo's showing more detail but at least got some of it.I loved that staircase too! plus the nurseries.
      Thanks for joining me on my trip round Yorkshire, glad you enjoyed it :)xxx