Tuesday 16 September 2014


We visited Whitby on a beautiful warm day and parked on the cliff top and walked down into the town.

On the opposite cliff top is Whitby Abbey the inspiration for the story of Dracula!

One of the cobbled streets in Whitby.

No it was not empty!!

This street leads to the 300 plus steps that will take you up to the Abbey!!

Lots of lovely art work and Jet Jewellery was for sale in these shops, I saw at least three watercolours I would have loved to buy!.

A view of the harbour.

Two of the boats giving rides for £2.50 or £3.00 for twenty minutes.



  1. Whitby looks to be an alive and bustling little fishing town. Were there any fish stalls down by the harbour to buy fresh lobsters, crabs or prawns?

    Loved the view of it's abbey from the cliff tops but know for sure that with the three hundred plus steps it would have been way out of my reach for a visit...... but would definitely have been tempted with a ride in the sailing vessel with the tall masts.

    Sorry to hear that you weren't able to buy one of the watercolours that you liked.

    1. Whitby is a great place to visit always bustling with tourists. I did not see any fish stalls but lots of lobster pots and nets.
      The church is altering the view of the abbey which is a magnificent sight and must have looked so imposing when first built!.
      I'm sure I'll visit again sometime and this time take some extra funds for watercolour purchases!

  2. Oh, yes! Dracula - thanks to Ms Shelly, not Dr. Frank's monster - I got 'em muddled up!

    Isn't it a wonderful place, in spite of the steps? My Uncle had a lady-love in Whitby and went to visit her on being de-mobbed after WW2. She had gone away for a few days when he got there and he was so disappointed that he climbed to the top of the steps with a full bottle of scotch. he woke up next morning right at the bottom, with avague memory of lying down at the top, hundreds of bruises, a sprained wrist and several broken ribs. He was never quite sure if he got to the bottom as the result of a push, a trip or just gently rolling all the way down. His father was a master clogger and was so cross with him that he hurled clogs down the street at him when he arrived home. Think his days under fire in the North African dessert must have felt quite tame, next to his home coming!

    1. Jenni, your poor Uncle! Probably just as well he was drunk or that would have been a very rough ride down those stairs!!
      And then to have dad throw clogs at him! I hope he picked them up and sold them so he could get a warm bed to rest in from his accident!

  3. I've never been to Whitby, it looks very nice indeed. Did you not buy any of the watercolours then? I like the photos of the harbour and the fishing boats, as well as those giving rides....lovely!
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. Whitby is a place you should visit if you are able.
      No I did not buy any of the watercolours, one I loved , Lindsey my artist daughter pointed out that the shadows were all wrong! So went off that one and the other two I could not decide between! and knowing a Sasha was awaiting my finds, I came away...there is always another time.... :)
      hugs Dee xx

  4. Well, I have to visit Whitby! What a charming town and such inviting shops. I love the cliff view and would take the 300 steps to the Abbey! What a beautiful harbor. :) xxx

    1. You must Ginger, That abbey is well worth the 300 steps and the feeling of standing on that cliff top in those ruins with the wind tugging at you...wonderful.. :)xxx