Friday 5 September 2014


Well there is much excitement in the village as Erik and Sansa are off on their holiday. The house/ animal sitter has arrived, so they are packed and ready to leave.

Valentine decided that his legs and arms were too wobbly to go and then Erik stepped in when he realised that we would be visiting York! or as Erik insists it's called  Jorvik when the VIKINGS lived there!
So Erik and Sir Walter have joined the party North !

See you soon, we'll send a postcard!



  1. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday in and around York.It's a beautiful historic city and with superb rural surroundings.
    I particularly enjoyed visiting York Minster, the Shambles, the Viking Centre and the old Abbey and Monastry ruins, like Fountains and Rievaulx.
    A perfect place for Eric and Sir Walter to visit.

  2. Safe journey! Have a wonderful time..remember we want loads of photos!

  3. Have fun! YORK. Scene of my first home as a young adult.... memories! Lots of photos of the whole trip, please. J xxx

  4. Have a wonderful holiday Dee!!! :) xxx

  5. Have a lovey time Dee and Paul, see you soon xxx
    Love both their coats xxx