Sunday 16 November 2014


Zak finds his brother Toby in the kitchen and he appears to be listening to the tumble dryer.
" What are you doing? " Zak asks

"Sh!  I'm listening to his terrible noise  !" says Toby his voice full of excitement

"WHAT! " ask a worried Zak " Is someone in there! "

"Yes!" says Toby grinning with glee " I heard Mum tell Dad that she thinks the tumble dryer is............" he pauses for dramatic effect " up the GHOST!"

" Listen to that racket " says Toby gleefully " He's putting up a good fight by the sounds of it!..........Where you going Zak ?  You'll miss him !"

" Good !" mutters a frightened Zakery hurrying away as quick as possible without running!

Toby turns back to carry on listening to the 'ghost' !

NB: for those unaware of the expression 'Giving up the ghost ' it is usually said when something is about to break down or stop working.


But the only 'ghost ' who arrived was Hamish who just had to see what was happening in 'his' kitchen!



  1. Love this :)
    Relief to know it is Hamish who has his nose to the camera...I thought it was YOU there for a minute Dee :)

    1. Cheek! My beards not grown that far yet!! :) but his nose is sweeter looking! :)

    2. Giggle!! I love you...beard and all :)
      Please give Hamish and gang a hug from Auntie Icy!!

    3. :) Will give Hamish and gang a hug from the Icy Queen :)

  2. Poor Zachery - he won't sleep tonight!

    1. He sleeps the sleep of the innocent ! He's out as soon as his head hits the pillow!! just like his Dad! unluck his Mum whose mind thinks it's time to unwind by running thoughts through!! :)

  3. Totally amusing..... and 'Snap!'
    Guessing that my over 25 year old one won't be far behind yours in 'giving up the ghost' or as in another saying 'it's on the blink' ....BUT luckily for me (as can do without that expense at this time of the year) I have an 'only three months old near minty one' sitting patiently waiting besides it in the garage that I bought off one of my brothers as it wouldn't fit into his new apartment as well as the washer, so he had to go out and buy a joint washer/tumble dryer instead.

    I'm another of these 'out like a light' sleepers when I first go to bed. The problem then occurs when I awake a couple of hours later from this DEEP sleep which so often then requires a trip to the kitchen for hot drink, a biscuit or two and a light read before I can settle back again.

    Thanks for this post. Always love Toby and Zac interacting together.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! The tumble dryer seems to have decided to stop making the terrible noise but it could just be a small reprieve! It would be nice if it could last till next spring to save any more expense this side of Christmas! Lucky you to have one ready and waiting!

      You sound just like a little tot, Kendal, whose got into the habit of waking up and needing a nice drink and 'play' before going back down for round two!! I wonder if you were like this when you were a baby! Did your mother never say? :)
      Toby and Zak have been somewhat missing lately!

  4. Ooooh no, now is NOT the best time for the tumble dryer to stop working, not just the expensive of Christmas, but the wedding AND the bad weather where drying washing outside just isn't an option. I hope it lasts a few months more Dee !!!
    I loved seeing the two boys in the story, I love Zac! And Hamishes nose, how cute is that!! LOVE it!
    Hig hugs Sharon xxx

    1. No it's not! So it seems to have quieten down so we are pretending it's fine! :)
      These two are always up to something! :) Hamish is very nosy!! :)
      hugs Dee xxx