Friday 7 November 2014


Well we are getting on with changing into the winter wear here at the village!

Next up are my three blonde no navel girls.

I do love Sarah of Vintage Sasha's dungarees. I have been collecting them over the last few years. Some are favourites like the rich yellow cords that Ashley in the middle is wearing, just love that colour.
Sansa's is wearing a pair in denim with a lovely red spotted top, Agnes is in petrol blue.

Now Sansa's found a jacket to keep her warm in a beautiful Berry red.

No Ashley's found one of the earliest coats I bought in this pale yellow. But Agnes is wondering if there's one for her?

Yes she's in luck another early purchase of a beautiful blue, to go with her petrol blue dungarees.

The girl's chat about their coats and where they could go to show them off!

another shot of them ready for the cold.

So you are off out?  and you'll be taking some of the others? you'll see me later ? Okay but be home before dark!



  1. Replies
    1. YES I am working on getting my boy TRENDON :)

  2. Just loving this Village Trend for your No-navel girls. Is there enough coats and dungarees though for the brunette No-navel girls? I do hope so!

    PS.You (and I) know what a BIND I can sometimes be BUT......IF you have the time I'd love to see Sansa and Ashley swap coats and pose for a quick photo for me!

    1. Yes there are enough coats and even a couple more!! much to my surprise, may mean I need more No Navels to fill them, eh Ronny?
      I will change them and add photo when I get the chance

  3. PPS. Girls, you could always come over to me to show off your Winter clothing gear! We'd love to see you!

    1. That's a nice Idea, once the wedding over I will see what I can do :)

    2. Look forward to it then......... plus you can see my smart new garden fencing!

  4. These outfits do like nice on the blonds, I particularly like the yellow, it's all buttery and creamy like Clotted Cream .... yum !!!
    I look forward to seeing the next girls and what they will be wearing!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love the yellow set, Sarah made it for me despite not liking the colour herself, she thinks it's wishy washy, I just LOVE it, it's one of my most favourite of the sets I have.
      hugs Dee xxx