Wednesday 19 November 2014


No it's not poor Ashlyn who is still in possession of her head but not for much longer but a Sasha baby .

I took this baby who had very bad falling hair head off a few months back and she's been sitting waiting for something to happen all that time. Then earlier this week I was looking for my knitting needles and wool, when I found the heads I had taken away on holiday with me intending to do some re rooting .

Seeing the baby's head I decided I'd see how hard it was to push the needle was hard ! I needed to do it with the pliers ! anyway once I had started I did a few more and then a few more, so have now decided to continue with this baby before removing Ashlyn's head next week and starting on her.

Here is a photo of what's been done so far. I chose red for her.

the baby is in lovely condition with a sweet face and it's my intention to sell her when she's finished.

You can see by her hair line she's got one of those lines that come right out on one side. Now should I have Paul make some holes to even it up or leave?  At the moment I am going to continue rooting and decide what course to take when all the hair is in and I can see what the overall finish looks like.Also should I try to do her with a centre parting?
All  these decisions do get in the way of getting it done, mind you there are lots of other things I need to be doing like icing 100 gingerbread men and collecting my new coat from the town.Oh well it will all get done in the end!



  1. Dee, she is just precious!!! I love the red hair and I agree with you that it may be best to wait on whether she will need additional rooting holes. I look forward to seeing her, well done! :) xxx

    p.s. 100 gingerbread men with icing sounds delightful! :)

    1. Thanks Ginger, she does have a sweet face and I think the red will look good on her :)
      The gingerbread are for the table favours at the wedding!!:) xxx

  2. We are all ROOTING for you that you get her done quickly...:) Loving the hair colour...

    1. Thanks Ronny, It would be lovely to get her finished quick and hopefully the colour will look good once it's all done! :)

  3. I have to admire and 'take my hat off' to you for tackling such a project as this with THE big wedding quickly looming up...... though guess that you'll be telling me next that it is stress relieving!
    (Hate to tell you but I've heard that whilst the top of the head is easy to reroot it becomes progressively harder as you near the neck and have to bend and angle the needle somewhat....guessing that it's best to be forewarned.)

    Wouldn't have expected any other choice of hair colour knowing your love of the 'reds!'

    PS. Personally I'd not attempt a centre part as such with the facial hair lines being unequal at the moment.... but perhaps you might like to add a sidepart if you decide not to add any extra holes to the other side.

  4. It is quite relaxing but hard on the hands! and I have not even gone near the sides and back yet! I did consider a side part but I'll wait until most of the re-rooting's done then decide! :)

  5. What a sweet little face she has Dee, and a great choice of hair colour for her. I look forward to seeing her finished, she'll look delightful I'm sure!
    Now go and get that coat for the wedding or you'll end up having to wear a jumper over your lovely frock and ruining the whole effect! :)
    Bighugs Sharon xxx

    1. She does have a sweet look to her. Hopefully she'll not take too long to root as poor Ashlyn says she would like to get back to her Mam before Christmas!!
      I now have TWO coats and think I know which one I'll keep , just means another trip to shops to return the other one!! hugs Dee xxx