Sunday 2 November 2014


Well how I managed to actually get anything with the throng of people gathered round all the stalls is truly amazing!.
I wish I could have gone round again on Sunday because I missed loads due to dashing about meeting and greeting and also chatting!!

But of course I am a collector of Sasha's so I did managed to gather a few things... :)

First up we have Callie wearing a Gill Nash knitted sweater bobble dress in beautiful shades of green.
I also bought a sweater from Gill but that's a present so cannot show it here.
The bag is one Michelle was selling on behalf of my sister Susan, who you can find on Etsy under LeMayed for you, it came in three styles and is the prefect size.

Another view of the bag.

I collected a couple of pre ordered item at the CnS, some being Batik dresses by Michelle, I had bought one Pumpkin dress but when I saw the other one on her stall I just had to buy that too! These dresses are just so beautiful.

Martha my no navel girl's teamed hers with a pair of red Lisa Hartley boots, Lisa was there with a big box of these boots but I never got a chance to go back and search through! drat! I am sure I would have found some more colours I just had to have!!

Ashley teamed hers with a Hattie beret and Lisa boots.

Next is Ginny in a Vintage Sasha dungaree set. By the time I got to Sarah sales table the locusts had been and gone!! lol so there was not a lot left but there was this dungaree set and I just love purple and the beautiful print of this blouse, so that was my purchase.

The wonderful Chris T who donated the Gotz girl to the raffle , very kindly gave me a gift of this little bear!
he's quite a happy looking chap, so I am calling him Whitby a place that is just up the road from where Chris lives.
Many thanks Chris for this addition to the bear family in the village.

Next is two items of knitwear by Diane Dukes with cords by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha.( shop on Etsy)
I had arranged to collect four pairs of cords off Ginny at the CnS and was thrilled by the colours.

This sweater by Diane is so soft and just beautiful. It looks lovely on Paige with the mid green green cords.

This vibrant multi coloured jacket looks great with the winter white cord from Ginny.

Now we have Percy on the left wearing a Dolly Doodle jogging set in navy and red. On the right is Valentine in a Jane Woodbridge multi green sweater and Ginny dark green cords, the model is wearing his own hat!!

Sapphire is wearing these gorgeous bright set by A passion for Sasha. The minute I spotted this on her sales table , I made a bee line for it ! The vibrant colours and pattern are right up my street and I even had a pair of Jean Jensen shoes that are the perfect match.

I also managed to nab these two gorgeous baby boy outfits by Judith of Dolly Doodles, just love the colour blue and these set are so sweet. Wish I could have snapped up more!
The little dog came from Michelle's table again sold by Susan the dog's paws have magnets in them so they can cling to your Sasha's and not fall.

Next we have Sansa showing a dress I pre ordered from Michelle along with things I bought on the day.

Fur topped boots by Gayle, who was selling some lovely boots and shoes.

and some Mitten with matching hat by Gill.

Here is Lucas wearing a pair of trouser by Michelle who sells as snuzz1mich62 on ebay and her trousers can be order from my sales page.The little baby is also wearing some purple trousers with spots by Michelle.
Lucas the little monkey is holding a monkey puppet by Dollmum that is supposed to be for Christmas! These are beautifully made and prefect for the Sasha's and Gregors.
Baby is wearing some mice slippers by Rosie laird whose Etsy shop is Sashacraftcottage I believe.

Here are some more goodies, a bear from Susan, another puppet , this time Rudolf, a bag from Gayle and foxy slipper's from Rosie via Ginny's table.
The sweet little coffee cup is a gift from the Lovely Carol who travelled all the way from Canada to join in the fun!.

Michelle also makes the doggy sweaters and others.The Monkey is so well made I will need to get some more of these puppets!.

Well I was so delighted to receive some gifts from friend's who attended, totally unexpected but very much appreciated .

Thank you to Catherine F, for this little bag of goodies.

Thank you to Sarah Price for the name! I have always wanted something like this but so vain to buy it yourself!! lol, so now I have an excuse!! And a lovely teddy from the lovely Plum and Cathy, a big Thank you.
Again the coffee cup from Carol, many thanks :).

Kendal gave me this beautiful oatmeal and turquoise baby set by Judith that I had been admiring, it's teamed with a little rabbit I bought from Michelle re Susan.

I was also given several boxes of sweets and chocolate that unfunately I did not remember to take a photo of and of course the family have enjoyed them already.
But a Big Thank you to Theresa, Lisa, Sharon and Catherine they were delicious... :)

I must just mention this little table that I bought from Jane Woodbridge as she was packing away! Not having had a lot of time to see everything on offer, I was just passing when I spotted this which is the perfect size, Jane also threw in the extra lace cloth shown at the bottom.

Here's Percy showing the size of the table. It's great when people find the perfect sized Sasha accessories and even better when they have them on sale!! and at a fair price!

I nearly forgot this beautiful smocked dress I nabbed from Ruth Hartley. I just love this tartan with the pretty white collar, another stall I did not get back to! It was so tempting when I was there trying to decide which dress to get, so pleased I went for this one in the end and bought it then or I would have missed out!

Then on Thursday I received a text at work from Paul saying I had received a bouquet from a secret admirer !

I arrived home to this Gorgeous bouquet from the lovely Dawn, shown here in my antique jug which is a perfect colour match.

Thank you so much Dawn for this totally unexpected gift, they are so nice I have placed them where I can see them all the time .

Well it just remains for me to Thank everyone who came and made the day such a success.
All the Helpers, Sellers and Attendee's without you it would not happen, so Many Many Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all again next year along with a few new faces hopefully.



  1. Wow! This is what you do in the way of 'not having much time between chatting and greeting? Lord help Paul if you ever have a chance to be an attendee instead of running a C'n'S! He'd have to build an extension larger than your house to hold it all.... and give up his (oops, your SHARED) beloved garden to hold it. So glad you had a chance to buy such lovely things.
    Jenni xx

    1. So true! :) If I'd had more time I may have had to re mortgage!! :) So just as well I am kept busy! Maybe Paul arranges that so I keep away from the tables!! I will have to ask him!!! :)
      A few years back before we bought our greenhouse I did suggest building a lovely studio complete with log burner but Paul said he'd never see me ! Which was probably true but how I wished I'd had it built, I could have had a comfy chair so he could stay there too!
      I really must save up for next years...... :)
      love Dee xxx

    2. Paul could have the lovely studio with woodburner - every man needs a shedxxxxx studio of his own......

    3. WHAT!!!!! He's got a 'shed' workshop that is leaking and he is supposed to be making water tight and give me a teeny tiny area for a Sasha studio! He's excuse why it's not ready...I keep making him do things for my Sashas!! What a load of old bunny!!! ;))

  2. Ah, but who has the leaking end? and anyway it is your Gregor's paul is training to be carpenters. The lads must have a career if they ever decide to grow up. I wonder what they would look like if they did?

    1. Who do you thinks got the leaking end!! ME! Mind you it's all still full of Paul's things not mine! Yes Paul will be teaching the boys wood work, well not Lucas yet, he's too dangerous to give a hammer to!!
      Would't it be strange to see them as adults!!

  3. A master stroke - giving the monkey to the Sasha Village toddler monkey Lucas - they will really egg each other on in mischief. Thanks for the kind comments about the Sasha glove puppets. I am glad you managed to do some shopping amongst all the chatting and checking that all was running smoothly at the event.

    1. The Monkey Lucas helped himself to the Monkey! I should have known he' d go straight for that puppet , who'll no doubt be getting the blame for all his naughty behavior !
      I love those puppets, so beautifully made, I'll be in touch one my bank balance recovers!!

  4. You did your Sasha's proud! What a good Sasha mum you are!

    1. What can I say , it's a talent !! :) I find it so much easier to spend money on my Sasha's than myself!! :)

    2. It is a talent I share, although I find it easier to spend on VW Beetles than Sasha or myself:)

    3. :) I had noticed......

  5. What a truly magnificent CnS shop you managed to have plus some super gifts for all your hard work organising such a superb event.
    There was so many tempting things to look at and buy that I was somewhat overwhelmed at times and so probably missed quite a few more 'Kendal-must-haves!'.
    Like you I too much prefer to spend my money on my Sasha Collection than on myself or the house and garden.

    It looks like your Sasha Dolls were well rewarded too for all their help with the running of the funfair and entertaining the guests!

    Clever use of the Coconut Shy fir cones in the photoshoot staging.

    1. I did not do to bad, given all that was happening! I agree about being overwhelmed with all that was on offer! I am sure I did not look well enough at some sales tables and no doubt missed a few ' dee must haves' :)

      My Sasha dolls were very pleased with the goodies that came home with us!

      The fir cones were a desperate late idea when I could not find anything the right size and shape to use for Coconuts! Then I saw these and thought..they'll do! I really must start in January next year on getting the display under way...and be finished by September !

  6. Dee, you managed very well considering your hostess duties were underway and so many people to see and things to do! You managed to make lovely purchases from many sellers and the gifts for you are just wonderful. I love the pretty flowers from Dawn in your special antique jug. What a great time and great memories :) xxx

    1. It would appear I did! Maybe it's just as well I did not get too much of a chance to look!! I received wonderful gifts from people which was unnecessary but very much appreciated and Dawn's flowers are beautiful in my jug. :)xxx

  7. Blimey Dee, I think you did fantastically considering how busy you were!!!! You obviously are an incredibly good Sasha shopper! I on the other hand, really did miss sooooooo much through spending too much time chatting and not enough time snapping up nice things. Oh well, at least I did get some things, so I really can't complain. I completely missed so many of the stalls though :( Better luck next time I guess :)
    I love all the nice things you bought though, and the lovely presents you received too, very well deserved as you worked so incredibly hard on the day AND of course all the preparations beforehand.....the fact that so many of us had such a fabulous time is entirely down to you :)
    Thanks again for organising such a great event :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. What can I say , it's a skill! :) I must confess until I put the photo's on I thought I'd not actually managed to get much! But I did make a point of buying sometime when I saw it because half the time I never managed to get back again!
      That's very kind of you to say about the day. I could not do it without Paul and Lindsey, Paul who makes the things I have the ideas about and Lindsey who spent Friday night til early Saturday morning painting the tea cup ride backing and making my painted horses look SOOO much better!! And then the helpers on the day, my daughter Lauren, My friend Kim and her husband who turned up to see her and stayed and did the washing up!! Plus Gill's husband Tony and her daughter Zoe's Partner who arrived at 9.20 and had all the tables and chairs out and in place within a very short time, saving us loads of effort, I can only say that I'm only as good as the team that helps me!
      Glad you enjoyed it and it was lovely to finally meet you :)
      Hugs Dee xxx

    2. You made an excellent team :)