Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Jenni's Toddlers are out in the garden playing together. When Lucas arrives.

Angelina's been ignoring Lucas after their first encounter where they had to be pulled apart having started to argue and tussle with each other.
Lucas has been very quiet and just standing back and watching the others interact together.

But today he's decided to join them

" Right " says Lucas " We gone play hide n seek ! You Teddy Tim can count to twenty's and we will hide! " he finishes bossily.

Teddy Tim looks worried " What's twenties? Know one, four, two, seven's !"
"Don't worry Teddy " says Angelina " We are not playing hide and seeks with HIM!"

"WHY NOT!" demands Lucas
Angelina refuses to look at him but continues " Cos Lukey we don't got to do what you say!"

Then she turns her back on Lucas !
In a low menacing voice Lucas says " Don't call me LUKEY! " he finishes his shout with a well placed shove in Angelina's back.

As Angelina lays head first in the wet plants , Lucas turns away and walks off looking very........sad!

The muffled sounds of Angelina shrieking death threats, fills the air behind Lucas.

Connor and Teddy quickly run and pull Angelina out of the plants.

" Angel " says Teddy blinking back tears " You K?"
Connor can just splutter his face full of Angelina's curly mass of hair!

"I'm fine " Says Angelina " But I is gonna chop that Lukey's sticks into firewood!"
Teddy  has no idea what his sister is on about but he's staying well away from that Lucas until it's time to go home to Mame ! Which he so hopes will be soon!
Connor says nothing not wanting a mouth full of hair!

Lucas has taken himself off to the Lychgate where, finding Billy Bob the goat, he's climbed on his back and is grumbling.
Billy Bob who is on the look out for Trolls and has no intention of letting any of those people up the house know he can talk!  just makes goat type noises while keeping his eyes peeled for TROLLS!

Lucas carries on grumbling  " and she did make my eye hurt at the Chippy chap that mum did and I had to stand down the table cos of her! But I did pinch them fancy tots who think they so posh!! " he giggles but then goes sad " she got nice black curly hair "  Billy Bob just stops himself from asking who! the posh tot? Lucas continues " and pretty eyes " he sighs  " but she nasty like my old Icy mum the Queen "
Billy Bob suddenly stiffens, is that a troll coming through the garden.....

Billy Bob bleats in disgust when he sees it just another one of those little people from the house !

"That NOT NICE!" says Connor angrily " No push Angel in wet plants!"
" I push her in the pond if I LIKE'S " shouts Lucas
"Then she never like you!" points out Connor
"WHY! ...I  mean GOOD!" says Lucas " I don't LIKE her either!"

 " I know you likes her " says Connor , getting the wrong? right? end of the stick , Lucas splutters a string of denials .
" Come on Lukey I play hide seek with you " says Connor " But no lock me out in dark like last time! your Mum was very anod with you "

Lucas climbs down and plays hide and seek with  Connor and locks him out in the dark again!......



  1. A leopard never changes its spots!! Lucas I am so proud of you lad :)

  2. Shame on you Queeny ! :) The boys in love... :)

    1. The only person Lucas loves is ....Lucas!!!!

    2. and they called it puppy looveeee! Me thinks you doth protest too much Icy!! :)

  3. Ooo-er. Now I'm even more confused!
    Lucas saying nice things about Angelina the devixxxx angel child's hair and eyes?
    A talking goat that won't talk?
    A boy called Timmy that I thought was called Teddy......So who is the red-haired, green eyed tot that has returned to Bryn Derw without trousers then? (More of that later...those old folks at the Royal Legion home must be desperate for a pair of jeans.....)
    Lucas got away with bullying posh tots with all those Tot-Mums in the room at the snippy chip?

    This is like Playschool East Enders (- I gave up on that as I could never work out what was going on there after Dirty Den and the 'Orrible over-weight twins at the Queen Vic stopped being in charge.)
    Is our Dee leading a double life as a script writer?

    1. Don't worry I am sure he's just feel's odd It will pass! :) It must be the change in the weather!! I thought that boy was called Teddy but then you said send Timmy to Spain!! What's a person to do but go with the flow!! I'll go change his name as he is wearing trousers, not having come across any old folks!
      That Lucas can get away with things while standing in the court with te judge looking on! He's that slippery!
      I gave up on East Enders after the first year as it's all doom and gloom, lord knows that a couple should actually remain married and happy without sleeping, killing or getting pregnant by other people! I could never write for them, I am too happy a person!! :)
      Now I must go change Teddy Tim's name, at least I had a riugh Idea what he was called unlike my own village crew!! :)

    2. Sorry I get so confused with the Teddy/Timmy thing so perhaps they should be Edward and Timothy - it's just that they seem too little for big names! Sorry if I caused a little chaos there. I'm going to add to the confusion and suggest that it is Madame Angel who might visit Spain as Sharon might like to try girl clothes more than boy clothes? Don't mind either way.

      We call EE East Horrendous here - I did try watching it with the kids next door but, havng come to it years and years after it began and having taught in the real East End, which is nothing like the fake one, I was seriously confused by it all. I understood that my favourite little pupil of long ago, Mohammad George, had morphed into a big character called Gus..... but that was the only thing that I could make sense of in the whole 'I'll kill/divorce/beat/cheat yer' episodes I saw. Rosie Posy next door was at great pains to explain it all as she saw it, which led to greater confusion as a child of 6 has a very differnet take on such things! She is probably a little more knowing now but I remember asking her why she liked it so much - the answer was that it made her happy not to have to live there - out of the mouthes of babes and sucklings, eh?!

    3. I'm sure madam Angel will enjoy time away from all these boys, so she can jet off when time comes.
      If I watch East Enders for three episodes I can tell exactly whats been happening and who did what, it's so predicable! and Sad that they cannot deal with all the things that happen to people in real life without all this dire dross, save me from these people... oh that's right I save myself by not watching!! ;)

  4. He's still being 'A nasty piece of goods' then? So glad now that I didn't insist that Bea stand on the toddler table.
    I'm beginning to think that it's getting time that Connor, Timmy and the sweet little Angelina should think about returning home now that Lucas is starting to show his mean and pevish side again.

    Think that I might possibly give your next post a miss as if I haven't got enough upset with life in general as it is. There's not much worse than being locked out in the dark and cold, especially when the nights are drawing in so quickly.
    Can't Mrs Mum (or Mr Dad) give him a taste of his own medicine for once? Better still send up here and I'll sort him out once and for all as I've not lost my teacher's strictness as yet!

    1. Kendal How can you say he's still nasty? Naughty maybe but not nasty! He did make sure that Ginny when out to check the back door , although he'd never admit it was him and Connor had only been out there half an hour not three like last time! I think he's going soft!!

      Well if you must miss the goings on, so be it, unfortunately I never know whats going to happen in the village and with the Great Christmas Village bake off coming in December things will be hopefully on a knife edge with the goings on!!!
      I think Lucas needs love not a teachers strictness or he'd be on the next train to Crewe !

    2. Don't worry about my little people, Kendal! They are not as innocent as they seem and Angelina is VERY capable of dealing with Master L. Infact, it may be she who needs a little discipline.

      Connor probably feels safer out there with the goat, dragon and gargoyle than inside with Lucas anyway, though they do seem to have developed that twins-only understanding of each other.

      I am hoping time away from home has toughened Connor and Teddy up a little, just in case they have to visit the Ice Qeen's palace ever (isn't it otherwise known as Brighton Pavillion?). Remember I have a daughter in Brighton and may just have to drop them off for a little surfdom to Her Majesty Queeny Ice, if I ever get down there again.....

  5. Well, I always like to follow the antics of that little scamp Lucas. This time he has really showed his dark side pushing down the pretty Angelina as well as locking outside in the dark the ever trusting Connor. I am holding out hope for Lucas but am thinking that Ronnie is not wrong about "spots". Also glad that Kendal protected little Bea during their recent visit. Great post Dee! :) xxx

    1. I think Lucas is improving, there would have been a time when it would have been the pond and not a wet plant that he would have pushed her into! We must not listen to old Icy or poor old Lucas will not stand a chance !
      Lucas was too busy frightening the other tots to worry about upsetting Bea plus he knows that Kendal would probably clip him round the ear, he said she looks the violent type!! lol :)xxx

  6. Oh my goodness, thank goodness that 'sweet' little girl is coming to visit me and not the little terror Lucas...having said that, can we really blame the poor child for his behaviour, he didn't really have a great start in life, did he? I'm sure that with the continued love and guidance of his Mrs Mum, he will turn into the perfect grown up boy, I'm sure of it!
    As for little Angelina, or Ginny, it'll be great to have her visit, I'm looking forward to making a ra-ra outfit, I'm sure she'll look so cute in it with those big black curls!!!!
    Big hugs and thanks for a great post Dee!
    Sharon xxxx

    1. SWEET! Oh yes she is an 'Angel' if you don't mind her karate kicking the furniture and shouting , plus swinging round with her arms out and punching the air in a one two form!! Yep she's a darling and will be on her way as soon as I can convince her that her brother's will be perfectly safe here until I send them off home at end of month!!
      Just hope your dolls know some quick getaways !!
      hugs Dee xxx