Sunday, 30 November 2014


Last week I came home to find a parcel had been delivered, at first I thought it might be a gregor I was expecting but the parcel was the wrong shape and from the wrong part of the world.

So I left it on the side while I did a few jobs.....

" What's that? " asks a voice
" Let's go see " Says another

Simone and Mimi look at each other
" Let's open it!" say Mimi
" But it's not addressed to us!"  says Simone
" But almost everything that arrives in a box addressed to Mum is really for us! " says Mimi " and we'll be saving her some time!"

"Look!" says Mimi bending down " This piece is already torn ! I'll just tug on it and see what happens!"
Simone watches Mimi start to tear the wrapping!

" Mm " says Mimi looking at the wrapping inside the brown paper " someone's sent Mum an Octopus! "
Simone moves back stunned ! " An Octopus! Really! That's dangerous! "
Mimi giggles " Not really it's just on the wrapping! A real Octopus would need water silly!"

Mimi soon makes short work of the rest of the wrapping and the contents are standing for them to view!

"There's a Christmas card " says Simone " Our very first one!"
"Yes " agrees Mimi " It's from Aunty Carol in Canada "

"Look at all these beautiful slides and things for our hair " say Simone

The girls study the box's contents.
Then Simone asks " What do you have in yours? "

Mimi's box is full of things to make a good breakfast and lots of lovely food.

" This one's got lots of food and food making things " say Mimi

Mimi goes a little quiet while she thinks about the two boxes.

She steps round the food box and stands next to the Hair styling box " I think that other box is for the boys " she says with authority " I do not cook! "
Simone secretly smiles knowing Mimi likes to be waited on and always try's to get others to do her kitchen chores! " You're probably right " laughs Simone ,while thinking she'd quite like to play with that box too!
" Come on , Let's go send Aunty Carol a thank you letter  before it snow's where she lives"
"Does it snow there!"
"Oh yes , she'll be needing a dog sled to get about!"
" Really? "
" Well I believe so but then she could always get a Mountie to give her a left on his horse!"
" Oh that would be wonderful.. do you think we could get a lift from ..

Their voices fade as they go off in search of pen and paper.....



  1. Oooh! Nice prezzie.... but doesn't Santa take away all future gifts if you unwrap anything before Dec 25th? My Mum told me many years ago that he would and I've always been too scared to run the risk.

    1. They are and we are working on the escape that if it's not wrapped in Christmas paper we can open it in good faith! and Santa will still come to visit!! :)

    2. I wish I had known that one to tell my kids when they were little...they are too big now :)
      What lovely gifts..we need pictures in the New Year of the girls using them!

    3. My mother was, and remains at almost 93, a master of cunning devices to control those around her - perchance she gave you lessons, Queenie? She refused me any lessons on the grounds thatshe may not be able to force me to do her bidding.

    4. people where is your imagination!! Imagination will always defeat mother's and their silly rules at Christmas!! :)

  2. What a lovely pressie for the girls to receive all the way from Canada! I hope that on Boxing Day they'll present you with a lovely breakfast in bed Dee, after all the hard work and preparations leaging up to Christmas Day, us cooks certainly would love to be treated to a nice breakfast in bed the day afterwards, wouldn't we!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. It was and most unexpected :) They'd best give that breakfast to Paul as he does the Christmas dinner ( It's a family tradition, I invented ;) ) I get the tea and clearing up duty!!
      Cannot believe it's only twenty five days to Christmas !!
      hugs Dee xxx

  3. What a great gift for the kids from Auntie Carol! I love this post showing Simone and Mimi opening the festive gifts, how exciting! This will be a great month ahead of us with all of the fun and festivities of Christmas! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, The girl's Simone and Mimi were very helpful, I'm sure they'll continue to try and be first helping in present opening!! :)xxx