Wednesday 19 November 2014


Although I am supposed to be doing other things, I have just spent some time taking photo's of a group of the dolls to add to The Cast page. There are still more to be added but I thought what I have done is enough for now.
But while handling the clan It made me think that I have found a couple of diamonds this year.

First was the wonderful Robin.

Listed wrongly but seen by another Sasha collector, the photo's not brilliant but able to tell he was a shorts boy I had to my mind no chance of brining him home.

Having had to sell my shorts boy earlier which was a sad day , I could not believe that I would get this one!. I had some of the money left from selling my first shorts boy so I used it to bid on Robin, left my bid and when to work only to completely to forget to check until sometime after I had arrived home and expecting to see how much I had lost him by was amazed to find I had won him.
Then the icing on the cake was to find that he was not only a shorts boy but an NP eye painted boy!He is so gorgeous , he has one of those faces that you just love and explains why you love these dolls so much.

That was early in the year. The just before my birthday in July I came across a red haired no navel again not good photo's and she looked like she had either a dirty mark or  a mark on her face but which!

I showed her to Paul who said that if I won her he'd buy her for my birthday present! So I put in a bid, this was also being bid on by another Sasha collector but who is also a dealer.So again not a lot of hope!

But luck was with me again when I left my bid and came home to find that I had won her. She arrived in almost all of her original clothes and is almost mint condition! So another No Navel red to join the other two I had.

I have to say that I do so love the red haired dolls and especially the red no navels, I can see these not being the last to arrive, mind you it will again depend on the timing and the funds.

I have been offered two no navels in the last week both of which were gorgeous and both of which I had to let slip through my fingers!!! So it is definitely a case of you win some you lose some....and you live in hope.. :)



  1. Two stunning redheads Dee to add to your lovely Sasha family. It is not often that you find an early boy and even rarer that he would have NP eyes! Robin is just the best!!! Your redheaded no navel is gorgeous too and also not often seen. So, well done and I am very happy for you to have these two in the Village! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger I was so lucky with both of them! and they are definitely keepers ! I do so love the red heads and have been very lucky with owning some lovely ones. :)xxx

  2. Both dolls are 'just to die for'.......but especially the Gregor Shoirts lad at THAT price! I'm so pleased for you!
    I'm looking on it as a just reward for giving us all such a fabulous time again at the CnS... PLUS the continued 'much looked forward to' blogspot posts!

    1. They are indeed 'to die for' and yes Robin was a lovely price! That's nice of you to say Kendal but I do it anyway as I enjoy both the Chat n Snap and the blog :)

  3. Lovely kids!

    It seems that you have to be in the dreaded workplace when bidding ends in order to get a you can't retire......ever......

    1. Thanks Jenni, but I's just luck that they ended while hopefully everyone else was at work, including me! Usually that's when someone like you at home nips in and kills off people like my bid!
      So not sure if I need to be at work to get these bargains or poised with counter bid ready!! Mind you if I was not working I'd not be buying, so maybe that's answered that question!! :)

  4. Two beautiful dolls, and great that you got them Dee! I particularly loved Robin from the very first moment I saw him on here, if I remember rightly his hair was all damp from washing, and he just looked good enough to eat!!! And of course your little red haired NN is gorgeous're right, the red heads are particuarly are the brunettes.....oh and the blonds!!!! That's the problem, so many of htem are just exceptionally lovely!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. They are and it is!! lol :) Yes Robin does look soo nice when he's hairs wet! thank goodness he'll never grow up and can stay my little boy forever, or all the girl's would be chasing him round the village!!
      Yes red is best but then so are the brunettes and the blondes..will it never end....probably...NOT!! hugs Dee xxx