Wednesday 19 November 2014


Valentine has been waiting for a packet to arrive from his preferred designer in Europe.

"what have you got there Valentine? " asks mum

"It's from my most favourite designer of clothing in Europe !" answers Valentine excitedly.

Quickly he tears open the wrapper and puts on the item inside.

"Ta Dah !" says Valentine  " No wait there he says quickly " I need to change!"

He rushes off and then reappears wearing navy trouser's and a white roll neck with Euro shoes also in navy with red laces.

"Looking very dapper " says Mum, while Valentine puffs out his chest!

He says waving about ...

"When the moon " he says wisely " Is in the seventh house " he coughs " and Jupiter alignes with Mars "
he gives Mum a serious look " Then peace will guide the planets and..."

"Love will steer the stars " finishes Mum " very clever !"
Valentine grins 

"So " asks Mum " Where did you buy it? "
Valentine looks chuffed " I was just in time to get it from The House of Fanny B!" he says excitedly " Her Designer clothes do not come up for sale very often and she mainly makes for the girl's"

"Well I am sure Fanny B would like you to take off that hat while wearing her lovely coat!"
says Mum
Valentine gives Mum the look that says you know nothing about  street fashion ! and Mum can only agree!

 Suddenly he puts on a pair of glasses!
" Where on earth did you get those Val? " ask's Mum

"Great ain't they !" says Valentine turning to the side.

Catching sight of something in the corner he says " Goodness Lucas you look very green! Are you feeling ill? 

 Turning to mum he says hurriedly " Quick fetch a bucket he's going to throw up for sure!"
" Valentine that's a shrub not a toddler! " Mum giggles " take them glasses off before you have an accident!"

" But Mum It's makes me look older and goes with my ensemble or boy about town!"

"Well you'll be boy about the hospital when you fall down the stairs because you cannot see! "

Sighing Valentine removes the glasses and places them hanging from his jacket! This makes Mum sigh but at least she can stop worrying he'll fall over something!

"Well I cannot stand about here all day " says Valentine " I need to talk to Hattie about making me a few new hats to go with my new jacket! I don't want Fanny B deciding I make her clothes look bad! I will need another jacket in the spring!" Valentine then wanders away whistling.Rolling her eyes Mum goes off to ice Gingerbread man, much less hassle...maybe they'd like Fanny B jackets!!



  1. Not to worry Val - our Mam just spent five minutes ordering our black cat to come in from just outside the doorstep, only for realisation to dawn.......she wasactually commanding Dada's new tractor battery, which happens to be back and shiny, to grow legs, walk into the house and eat a delicious bowl of chicken.
    I WAS going to tell her she needed new glasses, but perhaps that isn't the answer?
    Your dedicated follower in fashion,
    Bertie xxxx

    1. I would so have loved to have been there to witness this!!!

    2. and we'd be seeing the video on you tube no doubt!! :)

  2. Hi Bertie, your mam is so funny ! I could send you my glasses for her ? They are very strong I cannot see anything but a big blur through them!
    Love your new blue shorts set, looks very good and smart, don't forget when it gets really cold to dress up warm but smart think Sasha Distel or Andy Williams that 60's 70's vibe is happening man!
    best regards your good friend
    Valentine James Bond Owen

  3. Valentine looks great in his new jacket made by Fanny. Tell him he looks very mature without his glasses and that it is important to be able to see! What a handsome young man! :) xxx

  4. I do love plaid! Your young man will be ready for the annual Scotland Tartan day next April I see! Very smart!

    1. Good lord don't tell him when it is or he'll insist on going dressed from head to toe in plaid and I will owe anyone selling tartan clothing a fortune and he only wants top designer wear ! he's worse that posh spice!! :)x

    2. Perhaps you could re name your post as 'VALENTINE COSTS A PACKET!!'

  5. A very 'fitting' outfit (though without the hat!) for this fashion designer!
    He'll certainly stand out from the rest of the lads in their more casual 'On Trend Village' gear..... which is exactly what is required! for a fashion-concious guy.

  6. Yes Kendal, he loves to stand out! Just wish I could get that hat away from him! Mind you at least he's talking to Hattie about making him something to match!! , that's a start ! :)

  7. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! What a wonderful post! Great story and doesn't he look handsome, even sans hat, sans glasses and sans the new Jacket. Gorgeous boy!!! Should by rights be called Valentino - but that's just my opinion. (P.S. really great hat!) xxx Karin

    1. Glad it made you laugh Karin :) Don't be giving him idea's about changing his name , he is vain enough as it is! xxx Dee

  8. P.P.S. Am I glad my kids don't live near yours, Dee, or they would all want to be dressed in the designer wear du jour!!! I shall make absolutely certain that my boys don't get a look at your Velentine and his new jacket!!! Love the way he has his glasses tucked in the front of it! Such a little poseur!!! xxx

    1. Maybe I'll have to send Valentine round to make sure you are treating the boys as well as you treat those girls of yours!! I need to get them glasses off him before it puts them on again and breaks something, hopefully NOT his neck!! xx

    2. Ha ha, Dee! Yes, breaking his neck might be expensive! No NHS in the Sasha world! Not that there isn't the need, what with all this re-stringing and re-rooting and necessary Spa treatment! Big hugs from me too! xxx

  9. Oh I did have a good laugh over this post! Valentine is such a dapper chappy, isn't he? I love his new jacket, but those glasses made me laugh so much, I can so relate, having one chatted away to a pattern on the carpet which I thought was our cat!!!! I wondered why the poor thing was so still and ignoring me :)
    I hope you got those gingerbread men all iced up and looking as smart as young Master V!!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xxxx

    1. :) We aim to please :) It would appear none of us look properly at things before we start talking to them, I have been known to address a mannequin thinking it was Paul!! I just roared with laughter ! :)
      Those gingerbread men are half done and the other half will be done tonight! :) hugs Dee xxx