Friday, 8 January 2016


Sort of ! My manger at work very kindly gave me a voucher for a local gift shop for Christmas. So on Tuesday I decided to go and take a look as they had a sale on reducing everything by 50%.

Well they had many pretty things but I saw this particular thing and thought how great it would be but decided I really did NOT need it for the Gregors, so carried on looking but the only thing I picked up was a lovely small heart picture frame that with the 50% discount would set me back the princely sum of £2.50 !

So I found myself standing back in front of the first thing that had taken my attention....could I? Should I? well I thought why not I think it's great for the Gregors and would be great for photo shoots also, so I handed over my voucher and a few pounds and walked out.. below a couple of the Gregor's discover my Christmas gift...

"What's this doing here ? " Toby asks Zac
"How do I know!" says Zac " But It's great I wonder who it belongs to? "

" LOOK! " says Zac excitedly " It's even got a fake petrol hose ! "
"Wow!" gasps Toby

Fiddling about Toby discovers a door " Let's see what's in side " he says pulling it open

Zac peering over the top  sighs " Oh I was hoping it was full of cars or something !"

Toby pushes the door right open and they both check out the interior.
" Nothing just a shelf!" say Toby also disappointed that there's not more!

Suddenly they hear Mum's voice and turn round " I see you've found the cupboard " she says laughing " Some how I just knew it would be you two!"
"What's it for Mum ? " Zac asks
"Yes " adds on Toby " Why would you want a petrol pump cupboard your a girl!"
" Because I think it's Ace " laughs Mum " It's meant to keep Cd's in but as soon as I saw it I thought of you boys! "
"Us!" they chorus together
"Yes you and the others " laughs Mum seeing their excited faces " I thought it would make a great toy or clothes cupboard in your bedroom, well? "

"YES!" " HOORAY!" shout the boys together doing an excited jig up and down and throwing their arms about.
Smiling Mum turns to leave " I'll sort out where it's going later boys, just don't fill it with anything yet as it's going to have to be moved!"

Once Mum's vanished The boys look excited at each other " Ours!" says Toby with a grin
"Well us boys " replies Zac
" Piffle " says Toby " Mum said she's got it for US!"

Turning Toby starts to walk off " Come one lets go gets some toys to put in it, we don't want Clothes! in there "
Zac follows on " But it's for all the boys not just us... Toby and Mum said we have to wait until it's moved.. "
Toby calls over his shoulder " yes yes .. whatever.. we'll just try a few things out for size... come on Zac don't dawdle !..we don't want Erik or Robin to see it  " they hurry off Zac still trying to talk sense into Toby... a lost cause ... ...



  1. Perfect. I thought, this time it's great to have your own gas... ah!
    Ok then.
    You can put inside and hide whatever you want to, -perhaps naughty bears?

    1. It is great to have our own... well they are too young to drive really, so a cupboard full of.... bears or woollies.. who knows.. :)

  2. Cute! I have seen these before, or something similar, but smaller, definitely not big enough for CDs, so what a great idea this one is. The boys will soon fill it, won't they! Love seeing Zac, he's definitely one of my fav boys at the Village, along with the little Red Red Robin of course :) xxx

    1. I think I've seen something similar before but never really looked at them until now. I thought it could have quite a few uses as well as storage for the boys! I knew you enjoy seeing little Zac and I'm sure Robin will appear at some point this month :)xxx

  3. Love the petrol pump! When your boys tire of it...let me know :)

    1. I knew you'd like it being CAR related! :) Should they Tyre of it I'll let you know!! :)

  4. A very nice pump especially to hold boys things. Zac and Toby are very handsome in their colorful overalls. Warm plaids always make me smile. :) xxx

    1. I thought so too Ginger, a good boys item. I loved these overalls as soon as I saw them at the Chat n Snap on Ginny's table bought one then asked her to send me another after the day, I love Zac and Toby in them makes them seems young and sweet :) xxx

  5. I could swear'' that I HAD ALREADY commented on this post but obviously not unless it had gone on 'walk-abouts' in the meantime or could maybe have perhaps forgotten to press the publish box.
    Superb prop for Toby and Zac, two very lucky lads. New clothing too! (Can't ever see you being able to retire from your job as it seems that the postman brings a doll. prop or clothing almost every day to your house.
    I just love these two 'scallywags' of yours and enjoy seeing them together on posts as they are such 'opposite' characters.
    Looking forward to seeing what they decide to store in this very attractive and smart unit.

    1. Must be those Computer elves that like to confuse us!
      I thought so to, when I saw it , The boys looks great in their Ginny overalls , snug and cuddly.
      Now Kendal things don't arrive everyday or I'd get the look from Paul but sometimes I have a week or two where everything comes at the same time and then there will be a famine..until the next mad dash! I agree I'll still be working when I'm seventy at this rate ! Or I could give it all up, sell up and retire a wealthy bored pensioner..... Nah not yet :)
      Me too, I'm looking forward to what it will be used for over the next year..