Friday 22 January 2016


The other day i was looking at ebay and came across some mini Kathe Kruse dolls being sold as a group I thought they'd make great play dolls for the Sasha's
Luckily I won them  and so here they are.

The button girls have picked some to play with.

Anoushka and Olivia are discussing names for the new dolls

Magda's called her girl Rosie and is happily telling her a story.

There were six on auction together , these are the other three.

and these are the three the girls are playing with. Five of them have porcelain heads and soft bodies and the sixth has a soft head and wooden feet.

A nice bargain of dolls that can be used for the Sasha's but are also part of the Kathe Kruse doll collection.

Talking of which I saw this boy and could just not resist, I did try and he finished but I contacted the seller and she kindly relisted him for me.

For me, he was one of those dolls that you unwrap and start smiling, he is is lovely ! He's a very nice large size of 52 cm and is called Constantin.

and with one of my favourite hair and eye combo's of blonde hair and brown eyes.

He looks very nice with his brother Rupert.

I think I need a nice tall KK girl now...... :)



  1. These little Krusies are so nicely made, looking mignon.
    I got 3 of them and they fit perfect with Sasha.
    Constantin is a handsome lad.
    Look at that face! It's calm and beautiful, not loud in any way.

    (I love the name - again:) - one of my daughters is namend Constantine.)

    1. They are and I was so lucky to get the six together. I just could not resist him and such a great name ;) as your lovely daughter will agree ;)

  2. Fantastic find Dee! The tiny KK dolls are perfect for your Sashas! I love the details of the KK dolls and they are so well made and well dressed too!

    Your big boy is just fantastic! What gorgeous hair and face and outfit too. You have two very handsome lads there and I think I see a tall girl or two in your future! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, I was so surprised that noone came along and outbid me! They indeed well made and well dressed.
      I'm very pleased with those boys! A tall girl will need to wait awhile sadly but then I have yet to see one that sings to my heart :)xxx

  3. Those tinies are so cute, the Sasha girls must love that you found and bought them for them to look after.
    As for this boy, he is mega handsome, what a cutie! He really is a super looking lad Dee and makes a great addition to your ever increasing KK family! Well done you!

    1. I think so too! great size for the girls.
      He was definitely one of those dolls you love as soon as you pick him up! Well for me anyway :) My KK clan will rest as is for a while :)xx