Tuesday 12 January 2016



Oh you are here good ! I'm Valentine , don't know if you remember me it's been so long...

Mum tends to skip round me as I'm a little wobbly on my feet due to loose stringing But I thought I'd just pop in and let you know I'm still here in the background, toiling away doping this and that .

Oh I can hear movement, so I'd best be off.. hope to see you again sometime,until then keep well, Ciao!



  1. Not ANOTHER Gotz!! I am off for a lie down in a darkened room :)

    1. Hello ? Hello, it's me
      I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
      To go over everything
      They say that time's supposed to heal ya
      But you ain't done much healing
      Hello, can you hear me
      I'm in Sasha Village dreaming about who we used to be
      When we were younger and free
      I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

      There's such a difference between us
      And a million miles...............

      I'm Adele ing you Gotz is wonderful.... :)

    2. Very funny :) :) I am lost for words :)

    3. Must be your ally simons ;)

  2. Guessing that's this is your day off Bank work this week? What happened to those Friday's at home then?

    No Valentine! I've certainly NOT forgotten YOU as all during last I was having to keep an extra close eye on all the dolls living in The Village to check on any NEW members ...on account of Mrs Mum's 2015 New Year Resolution of no more than 10 new dolls allowed....as she wanted us to think that SHE had lost count!

    1. I have all week off Kendal, I'm on holiday... usually its' most Fridays I'm off but this week it's everyday!! whoo hoo ! :)
      That's good that you was checking up on us Kendal who knows just what we'd get up to if not one was looking...;)

  3. Hello Valentine, no one will forget about you :)
    Love your outfit!
    Wish I could wear that sweater and cords -and sneakers, of course.

    1. Hello Auntie Anne, I am glad you still remember me :)
      Thank you, Mum says she wished she look this good in
      a sweater and cords like this too!
      Love Valentine x

  4. Hola Valentine, how could we forget your handsome face? I certainly haven't!
    It's lovely to see you! And you look great in green!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Hola Auntie Sharon
      You are so kind to say that, it makes me smile :)
      Red is my favourite colour but I do like Green but only if the
      the clothes are good quality.
      Love Valentine xx

    2. Of course young Valentine, it goes without saying, quality over quantity any day!!

  5. Hi Valentine! I have not forgotten you and you look wonderful in your handsome green outfit. I am glad your Mom shared a few of your photos with us. Maybe we will see you again around February 14th??? Enjoy your time with your Mom this week! :) xxx

    1. Hi Auntie Ginger
      Thank you , I'm glad you have not forgotten me and like my green outfit. It's nice having Mum home, we get much more attention :)
      Feb 14th is MY day :) I will definitely be back then on Looove.. duty ,lol.
      See you then
      Love Valentine xx