Saturday 2 January 2016


It is certainly true that time flies when you are having fun and I have had a lot of fun last year.

Finally getting the Sasha Village Studio underway, finding some lovely Sasha's plus other dolls and generally enjoying interacting with the lovely Sasha doll people out there in the world.

I'm not making any new years resolutions or accepting any challenges for this coming year , I'm just going to go with the flow and see where life takes me.

So what shall we do this year? I have seen on flickr a friend who puts on a photo of her doll shelf every Sunday. I believe it's an idea put out and people have joined in. It was nice seeing her shelf each week of her various dolls etc. But every week would be a lot of work mainly to remember to do it.
So I thought lets do a monthly doll shelf. So I will put a photo on , on the 1st of every month of a a space in my house or where ever that my dolls are standing/ sitting etc, they may not just be Sasha's , there could be another doll or two who are not but that's fine or it may be just bears, who knows Not I, it will be what ever takes my fancy each month. But I think that having to take the photo will make me 'display'  my dolls and pose them to hopefully make for an interesting photo and then they'll be displayed for me to enjoy for the rest of the month.

It would be lovely if you all would join in and send in your monthly 'shelf' ' , it is entirely up to you , they could be just some dolls standing on the side  or a doll you just put down and left somewhere, or you could set up that display and change it each month. But from the photo competition last year I know that we all love seeing peoples photo's of their dolls and I think it's nice to be able to share your photo's especially if you don't have a blog or anywhere else to show them off and even if you do have one , it's nice for us to see them along with other peoples.
I have taken a few quick photo's around my house just to show the sort of thing you could do, yes I do have a room setting for my Sasha's but you could just do a doll sitting with her Teddy or standing with her pram etc.

It can be set anyway you want, as simple as sitting a doll on a shelf with a few things as above and taking a photo.

So I hope some or all of you will join in each month or on the months when you have the time. But I'll put up my photo each month and hope to be able to add other peoples.
So if anyone would like to send me a photo I will add it to a post on the 5th for this month but it will be on the 1st from Feb onward.

Another Chat n Snap will be held on 22nd October in the Village Hall , so the website/page will go up for that in the next day or so.

I will be going to Janet's Sasha Celebration weekend in May. Lots of friends have asked me to attend and It will give me the chance to sit and have a good old Sasha gossip with those friends and also to meet and make some more. I am looking forward to meeting those who have been unable to get down to attend the Chat n Snap in the last couple of years ans also to get a chance to chat to those that have.

I was also considering whether to try and attend the Rochester Festival in the US but that would mean selling a doll or two and again a big decision, which would need deciding soon.
Of course if I was to win the lottery I'd be able to do all this but that's not likely to happen , mind you If I stopped buying dolls I'd also have a better chance of attending these events! but well I see a doll and if it calls I just cave... just like on the last day of this year... Yes Kendal the total for last year increased by yet another one at the very last minute... more about that when the doll arrives.

So I hope you will join in with the photo ops or if not that you'll enjoy those photo's that do appear.

Looking forward to sharing the coming year with you all

Dee x


  1. Firstly I'm pleased to hear that you're now coming to the Sasha Celebration Weekend. We all had a great time last year with plenty of time for chatting and seeing other's Sasha Dolls, workshops, sales, raffles etc. in beautiful surroundings and excellent meals.

    Good luck with the completition of your Sasha studio and look forward to seeing it in use from Springtime onwards.

    Again many thanks for all your MANY blogposts over yet another year.
    A very happy Sasha filled New Year to all at The Sasha Village.

    I guessed that YOU wouldn't be making any serious New Year resolutions as to the number of new dolls in 2016!!!

    A good idea about the monthly doll shelf photos and I'm sure that you'll have a lot of followers, especially those without their own blogspots, for this.

    1. It will be a great opportunity to get to chat to people, as at the Chat n Snap it's not easy to get to chat to everyone.
      The studio only needs a small amount of work to finish it once the weathers warmer and then it will be up and running.

      I am glad you ahve enjoyed the posts Kendal, they are fun to do and it's always nice to know that people enjoy them :)

      Not one resolution will be made this year I will just have a few goals to aim for and if I achieve them all well and good and if not , well there's always next year!

      I am glad to hear you like the monthly doll shelf photo theme and hope you will join in s your dolls are always placed perfectly around your house for a photo opp! :)x

  2. Another year passes and another lovely blog post. I'm glad to hear that you had a good year Dee and that you now have your Sasha studio.
    I have friends on Flickr who do the Sunday dolly shelf but for me that's too specific because who knows what could happen on a Sunday! I will try to join in with this theme on your blog this year...I had every intention of joining in with the monthly photos challenge last year but only managed to do one month...shame on me! I will try harder.
    Well it's bed time for me and I haven't got to see your new Schoenhut yet which is where I was heading when I got sidetracked.....maybe that will be MY resolution for this year, to get LESS sidetracked!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. They go so fast it seems ! That's what I thought doing a photo for every Sunday would be quite hard to keep up, I have seen one's where they do a photo a day but what if you go away for a week, you cannot come back and put seven on as that's defeating the object, you may as well put all on ,So I chose what I hoped would work for everyone and a nice one a month on the first and people can send theirs in whenever they want so it's ready and waiting if they go off on holiday or whatever.
      Only I have to make sure I'm here to post them on the 1st!! No pressure there then.... :)

      Good night Sharon and don't make any resolutions.. too much pressure when we should just be enjoying life!
      Hugs Dee xxx

  3. Missed this post until now, sorry Dee.

    What a great idea re the shelf or shelf substitute. Dare I? My house has not become any less of a mess since the building work last year so it could be a source of embarrassment! It might not happen on a regular day of the month, but I will offer up one (untidy) photo per month.

    I'm not making resolutions either, but I am planning a minor revolution. I NEED my own space and am going to claim and keep one of the three rooms that were originally Mum's. Somehow, when we she moved in with us, Mum claimed 3 rooms and B and I ended up with only 2 between us and we all shared the kitchen and bathroom. As two rooms now sit stuffed with furniture and ornaments to such an extent that they are almost unusable, I've decided to put it all n one as a storage space and claim the other one back for myself - a luxury I never had even as a child. Whooooooo! Dolly land! So, my December Doll Shelf photo might actually be a Doll ROOM photo.
    (But yes, even though the house belongs to B and me, I feel guilty for taking a room from Mum, even though she hasn't been in it for 5 years. Hmmm, maybe I NEED to make a resolution, to be a little more assertive and give up the guilt thing!)

    1. Hi Jenni
      It's not about how clean, nice whatever your house looks , it's about find that space to show us your dolls, I am sure you'll manage to find somewhere to take that monthly photo because we'd lov you to join in :)x

      TAKE IT BACK JENNI lol, let this be the year YOU use your house for what you want, have it as a reward for all that you have been through in 2015, throw out that unwanted never used furniture or store it in the barn if there's room and claim your doll space ! Put in a really bright high watt light bulb and you'll be able to play with your dolls whenever you want and if it's got a key, lock the door to stop your mum trying to reclaim it! 2016 should be the year Jenni does dolls ... :)

  4. Hi Dee I am so glad you are coming to the Sasha Celebration weekend and the doll shelf is a great idea xx

    1. Thanks Theresa , I look forward to spending time catching up with friends and making new ones. xxx