Sunday 17 January 2016


We went to visit our friends Tom and Kim for dinner last night and so we also swapped Christmas presents.

I received these two great hessian bags with photo's of my Sasha's on them.

On this bag the image is printed on and it's three of my No Navel girls.

With this back the photo is placed inside in a holder, so you could change the photo if you wish.

So two perfect bags to carry my Sasha's and their clothes etc around in.

We also received

Two lovely Emma Bridgewater mugs complete with our names on.

and something I never knew was they also put the name on the bottom of the mug !

So the perfect presents and if I tell you that we gave them two Emma Bridgewater mugs, the ones for the East Anglia Childrens Hospice and a monsters inc back packet for Kim's dolls , she collect's mainly Kidz n Cats, we could almost say SNAP!

We left around 11 pm and opened their front door to SNOW!!! yes SNOW! so it snowed all the way home but was not really settling much.

But I got up to  this, this morning !

The front garden



Next doors front garden.

So I have a whole week off and when does it decide to snow? on Saturday night at the end of my  week!!  I just hope it's gone by Tuesday!!



  1. Super presents there Dee! Yes, we have snow too...and unfortunately the central heating boiler has packed heating/hot water and it is freezing here :) Talk about kick you when you are down ....need a big reapir bill like a hole in the head!

    1. I thought so too! It's always the way, the heating always backs up once the really cold weather arrives, cannot remember how many times that happened to us! I think they make them that way :) xx, hope it does not cost too much to sort out xx

    2. Sorry to hear about your boiler Ronny, not good. My mum was telling me today that she received a letter to say that the gas company will be working on the pipes in the next 6 weeks or so and will be switching off the gas supply to their houses for 12 hours each day....couldn't have come at a worse time really and she is all gas too. :(

  2. Always great to receive those belated Christmas gifts isn't it especially when you have more time to open and enjoy them?
    I usually save my presents until after the Christmas Day rush (when I'm often busy looking after other members of the family.) It helps too to brighten up the more normal days until the New Year festive celebrations begin.
    Loved your's and Paul's named mugs and your Sasha photo printed hessian tote bags. Had to smile at how alike your gifts to them were to these!

    Having finally seen these garden photos at the end I'm inclined to think that YOU down there had slightly more snow than we had up here. Everywhere looked very pretty even though it didn't last too long.

    So sorry SS to hear about your boiler packing up just as we are having this extra cold snap of weather. Hoping that you have some form of insurance to cover it's repairs like I have here with British Gas.

    1. It is Kendal , it does help prolong the joy of Christmas and brighten up the New Year.The bag are great I can use them to tote my dolls around and the mugs very posh! lol
      Thank goodness the snows all gone! and I hope it stays that way!

  3. Lovely presents Dee, and sounds like you gave great ones too! I hope you had a great night, Kim seems such a nice lady on the two occasions that I've chatted with her.
    But my goodness SNOW! Not great, although it does look pretty, it just makes me feel cold looking at it. I hope that it's gone for you on Tuesday too when you go back to work...there's nothing like driving in the snow for making a bad start to a day!
    Keep safe and warm!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon. We had a lovely time, Tom & Kim and great friends and we always have lots to chat and laugh about.
      Yes SNOW!!!! I love how it looks and I love seeing it fall but ONLY when I do not have to get up and drive to work at 7am in the morning down country winding lanes.. But I am pleased to say it's all GONE!! Hugs Dee xxx

  4. Yay! Snow finally!

    Wasn't me; promise!

    1. Not Yay! But OH NO!!!
      Are you sure........ :)