Sunday, 10 January 2016


Well finally Peter had his wash and change of clothes.

Coming downstairs he discovers a Petrol pump in the house. That's a little strange he thinks !

He is soon joined by Ollie and Wolfgang , they all look over the pump.

They soon workout that it's a cupboard.

" Can I ask you something Wolfgang ? " asks Peter
"Of course "
"Why is your hair so so so wild? "

"Well " replies Wolfgang " It takes hours of hard work to look this much like a haystack ! " He laughs " I don't know it''s just the way my hair is, Mum says she's working on it ! Whatever that means!"

"Well you've got plenty of it!" says Peter smiling at the grinning Wolfgang.

Mum comes along to take their photo all together but the petrol pump is in the way!

Peter and Wolfgang push it out the way, then Mum moves it.

The boys line up again for their photo's.Sighing Wolfgang asks Ollie if he can borrow his hat.

Ollie hands it over and Wolfgang just manages to get all his hair inside.

But Wolfgang's still not happy " I feel like I have a bowl on my head!"

as soon as the shot's over Ollie gets his hat back. Then Ollie stands against Peter's back " Who is the tallest? " he calls to Wolfgang

"You look about the same height to me " says Wolfgang studying the pair. Mum interrupts to ask Wolfgang and Ollie to go find some trainers for Peter, they wander off discussing what trainers he can have!

"Good "  says Mum " Let's do your welcome to the Village photo's "

" A Close up for everyone "
"Whose everyone ? " asks Peter
"Why the people who call by to see what's happening in the Village " smiles Mum " Turn round please "

Facing the wall Peter says something that Mum cannot quite hear " Pardon? " asks Mum

" I said " says Peter turning his head to the side " Why am I facing the wall ? |"

" So they can see your lovely hair "

"Why " asks Peter turning to the side " Do people want to see my hair ? " He's beginning to wonder if Mum,s all there!

"Because it's so....... Tidy!" says Mum " Ollie and Wolfgang should have nice tidy hair like you but Ollie's is only just calming down and Wolfgang's still looks like it's in shock !"

 " Well have people seen enough of my hair now? "
"Yes but you'd best just show Mrs Digne your socks "

"These socks? " asks Peter looking down at his feet, he starts to wonder just 'who' is watching or if his new Mum is tuppence short of a shilling! He'll humour her and ask the others just exactly who these 'people' are and if 'they' actually exist . She seems perfect sane when he first arrived but looks can be deceiving, he knew a few people who are not what they seem!

"Right that's it " calls Mum " you can go and find your brothers, get your trainers on and then all go get a snack "
"Thanks Mum " says Peter rushing off , who cares if she's nuts ! at least she feeds me!



  1. For GOTZ more at a time is more than enough :)

    1. When I get a GOTZ I just have GOTZ to show him :) and then of course his brothers Gotz to join in! :)

  2. He's a sweet little lad, and really quite handsome, with very nice hair. Poor Wolfie, really does look like he got his fingers caught in the electric socket, doesn't he!
    I think he's going to make a nice addition to the Button Nose family at the Sasha Village!

    1. Thanks Sharon, he looked so nice and his hair just perfect that he had to come live here! Poor Wolfie needs to start using hair gel but he's too small!
      He's settling in well with his new brothers and sisters :)xx

  3. He really is a SPECTACULAR minty Button nosed guy with fantastic hair and perfectly aligned eyes. No wonder you couldn't resist buying him on Christmas Eve! I would have been tempted too were I on eBay!
    Do you think that they all left the factory with that beautifully styled hair or was it just the luck of the draw who the hair stylist was for each doll?
    A superb buy. Congratulations.

    1. I am sure it was the luck of the draw at the English factory...some of the hair stylists ( and note I use the term loosely :) ) needed shooting ...some of the dodgy fringes/uneven haircuts they produced were pretty shocking!

    2. Exactly Kendal how could I not buy him on New Years Eve, he made it into last year by the skin of his teeth therefore I can say most honestly I have not bought any new Sasha's this year :)
      I think they may have and after several years in a child's hands they are so shocked at whats happened to them , their hair stands on end naturally ! ;) Peter obviously was hardly played with, maybe left in a cupboard, so he's not seen or had done to him what the others have... he won't need the therapy :)x

    3. Simples, they were children's dolls therefore the factory did not employ a local hair dresser to come and hold a session, look at how some of them are rooted ! It's a wonder their hairs not heading for their necks as is ! ;)

  4. What a trio of button nosed little guys you have Dee and your new little man is lovely. Any news when this years Chat'n'snap tickets will be going on sale xx

    1. Thank you Theresa. Expect a notice this coming week about the Chat n Snap tickets sales. xx

  5. Hello Handsome!
    (No Dee, I'm not tryig to steal Paul from you!)
    Peter is a wonderful little man, his hair is the best I've seen but that may mean he's had a rather boring life, so let him have lots of fun in The Village. Bertie is waving hello.
    J xx

    1. Hello Auntie Jen and Bertie :)
      I think he must have led a boring lift as he's minty, so that won't last long in this Village. :)xx

  6. Very cute guys - and good news about CnS tickets!

    1. Thanks tricia, yes tickets should be on sale sometime this week ;)

  7. Just a perfect little lad! Love his eyes, they are really special!

    1. I thought so too! :) he is so sweet :)

  8. Peter is a perfect little button nose boy and just a dream boat in his outfit! Ollie is wonderful too but I love Wolfie the most because of his fab facial expression and super hair. What a great boy he is! Thanks Dee, I enjoyed seeing your handsome trio! :) xxx

    1. Peter is a darling , I was so pleased to get him.Ollie is too and Wolfie what can I say ! hair to scare! lol I love that they are the same but different. :)xx