Monday, 18 January 2016


Being a Doll Lover or a Lover of Dolls, means that Sasha's are not the only dolls that I love. I know that some of you only collect Sasha's but others are interested or collect other types of dolls.

I have loved these dolls longer than i have loved Sasha, I even remember having jigsaw puzzles of them and that's where I think my attraction to them started, somewhere around I have an old knitting pattern for them showing the dolls in the knitwear.

Because I have almost , if not all the Sasha's and Gregors I want, unless of course a little face looks at me and I cannot resist, my doll loving eyes have wandered elsewhere and I have added a doll or two to one of my other collections and even started one.

I have always owned a couple of Kathe Kruse dolls and often looked at them for sale but managed to resist adding any as a Sasha or Gregor was always at the front , waving and shouting  Me! Me!
So I have left and gone to respond to the noisy Sasha.

However having sold a couple of dolls I finally went looking and bought a few to add to my KK family.

First in line was this young girl Mizzi, I just loved her look and her dress, so I made an offer and it was accepted.

She came with her box which will need to be put away.

A sweet face.

Then I was looking at ebay late one evening and saw the next girl sitting looking in need of a little Tlc, she also reminded me of a 70's girl I seen about for a much much higher price.
So I jumped in and bought her.

She came wearing this over sized dress ans grubby socks.

You can see from her sulky face she was not impressed!

She still had her all in one.

And her hair was loose, but her body very clean for her age and lack of clothing.

I remembered that I had a Kathe Kruse sailor outfit that Arabella used to wear, so I hunted it out, plaited her hair and...

here she is , looking much better but still in need of some shoes for her tiny feet!

Still sulking but I think much happier!

I may have to get her shoes made because you do not see KK shoes available, not originals anyway.

I am really pleased that I took the chance and bought this girl.

I gathered some of the others for a group photo.

Here they are joined by Rupert, Mary and Dotty.

I love the size of Rupert who  is 47cm or 18/ 19 inches.

Mary and Dotty have moved over so you can see more of Rupert's lovely outfit.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a different style of doll today, these dolls are also collectibles .

NB , what set me off on this pots was on an fb group people were showing their KK dolls, this post was meant for Sunday but I received my lovely Christmas gifts so changed to that one first. So I am adding it today but just before I came to add it an email from Ginger's Sasha shangri- la blog popped into my inbox , so I went to look..........................My heart was in seventh heaven.. Ginger owns the most wonderful collection of KK dolls and is very knowledgeable about them, so I stopped a while and will need to go back again and again to look my fill if possible!

However I stole one of her photo's because it is just perfection, it's here below..... hopefully she won't come along and tell me off and to remove it.. but just in case have a good look ,  then pop over to her blog, it's on the side bar and fill ya boots! but don't blame me if you find a few KK dolls arriving at your door.. blame Ginger.. I will ... :))

Ginger's blog is that way  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  1. Well I am in heaven now Dee and enjoying your beautiful Kathe Kruse family very much! Your newest additions are beautiful. I am glad you plaited the girl's hair plus found a salior's outfit for her. A great improvement!

    I particularly like your Kruse boy Rupert. He is strikingly handsome and a wonderful outfit too! Your wee one is just precious. I just love how they bend and pose! KK shoes are hard to find. I usually measure their feet and try to find leather shoes that are the correct age and style. I think the newer replacement shoes are easier to find than the older ones. Sometimes you do see them around and
    I imagine ebay in Germany would have a better selection. Also, the KK factory is still open and they do have a website. I think that is just wonderful to have made dolls for such a long time! Thank you for a lovely post and I so enjoyed seeing your heavenly KK dolls and my dolls too. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger :) Having seen some of your KK dolls I know that there are some wonderful ones out there. It's taken me until now to allow my eyes to wander onto my other doll loves, I wish I'd collected some along side my Sasha's as I would by now have a more varied collection but never mind It will give me something to aim for in the future.
      Thanks for the info about the shoes, I did find that a baby/toddler pair of Sasha shoes fit her! mind you she's not got any socks on! But they will do for now until I can get her a nice leather pair, one of the thing's I love about these dolls is their beautifully made leather shoes and how beautifully dressed they are.
      Many thanks for allowing me to share your group photo on here ;) I'm looking forward to seeing more of your collection of these wonderful dolls. :)xxx

  2. I can see the attraction, they are very pretty

    1. They are and also could be a slippery slope :)

  3. You know, I love Kaethe Kruses dolls. Her life is also very interesting.

    She was born very poor, having her mum only. Being a actor ahe later lived with Max Kruse, who was much older than she and a famous sculptor at this time.
    They got 6 children and she runned the manufactory most of her life alone with the help of her talented children.

    Mizzi was made with the face of her son 'Friedbald'. ('Peace soon')- as they do want the war to be ended soon.

    And did you ever read her stories about dolls?
    So lovely and childlike!

    Her youngest son, Max Krise (jun.) wrote many books for children (f.e. Urmel aus dem Eis) -but I don't know if they are available in english...

    The older dolls are very expensive and many of them very well loved :)
    Her daughter sold the factory in the 80th to an american couple (Christensen) and your dolls are mostly from that time so far I see, as mine are as well.
    (Well Mizzi could be earlier, because of her colour/material of her body -and she seems to be plugged with hair. But hey did this sometimes also in the 80th.

    1. Thank you for the interesting facts about Kathe Kruse I have ordered couple of books recommended to me, so that I have more information.
      Wish I had kept the puzzles I had with these dolls on. :)

  4. Whilst I do like the Kathe Kruse Dolls for their cherubic looking faces and childlike bodies I thank my lucky stars not quite enough to share my limited finances with my Sasha Dolls.
    (PS. My favourites here are Rupert and the wee little one.)

    1. Unfortunately a lover of dolls will always have the wandering eye's being drawn by a pretty or sulky face...Rupert and Dotty are lovely :)

  5. What a great bunch of KK dolls you now have Dee, well done, they are a handsome bunch, I can understand how one can suddenly become a whole family of them, they are beautiful looking dolls.
    I do like that big boy although it would indeed be hard to pick a favourite of them all.
    And Ginger's family are incredibly lovely too, aren't they! They do appear to be very addictive! Could it be something in the stuffing!!!

    1. They can be a little addictive just like the Sasha's. One is not enough! lol
      I love that photo f some of Gingers KK clan , I would love to see each and everyone but then I'd probably need to buy more, so best i can only see them in photos! lol xxx